Kyun ki…..(shraman ss)ch 3

In college the classes are going on.Shravan is seen sleeping ,where as suman and dev are taking notes comparing and sharing them and arjun was texting(do i have to explain?)the class ends after some time dev and suman get out b4 still discussing abt the taken class shravan and Arjun walk behind them in the corridor towards canteen.

Shr: (shouts) suman tiwari
Suman turns and gets shocked seeing shravan on his knees smiling widely his hands held out for her to take she gives him a disapproving look and rapidly shakes her head understanding what he’s upto

Shr:(innocently smiles) 2weeks back we became friends and i saw how truly beautiful u are inside out yes u i know u can’t cook to save ur , i know u cant walk half a km without running into something,ur dressing sense is insignificant,but still i love you

Suman’s playful smile falters as she heard those 3 cursed words how beautifully told yet how dangerously deceitful she would never believe in them she can endure everything but not another deceit or seperation it would break her already broken heart……shravan’s next 5 words brought her out of her thoughts

Shr: so miss suman tiwari will u be my girlfriend?

SCENE 2-in cafeteria
Dev: i can’t believe she did that
Arjun:shr bhaiya ke haath toh aaj toothe toothe bacha tha socho abhi aisa toh baad mein kya hoga (snickers)

1hr BACK
in a class room
Suman:(softly yet venomously)shravan u know i hate audience right then what on earth gave u the idea that i would like a public proposal causing a scence not to mention the ooohs and aaaahs of all those idiots
Shravan:(carelessly smirks) i thought it was nice actually .scene and all ppl will know me to have been truly in love and then heart broken

waves his hand carelessly in air suman who was already angry got even more irritated she she catches his hand twists it behind his back and pushes him against the wall her hand around his neck finger pushing at a painful spot making him wince every time she applied pressure.she goes close to his ears and harshly whispers…

Suman: mr malhotra i’m willingly playing this role i’ll do nothing out of my comfort zone so behave
she applies pressure and turns to leave but shravan pulls her towards holding her hands behind her they were facing each other both of them were glaring at the other.
Shr: dont u dare threaten me this was mutual acceptance I dint force u…..(looking earnest)trust me i really thought u would like it.

Suman frees her by stamping his feet and walks away without a word

all this was seen by dev and arjun from the window they were shocked to see shravan’s astounding patience with suman…..also suman’s quick combat skills she seemed to be more than they have ever imagined but they were even more intrigued by shraman’s chemistry they declaring love not minutes ago amd now they were at each other’s throat

PRESENT in cafeteria
Shravan comes to cafe
Shr: oye kya soch raha tu
Arjun: soch rahe the ki tum aur sumo hubby wife ke roop mein kaise rahoge….

Shravan hits him on the head and sits next to him when all to suddenly suman comes to stand beside shravan and holds his hand smiles at dev and arjun and sits down pulling shra along with her.all of them chat for some time.

Suman: ok guys I’ll leave now my class will start in 5-10 min bye
Shr: I’ll drop u.

Shravan stands up taking her hand startling his friends.Suman raises her eyebrow but silently leaves they walk down the corridor when shr holds her hand

Shr: I don’t understand one minute u walk out on me angrily afterwards u come start chatting as if nothing happened comfortable around me….I’m confused
Suman: shravan i was angry bcoz ur proposal grabbed attention but then u admitted na ki u thought I would like it baat galat irada nek tha how could i be angry for long also ur shravan I’m suman and even if we are publicly in love realistically we are tashan Buddies inspite of that u wanted me to like it so…….

Suman leaves a terribly confuses and intrigued
Shravan. he dated so many girls he was friends before and after his ex but all of them were demanding clingy irritating but suman was more patient more understanding and for a girl who hates to love she was unbelievably forgiving and caring.

SCENE 3 in hostel room early morning
Suman was sitting in her room reading a book
When she gets a call(onesided covo)

Suman: hello (loud noises were heard from the other side)no u listen I’m doing nothing of that sort I’ll make a career and go on about my life I’ll be independent without ur help(loud noise )
O go to hell u were never parents to me (loud noise)
I’ll do what i want(loud noise)
Just the way i got scholarship and moved out of that hell hole i’ll find a way dad i always do ull never get me i refuse to be a part of ur family then I don’t care anymore

She throws the phone and sobs silently hugging herself burying herself face in between the knees.after some time she gets up wipes her tears changes into her tracks and starts out for jogging.inspite of going out the tears wouldn’t stop flowing from her eyes she finally trips over her own shoe lace and falls down her head hits the footpath corner making her unconscious

Precap: dev brings suman to shravan’s mansion
Sumo slaps shravan


Hi guys its so sad that ekdv ended so soon but it will always be their with us in our hearts for it was a beautiful love story with amazing actors. And I’m here with the 3rd chapter i know its late and I’m sorry for that I’ll try to post the next chapter soon enough thanks to all the readers for reading my story . also I’ve started out as a short story but if i find many ppl liking it I’ll write more only if i feel u like the story though
Also both shravan and suman are hurt and hate love in their own way neither can heal without the other.

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    1. My name is divya u cn call me imps or divya ur wish

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