Kyun dard hai itna, iss pyaar me


Its a story of a boy and a girl who connected by their heart cross there path by destination..

Location school: The story starts with a 15year old boy name Robin. A boy wit soft heart, and a secret glow in his eyes and A topper one in class.

Its the first day of his class, Teacher praise him. And a new girl name Rosy enter the classroom (new admission) She is a girl with cute smile and finding for the one who will do anything for her just like Papa.. teacher introduce about her in class. And she take her seat and befriend with a girl name Mary. Who is a violent girl and a second topper who want to take a place in Robin’s Heart..

At the time of break, two senior boys bullied Robin. He didnt fight back. Mary comes to rescue Robin they say ask your girlfriend to be away from boys fight. Its not her business. