Kyun ki…..(shraman ss)ch 2

The next few days pass by with suman and shravan understanding each other better. Also suman befriends arjun and dev. They together had lunch study session etc

On Saturday evening,suman is seen in a old loose t shirt and sweat pants on her hair was tied up in a bun her glasses on she was rapidly texting on the phone frowning

Shr: hello chashmish (his looks from top to bottom with a raised eyebrow)i think u’ll ruin my image by the end of this dating plan….whom r u texting so rapidly by the way(tries to peek)
Suman: do not poke ur long nose in unwanted business Pinocchio(puts away the phone and pulls his nose) by the way ur late so lets get going
Shr: (pulls away)gosh sumo not even stepped up to the gf post and already ordering around maan na padega
Suman: nt even acting bf already so nosy not to mention late lateef
Shr: hahaha very funny come sit
Suman: RACER BIKE can i drive please pwety pweese shravu babydoll my darling my apple pie sweetu peese may i (makes puppy dog eyes)
Shr:(stunned and confused)suman I don’t think i trust u with my baby (pats his bike)she is MY darling also u can’t die b4 the bet is over?
Suman:(shoves him)a*sh*le go die

Shravan drives too fast just to check suman’s endurance sumo being sumo places a bag in between them and holds the seat tightly making sure not to touch him even by mistake

Shr: get down we’re at the shop

Suman unsteadily steps down everything was spinning causing her to trip over her leg which lead to her falling down (no guys shr was busy attending his bike he didn’t notice?)

Shr: (still standing near the bike)hey r u alryt y r u sitting down
Suman:I’m never sitting on a bike if ur driving NEVER MR SHRAVAN MALHOTRA r u listening NEVER. Idiot ,ba****d,fool
Shr: ummm should we go back
Suman: (jumps up)NO i knew I always knew u were a miser chirkut kainka not even willing to buy the lady a savoury
Shr:(snorts) lady i don’t see any lady within my site chasmish what r u talking about

Suman steps on his foot hard and runs away to the shop she turns and pokes out her tongue b4 entering making shravan chuckle and shake his head as he mutters a kuch nai ho sakta iska

Suman: (smiling)kulfi
Shopkeeper: ye lo beti 15rs
Shr: ye lijiye kaka .kaise ho ap?
Kaka: areh shravan putar tu yahan,bahut din hogaye aakhri baar divya ke saath aye the na aaj nai aai kya(looks at door)
Shr:(irked) woh kaka ….
Suman :(closed eyes)yummmm kaka bahut acha hai do aur milega

Shr was surprised she had finished her kulfi in record time and didn’t bother questioning him regarding the subject chosen by kaka

Kaka: hahaha ye lo beti shr ko bi bahut pasand hai waha jaake kao customers kade hai
Suman: hmmm(still licking the first one two other in other hand)
Shr: thanks suman

Shr reaches out for kulfi only for suman to pull back and glare at him
Suman: both r mine i dnt share food malhotra go get urself another
Shravan:the line is too long chashmish we can share

He grabs her hand trying to take the ice cream
Suman: jaane do banadar kainka
Shr: nah. come on suman sharing is caring just let it go
Suman: let it go,my foot .if u don’t leave my hand by the count of 3 I declare war malhotra and I don’t lose easily trust me
Shr:come on
Shr:just half of
Shr: fine few licks
She grabs a bottle of cream kept on the table and squeezes it pointing at shravan
Shr:(growls) WHAT . THE . HELL. That was uncalled for suman tiwari
Suman:(panicked look) i warned u dint I shravan u shud hv listened to me i told u i play dirty but this was srusly due to the spur of the movt i dint mean to……

Sharavan snatches her kulfi and flicks it towards her face making it drop on her hair
Suman gives him a wtf look when they heard a loud voice booming from across the shop

Kaka: aye aye shravan ladki kya kar rahe ho niklo mere dukhan se abhi bahar

He pulls them by there hands and puts them on road slamming the door shut shravan and suman both still drenched in ice and cream look at each other and. Burst out laughing .shravan reaches out and wipes some ice cream from suman’s cheek and licks it then winks at her wiggling his eyebrows to playfully making suman double over laughing pushing him away mumbling ewwww all the while

