Kyun! Ho Gaya Na? (A DevAkshi SS) Chapter 2: Let the fun begin! ;)

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Recap: Sonakshi ki entry and SonArwari ki pehli mulaakat!

After meeting Ishwari, Sonakshi came out of her room and saw Raghuvar pacing to and fro in the corridor looking tensed. She smiled and went to him and patted his shoulder. He turned and started questioning already not even letting Sonakshi speak.

Raghuvar: Dr. Bose, kya Ishwari maangayi? Usne kuchh aisa waisa to nahi bola na? Agar bola to mein-

Sonakshi interrupted him and said;

Sonakshi: Mr Dixit, Mrs Dixit maangayi or mene unhe achhi tarah samjha bhi diya hai. Bas abh hum sabhko unke upar nazar rakhni hai taaki woh kuchh oily ya unhealthy na khaaye! We just have to keep an eye on her! Bas aap mujhe inki blood test ki reports de dijiye mein ussi ke hisaab se inke diet charts banadungi and you’ve to follow them for 3 months. She’ll be perfectly fine after that. No need to worry now. I’m here.

Raghuvar smiled and said;

Raghuvar: Thank you so much Dr. Bose, agar aap nahi hoti toh pata nahi kya hota.. you’re indeed the best! Pata nahi aapmein aisa kya jaadu hai jo Ishwari itni aasaani se maangayi..

Sonakshi smiled back and said;

Sonakshi: No need to thank me Mr Dixit, yeh mera kaam hai. Mein toh bas ek doctor hu jo aapko precautions aur medicines desakta hai. Jaadu toh aapmein aur aapke bete ki prayers me hai jo inhe itni jaldi hosh aagaya warna yeh coma mein bhi jaa sakti thhi. I saw her reports. This is no less than a miracle.

Raghuvar: Dr. Bose I have a request, i know ki aap apne saare patients ko chhodkar toh ek patient ki peechche nahi lag sakti aur aap already humare liye itna kar rahi hai but i wanted to request ki aap please meri biwi ki personal nutritionist banjaayiye. Please!

Sonakshi wasn’t a money minded person and she just couldn’t leave all her patients like that for a single patient. She treated all of her patients equally and it never happened and never would that a patient went back or will go back without being cured. Sonakshi held a determined expression and said;

Sonakshi: Dekhiye Mr Dixit i understand ki unhe abhi meri bohot zarurat hai but i just can’t leave all my patients for the sake of one. Please try to understand. Zyada se zyada kya karna hai, bas unpar saara din nazar hi toh rakhni hai! Aap hai,aapka beta hai! I know you’ll manage! Mujhe der ho rahi hai, i’m leaving now. Mein aapko next appointment ki details message kardungi. Aapka card?

Raghuvar: Thheeke. I respect your decision. Mein bhi na, kitna bhudu hu, aapko apna card hi dena bhoolagaya. Here you go!

Sonakshi smiled and thought that he was indeed a gentleman!

Sonakshi: Thanks for understanding. Now i’ll take your leave! Bye! See you on the next appointment!

Raghuvar: Yeah! Bye!

Sonakshi went back to Dr. Sinha And when she entered his cabin, he put forth a million questions thus not even letting her speak!

Dr. Sinha: Dr. Bose, did everything went smoothly!? Mrs Dixit ne kuchh bola toh nahi!? Was Mr Dixit satisfied!?

Sonakshi: Arre Dr. Sinha mein aapko sabhkuchh tabhi bata paungi na jab aap mujhe bolne denge! Yeah, Everything went smoothly, I talked to her and also convinced her to not to eat anything unhealthy from now on and yeah, Mr Dixit was more than satisfied!

Dr. Sinha sighed in relief and said;

Dr. Sinha: I knew that you’d be able to handle this case! You’re the best nutritionist in town after all!

Sonakshi smiled proudly and said;

Sonakshi: Haha, if you say so.. anyways now i’m going to attend my patients. They must be waiting! Bye!

Dr Sinha: Bye!

Sonakshi attended all of her patients and also apologized for being late! Not a single patient was left unattended! After all she’s so determined and the best! It was evening now! Sonakshi was just collecting all her things and keeping them in her bag when her phone rang and the name, Kia flashed on the screen! She attended the call and said;

Sonakshi: Heeeyyy!

Kia: Hiiii sukhti!

Sonakshi: Shut up. Ki holo? (What happened?) Kyu call kiya Kia! 😉

Kia: Sonakshi you know na that your sense of humour is crack! Then why do you even try?

Sonakshi: Fine!

Kia: Achha i called to tell ki tu or Rhea mere ghar aajaana! It’s the weekend remember!?

Sonakshi: Thheek ache, (ok,) hum aa jaayenge bye kakdi!

Kia: SHUT UP. byeeeee.

Sonakshi ended the call and chuckled. Kia was her bestie since she was 4 years old. Their parents were family friends. Since they passed away, She stayed with Kia and her family and they treated her like their own daughter and even told her to call them as ma and pa, like Kia did. They were almost like sisters and Kia has been Sona’s support system and backbone since childhood. If Sonakshi’d be sad, she’d also be sad and if she’d be happy, Kia’d be really very happy. Rhea was Kia’s friend and Sonakshi met her coincidently in her college. They both were studying nutrition and had similarities too so they instantly became friends. Sonakshi got to know that she was also Kia’s friend when a day she went to Kia’s house and saw Rhea and Kia chatting there. Since then they’re BFF’s and are friends for life! They share everything, EVERYTHING MEANS EVERYTHING with each other.Suddenly Rhea came in breaking her reverie and said;

Rhea: What are you smiling at Ms. Bose!? She said mischieviously.

Sonakshi got a little shocked when she saw her but maintained her composure and said;

Sonakshi: Kuch nahi yaar… was just reliving our old memories! 😀

Rhea: All of a sudden!?

Sonakshi: Tanvi ko zarurat thhi na! Usse humare bare mein kuchh pata nahi!

Rhea: Oh! Hey Tanvi, agar kuchh jaanna hoga to puchhlena!

Tanvi: Beta mein hi tumhari taqdeer likhne waali ho mujhe kuchh puchchne ki zarurat nahi!

Rhea &Sonakshi together: meanie!

Tanvi: hehe!

Sonakshi: Anyways, chal chalte hai kakdi called, remember na, weekend!

They all gather at Kia’s house to meet up at the weekend! It had become a ritual for them to do that no matter what their weekend plan’s may be! This time there was a party at her house and she had invited all of her friends! She had kept a party because finally she’d graduated and was now a cardiologist!

Rhea: Yeah.. chal!

Sonakshi kept all the things in her bag and left, but not before informing Dr. Sinha!

Now we’ll get a sneak peak in our hero’s life! Mr D.D.! The ‘ameer baap ki bigdi aulaad’ 😛

At the Dixit Mansion.

A big mansion’s shown which is none other than the Dixit mansion! The beautiful garden of the mansion’s shown where a person’s seen. His back was facing the (writer). He was talking on his phone to somebody, probably his friend. Suddenly he turns back and his face’s seen. He had honey- brown eyes. Anybody would drown into the depth of those honey – brown orbs if they kept looking at them. He had jet black hair. Those silky and smooth locks,Ugh. Anybody could keep brushing them with their hands. His pinkish brown petals, you’d keep kissing them. He was wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a red hoodie and a white T – shirt underneath. you’d keep drooling at him. He had a well built body. As if those arms’d protect you from the big bad world and would hug you when you’d feel sad. He was as mesmerizing as the moon. He had a positive aura around him. The man at whom girls drool over and on whom his parents are proud. He was DEV DIXIT. The one and only child of Raghuvar and Ishwari.

Dev: Vivaan yaar! This isn’t fair! Saale tu finally ek cardiologist bangaya nalaayak! Party toh banti haina! Tu koi gareebkhaane mein toh rehta nahi hai! You’ve such a large and lavish house! Bhai farmhouse bhi toh haina tera!? Let’s plan a party there tonight! Mein aur Sahir aajayenge aur tu baakiyon ko inform kardena thheek haina!?

Vivaan: Theek hai bhai waise bhi Mr Ziddi se kon jeet sakta hai! See you soon!

Dev: haha! Yeah! Bye!

Dev hanged the call and was going downstairs just then he saw Ishwari coming inside the house and his happiness knew no bounds. He had tears in his eyes. She was finally back he thought. He was attached to his mother a lot. He could do anything for his mother.Anything meant ANYTHING.

Dev: Ma aap finally aa gayi! Kaisi hai aap!? Abh pehle se behtar haina!?

