kyun ki….. (shraman ss) PROMO

a girl of about 17 yrs is seen,she is wearing huge glasses, kurti and top she is frantically going through a book not really seeing were she is walking when some one grabs her from behind, shutting her mouth pulling her to a dimly lit room and slightly pushes her away making her stumble a few steps forward. she immediately turns and finds a tall guy leaning on the wall casually as if he did not just kidnap her nd dont forget manhandling………..

girl: what the blo*dy hell! who the hell do u think ur mr shravan malhotra? u have no business pushing me around like that. ill sue u the next time i find u within a 10 km radius.
shr: o come on u know exactly y im here jaan i freakin love you….and u… u keep pushing me away pls dont do this to us i know u love me too
girl:cut it out shravan we both know this has nothing to do with “love”….there’s just like,care,humanity and then….lets see there’s lust.i sure as hell know u cant like me coz liking also caring needs knowing and im a blo*dy outcast so there’s know way u know me as for lust or u taking liking pt2 that is(points to her body) msn im so sorry to say is NOT FOR USE OR SALE.

shravan was shocked listening to her words or better said theory…he paces about the room for a minute and turns to her confused and irritated.

shr:look suman i just needed to win a bet….all my life i have been doing this as a means of fun and not once did i have to disclose it….girls either run behind me for attention or by giving some attention run behind me. either ways they run….behind me. its a friendly bet but all the same. i wanted u to be my gf too nd i’ve done evrything thts got to be done but u just don’t melt. so many i love u’s flirting surprises flowers nothing worked..uggghh

shravan lets out a frustrated sound when she all too suddenly bursts out laughing,after laughing to her fill she stands straight and smiles at him

suman: as a matter of fact i could have been ur girlfriend by now if u told me this two weeks ago u idiot.also no im not going to scream at you for cheating those foolish girls who seem to think ur the prince right out a fairy tale.its their innocence or should i call it foolishness…they know u play them still they hope to change u.what a joke ppl change in their own time not by clingy pesky mates. (she walks past shravan and to the door opening it.) i’m up for the charade road side romeo so get it on

she winks at him leaving him baffled

shr: wow this is gonna be more interesting than i thought(smirks)



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  1. It’s really..soooo good..n a completely new story so plz continue…. And to all of u Happy Navratri! Btw i m 4m Gujarat… So it’s celebrated here in a grand way …juss now enjoying d garba and all my frndz n sister’s ff’s and u alll…and again plz post asap..i m waiting

  2. Anushika

    Hi imps,Loved the idea of this promo…..Waiting for it eagerly….Have you written any FF on EDKV before??If no,then welcome to EDKV family…..
    Lots of Love Anu

  3. Sandra Antony

    Very interesting Please continue

  4. I am really curious for next
    plz post the epi soon

  5. it is amazing pls post next epi soon

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