Arjun:(whistles) ab suman ke saath waqt bitana tha tho bata dete joot bolne ki ka zarurat bhaiya
Apne mera masoom dil ka tukde tukde kar diya
(Wipes imaginary tears and places a hand over his chest)
Dev: (rolls his eyes)shravan pls tell me you didn’t have a food fight in kaka’s shop tthat would be really immature
Suman:(defensively)hey what’s so immature about it i have it all the time with kids its more in the funside
Dev:(snorts) its wasting food suman when something is wasted it cant be fun
Suman: uffo dev its happens only at times and this(points between shr and her) is an accident
Shr: (amused) accident it is dev .
Suman: shut up chirkut I’m sorry dev I’ll try my best bot to be waste food anymore(smiles gently)
Dev Arjun and shravan all three are shocked by suman’s reaction they had expected her to throw a fit but…. no she was understanding unlike her(divya).suman throws a hand over dev’s shoulder holds arjun’s hand pulling them towards their car
5days later

suman shr arjun and dev all 3 were in the same class
Arjun: (yawning)bhai yeh takla kya sikha raha hai imposition mila kya usse. Ek hi cheez baar baar bol raha hai aur toh aur sikhane ke jagah gaa raha hai….mein toh kehta hoon aaj bunk maar dete hai
Dev:arjun tuje attendance chahiye ki nai.every week u bunk the classes goddamit and u keep scratching my back during the exams … if u don’t sit in the next 5 classes ill not show u the answer during exam

Shravan was in between them sleeping peacefully whereas suman was looking at the door longingly after contemplating for few minutes she slowly bends and tiptoes towards the window and jumps while mr takla was turned towards the board after some time shravan wakes up looks around for suman

Shr: dev suman kaha hai?
Dev: 3rd row shravan
Arjun: dev woh class se nikal gayi 15min pehle kidki se
Shr and dev: WHAT???

Shr and dev both were shocked they hadn’t expected that From suman the padaku they heard someone calling their name and turned to see mr takla glaring at them

They left but not 2 there were 3
Sir: (confused)arjun I didn’t ask u to leave.
Arjun: sir aapke class mein sirf 30students hai unme se aadha class ko aane se pehle sar dard hota hai jo aate hai unme kuch beech mein baagh jate pet dard ke kaaran aur kuch baitkar sothe hai main kaafi so chuka hu ek din ke liye isse zyada sounga toh raat mein …..

He was cut short as takla throws the duster at him out of frustation shouting GET OUT repeatedly while the whole class was in hysterics.3 of them split and started searching for suman.shr found suman in the library her head burried in a book he quickly msgd other two
Shr: I dint know u bunk classes chashmish
Suman: r u stalking me malhotra hostel kabhi canteen library anywhere and everywhere
Shr:nah not stalking i just make sure u don’t run away b4 the…..u know na
Suman:(looking at shravan shake head)ur obessesd with this entire winning the bet thing huh so into the fact that girls only go for looks and money at times the bad boy persona (chuckles softly)but ur wrong we desire other things too shravan things mentioned and experienced only in those(points at the books and smiles wistfully)
Shravan:(frowns confused)like *ex
Suman:(shocked yet amused wrinkles her nose )nah nope not at all such a dirty mind u’ve got malhotra. (Gathers her books and looks at shravan in the eye smirking like the devil) get it all on 2morrow malhotra . I feel its time
Shr:(looks confused at first but then understands so leans in smirking and whispers) let the game begin my lady

The screen freezes on both there smirking faces.

so how was it my friends. Did u like it.also im sorry for not updating regularly I’ll try my best to post as soon as possible.
This is my first shraman ss i have always been a fan of shraman reading ff,os,ss,written episodes etc. thanks to all of u who r reading my ss and i would love to be a part of ekdv family
All those who r reading pls do cmnt ur suggestions r welcome .

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