Ishwari just hugged him. He also hugged her back. Suddenly Raghuvar came in and when he saw them, he just stood there admiring the mother – son duo! Both cried the tears of happiness. They parted and saw Raghuvar standing there smiling idiotically at them. They also smiled back at him and told him to join in. They shared a group hug. Suddenly Raghuvar said;

Raghuvar: Yeh toh zyaada hi emotional types hogaya haina!

Ishwari hit him playfully on his shoulder while Dev laughed.

Dev: Sahi bola dad ne!

Ishwari: Phirse shuru hogaye tum dono! Uff! Kya karu mein tum dono ka!

Dev/Raghuvar: Butler bana lo! Free mein!

They all laughed and enjoyed some family. It was Late evening now, Dev was in his room getting ready for the party. He wore a brown leather jacket and a white t – shirt underneath, gelled his hair and put some perfume on to obviously smell good. Perfect he thought and admired himself. Self praiser. Suddenly his phone ranged bringing him out of his thoughts. Sahir flashed on the screen. He picked it up and said;

Dev: Haan bol..

Sahir: Abbe mein neeche kabse horn maar raha hoon! Behra hai kya! Jaldi neeche aa! I’m waiting!

Dev: Abbe aaya mein!

Dev smiled foolishly and went downstairs. He saw Ishwari reading a magazine and his father drinking coffee. He said;

Dev: Mom! Dad! Mein jaa raha hun! Bye!

Ishwari/Raghuvar: Hamari taraf se Vivaan ko congratulate kardena!

Dev: Ok bye love yaaa!

Ishwari/Raghuvar: Love you too!

Raghuvar laughed and said: Lagta hai abh wakt aa gaya hai Ishwari.

Ishwari: Haan. She said smilingly.

They reached Vivaan’s farmhouse. They went inside and met Vivaan and conversed;

Dev: Finally humlog kitne time baad ekaththe ho paaye hai.

Sahir: haa yaar!

Vivaan: Aur kya! Hume time hi kaha mila! pichhle ek mahine se Dev kaam mein busy, tu bhi kaam mein busy aur mere exams!

Dev: Par abh hum saari bhadaas is party mein nikaal denge! Haina guys!

He shouted catching everybody’s attention!

Boys gang : Let the fun begin!

At Kiara’s House.

In Kiara’s Room.

Kia: Pata nahi yeh log kaha reh gaye hai!

Suddenly the lights went off and Kia said;

Kia: Sona agar yeh tera prank hua toh tujhe pata hai ki mere pranks kaise hote hai! Rhea agar tu bhi isme shaamil hui then wait and watch ki tum dono ki band kaise bajti hai!

Suddenly the lights turned on and everyone said surprise! They had arranged everything perfectly! Sonakshi and Rhea had put in a lot of efforts in decorating Kia’s garden and it was a bonfire party! Initially the party was to be arranged by Kia but they thought to surprise her by doing all the arrangements by themselves when she went to buy some things needed for the party! The garden was decorated with fairy lights! It was a breathtaking scene! Kia and Sonakshi along with Amaya (She was their common friend) Held a board, CONGRATULATIONS KIA was written on it in bold letters. Kia’s happiness knew no bounds and she hugged them tightly not even leaving space for the air to come inbetween them!

Kia: I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you yeh itna special banane ke liye! Mujhe nahi pata thha kia tum sabh yeh karoge yaar! Mein bahar aadhe ghante ke liye kya gayi tumlogo ne itna sabkuch karliye wo bhi itne kam time mein! Unbelievable huh! Impressive!

Sonakshi: Saare girl gang ne help kari hai isme haina!

Girl Gang: Right!

Kia was teary eyed. Suddenly Kia’s parents came and said;

Asha: Ha beta inhone bohot madad kar!

Bijoy: Ha! Shona,amaya aur baaki sabne bohot madad kari!

Sonakshi: Aur Ma aur Pa ne bhi koi kami nahi chhodi!

Kia hugged them tightly and Sonakshi clicked a picture!

Rhea/Hiba: Awww!

Asha: You guys enjoy hum bahar dinner karne jaa rahe hai! Bye Shona bye Kiuuu bye everybody!

Everybody: Bye!

Sonakshi ahem ahem! Enjoy Ma and Pa!

Bijoy hit her playfully on her shoulders and she laughed. They went and Sonakshi said:

Sonakshi: So girls, Let the party begin!

Girl gang Yeaaaaahh!

Precap: Pyaar mein sau uljhane hai pyar mat karna! 😉

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