Kyun ki…..(shraman ss) ch 4

Dev is seen jogging in the same area he comes across a crowd and peeks in he get shocked to see suman lying unconscious ppl trying to wake her up he quickly barges in holds her hand shaking her slightly

Dev: suman ise kya hua aur kaisa
Man: pata nai saab behosh padi thi aur sar se koon nikal rahata aap ise jaante ho
Dev: yeh meri behen hai saab hume ise turant ghar leke jaana hoga thoda madad milega please

He lifts her while other ppl stop a rickshaw.he reaches shravan’s mansion plsces suman on the couch and starts shouting for kaka
Shr: why r u shouting early in the morning just coz u r a vampire doesn’t mean we r one too (shr comes down rubbing his eyes)
Dev: shravan suman is hurt

Shravan’s eyes go wide he jumps halfway from the steps and rushes to them puts a hand on her head

Shr: suman o god she is burning up and bleeding.why is she wet dev?what the hell went wrong.what happened to her dev say something goddamit
Dev : shravan calm down she fainted in the park .she’s wet because of the rain this morning i think she tripped like always also she has fever we’ll need medicines i asked kaka to get some till then here take this hot water and keep wiping her forehead it myt help

Shravan nods he lifts suman and takes her to a room and gently places suman on the bed and adjusts her pillows his eyes fall on an unconscious even fainted and burning up with fever she looked beautiful her full lips shaped eyebrows she had a sweet floral scent which made him slowly move forward suddenly she tugs his shirt near his waist startling him and he quickly pulls back

Dev:(whistles)that was….something
Shr:(flushed)shut up did u think about her dress its wet I don’t see how anything we do will help her till its taken off
Dev:(seriously) shravan i dont think thats a good idea woh ek ladki hai she will not like it when……u know right
Shravan paces in his room after sometime he calls someone and goes out asking dev to take care of her.he returns after 10min with a old woman

Shr: ye meri dost suman bahut tez bukaar hai upar se woh chot bi lagi hai kapde badalni hai kar payenge aap bahut badi madad hogi maaji please
Woman: zarur beta kapde deke jayiye badal dungi

Shr hands over his.shirt and a pant he leaves by then arjun and kaka return.

Dev:who was that
Arjun: mere ghar pe kaam karte hai

Woman comes out: ho gaya beta
Arjun: chaliye maaji hum aapko ghar chod denge

he rushes in and sits beside her rubbing her hands and applying the warm cloth on her head the full day and night he takes care of her without moving

The next day morning Suman is seen clutching her blanket tightly she keeps mumuring something.with a jerk she gets up sweating heavily and looks down to see her clothes changed She frowns and holds her head when she sees shravan leaning towards her face in thar moment all she could see was red she climbed out of the bed and came out only to see shravan standing near the bar in nothing but his shorts arjun and dev were sitting on the sofa watching boxing match

Arjun: wah bhai aapne toh kamal kar diya
Dev: srusly shravan i dint know u had it in u srusly
Shravan huffs
Shr: it was just in the moment even if it did happen wats the big deal she’s my girlfriend I’ll di anything i want to

Shravan turns only to be slapped hard by suman dev and arjun turn and see shravan facing other side whereas suman was looking at shravan tears streaming down her cheeks

Suman:KYUN KIYA TUNE AISA. WHY. We promised to be honest regarding our intentions towards the other didn’t we then how could u stoop so low how could u use me when i was unconscious u told i could trust you then why why dud u di this y did u play with my respect j(holds his collar) just why….shravan why

she breaks down and sinks to the ground while shravan leaves the and arjun where really worried for the both of them it had barely been a few days since shravan proposed and they already had trust issues. Dev signed arjun to go behind shravan while he took care of suman.after crying for some time she got up wiping her tears and heads to the door

Dev: ruko suman
Suman: kuch aur bakhi reh gaya kya
Dev: nai kuch kehna tha
Suman:(turns)what now dev?
Dev: arjun and shravan both of them are players i agree but they with their emotions suman not their respect mere dost aise kabhi nai kar sakte.arjun shravan both of them do this bcoz of their past pains shravan strings them as they let him they r fools not innocent but u i thought u were different a strong woman with an air of innocence dignity and compassion….we thought u would heal him but(shakes his head)….anyways honestly speaking arjun’s housekeeper changed your clothes after which shravan took care of u day and noght without eating or sleeping properly
Suman(shocked): if this is the truth then y didn’t he speak up normally if i accuse him of something he would burst like volcano
Dev: we’re talking about shravan here he needs trust thats he gets it from them and breaks their trust just the way his was broken he lost a lot suman yet willing to take a chance with love y not u then u seem to have lost something too just take a chance with it give him and yourself a chance
Suman:i dont know about love dev but I don’t want shravan feeling he lacked something leading to me not trusting him i would hate myself if he’s hurt bcoz of me

Suman runs out the door and sees shravan trying to get into the car and arjun stopping him

