Kyun ki…. (shraman ss) ch 1

Suman is seen in the library between the shelves searching for a book she’s biting her pen her hair is up in a messy bun and a few pens and pencils are seen sticking out she has her glasses on and is wearing a button down tucked into her torn jeans.

Suman: ugggh what’s this I’m unable to find even a single book on nervous system seems as though entire medical staff and student have taken the same topic to read…..
Shr: or ur just searching on the wrong shelf nerd.

Suman turns too quickly only to run into shravan’s hard chest hurting her nose.still holding nose and covering her mouth she starts mumbling obscenities at shravan causing him to chuckle

Shr:u cn cll me anything u want honey I’ll still love u the same (he throws a hand over her shoulder earning a glare from her ) but as for now we need to be in canteen we don’t want ppl thinking shravan malhotra starves his girlfriend,now do we.
Suman: (mumbles) whatever u pay though(lets him pull her towards canteen as she was shaken from the hit)

In the canteen shr and sumo are joined by two of shravan’s friends arjun(funny badmash type) and dev(serious emotional sensible),the same who give shravan all the bets.they were quiet shocked to see shravan walking in with none other then the one and only suman tiwari.they were sure shravan would fail as suman was not one of those light headed hoity toities she was beauty with brains,brains being the key word.they hadn’t expected her to fall for his charms they thought she would change him or at least help him see all girls weren’t the same.all they desired was shr to forget his past and move on but that proved to be quite difficult for him and them.

Arjun:wah bhai hello babhiji
Dev:(whispers to shravan) wow man must agree u have a way with them don’t you
Shravan:(winks at them)well guys i would like to introduce you to my charming and talented ……
Suman:friend . Hi i’m suman,suman tiwari.he has been following me like a lost puppy lately trying to befriend me I decided to give him a chance yesterday provided he wouldn’t hit on me

She winks making arjun and dev chuckle.all this while shravan was glaring at her trying to figure out her introduction…..they chatted a bit more and left for their classes. Shravan went behind suman.

Shr: (shouts)what the hell suman I thought we agreed on u being my girlfriend I don’t do friendship with girls
Suman:(raises her eyebrows )yes i agreed to be ur girlfriend but only after 2 weeks from now.i’m not one of ur b*t*hes shravan i have my standards and I’d like to keep it that way.from friends to relation.its quiet decent and less suspicious.don’t underestimate ur friends shravan they are not stupids and neither are the students

Suman leaves before shravan could put up further arguments or say anything


Suman is seated in a empty class room with various books around her shravan enters the classroom from the back doorway with a book in his hands he slowly comes and stands behind her

Shr: I’m sorry for yesterday when I thought about it I understood I know I shouldn’t….
Suman:its fine lambu
Suman tells pulling shravan to sit but shravan loses balance and falls on her also pushing all the books down suman quickly helps him stand and moves out of the chair

Suman: is everything alright ?
Shr: yes I’m fi…
suman walks past him and moves to her books checking if they are fine
Shr:did u ask if the books were alright or…
Suman: of course I asked about the books shravan what did you think
Shravan rolls his eyes mumbles a nothing and bends diwn to pick a particular book

Shr: here this is the best book available in the library regarding human nervous system i wanted to give it you as a token of thanks and sorry.(he says looking down scratching his head)
Suman(smile brightly)awwww is shravan malhotra being sweet to some one(pinches his cheeks playfully which makes shravan swat her hand away and gives a pointed look)well thats all good but one book solves either sorry or thanks not both so for another u need to buy me a ice cream this weekend at 6 o clock
Shr: done at 6 it is then

So how was the chapter did u like it leave cmnts for me to know ur opinion guys im in twelfth so my updates will be late pls do bear with me
Thank you

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  1. This was really nice. Liking the story, it’s quite interesting. Post the next part soon. 🙂

  2. Anushika

    Loved it, Waiting to see how Sumo will fall for Shravan…. Very interesting….
    Try to post ASAP

  3. Lovely…
    I wana..see a strong broke the thinking of shravu..more and more..????
    Loved the way their charectors portrayed

  4. Ariana

    sry dear couldn’t reply earlier was busy in school. So yah the epi was fab!!!! Shravu is soft for Sumo wht d I want more. Lovely…pls pls pls post soon dear

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