Arjun:nai bilkul nai you’ll wreck everything
Shr:let me go arjun mehra warna tere muha tod dunga
Arjun: i refuse to send one of my friend to death willingly fight me if u want to leave shravan
Suman: no I don’t want either of u getting hurt so no fighting arjun throw the keys
Arjun: suman i think u should leave
Suman:(sternly) the keys arjun

Arjun hesitantly throws the key which is easily caught by suman shravan grunts and moves towards the gate to leave when suman grabs his hand and pulls him to her. She intertwines one of their hands firmly and holds his shoulder keeping him close enough yet far away

Suman: i am sorry
Shravan still boiling with rage grabs her hair yanking her backwards jerking her hand away from his shoulder causing her to fall on the ground
Shravan: doesn’t solve anything suman tiwari its time we say goodbye
Suman: no we made a deal and i refuse to back out now no matter what u say
Shravan: to hell with deal suman leave my house and please don’t show your face ever again
Suman: nah nit happening until u don’t forgive me and we do not complete our charade we will
not part ways shravan malhotra I’ll see to it

She screams as shravan walks home she turns and leaves his mansion shravan also turns and sees her retreating back mutters a ‘stubborn brat’ and goes in

In the college canteen

Dev suman and arjun were sotting in a table they had two continuos free periods and suman was rambling

Suman: …….2 days its been 2 blo*dy days since he stopped talking ehat does he think if he continues to hide I’ll leave him alone no I wouldn’t I’ll go behind him till he accepts my apology and goes to his normal routine but i need to find him first akadu kainka baat karta ya saamne aata toh his height will lessen or something…..
Arjun: bhai aadhe gante se yahi boli jaari hai recorder ki tarah aur ek baar boli toh mein ya toh iske muh pe plaster laga dunga…..or apne kaan kaatkar phenk dunga
Dev: mera jeb kaali hai ab aur sandwich mangegi toh gaya kaam se mein is shravan ke wajah se hamesha hum phasthe hai saala hamare ankhon bi dund nai paa raha use
Arjun: suman ji suman ji SUMAN JI
Suman:(startled) aaaah aaan i mean yes what what is it app kabse bakti jaa rahi bakti ja rahi kaan se koon nikalna hi bakhi reh gaya ji shamt dil se sochiye banda mil jayega
Dev:he is right we should seek him out all three of us will search in different directions who ever sees him will give us a msg ok lets go

After searching for 15min suman passes library and sees shravan sitting inside head buried in a book suman pinched herself twice to make sure she wasn’t dreaming……
Shravan was sitting in front of the book but his mind kept replaying suman’s tear streaked face again and again her warm choclate brown eyes held so much of pain distrust disgust disappointment all bcoz of and for him they had pained him worser than her slap….he had gained the trust of so many girls all their eyes portrayed pain and disgust but none as intense as hers the fact that she didn’t trust him hurt worse than everything he wanted to scream shake her and shout that he didn’t do anything he didn’t break her trust or disrespect her but his buccal muscles refused to reason when in his blind fury he wanted to drive suman’s voice was the only thing that calmed a fraction of his anger making him reason but her apology trew all his reason out the window making him manhandle her o gosh wat a mess he had 0
idea as to why he was reacting and thinking so much they had a deal they should finish or he should stay away from her at most times possible the girl was driving him crazy and she disnt even know it not to mention he knew for about only a month so far . He was brought out of his thoughts as a hand softly pressed on his shoulder shaking him
“Shravan r u listening shravan”
It was none other than suman..she was kneeling down infront of him looking with concern etched all over her face her brown eyes pleading him to talk to her to say something anything
Suman: shravan I’m so sorry please listen to me i know I blamed u for bad things things u would never do but shravan i….that day wasn’t good i had a bad dream a nightmare also i dreamt that u were coming close to me in my unconscious state idk shravan all there are no reason as to y i questioned ur character but please(takes his hand in hers) please give me a chance i promise I’ll never not trust you i promise shravan please just one chance
Shravan: pinky promise
he asks holding out his little finger suman looks at him confused and raises her eyebrows
Suman: whats that
Shravan: promise..a promise that u can never break coz if u break the person u promised will go very far from u so far that you’ll never see them again
Suman:(chuckles) pinky qutub minar I’ll always trust you
Shravan: pinky promise to you too sumo ill alwaaays trust u
he pinches her nose causing her to swat his hands away and give him a bear hug
Suman: I’m so happy shravan thanku so much

Suman in her excitement talks loudly drawing the old librarian’s angry glare and cough
Shraman look up to see her and try hard not to laugh they quickly leave the library as the librarian huffs out a shameless youngsters causing them to laugh harder as they came out..


Hello guys im back after a long while i know and am really sorry for that i have had continuos exams therefore couldn’t post i cannot say ill post soon but I’ll post as soon as possible . Thanks for the comments in the previous chapter keep reading guys thank you so much for your patience

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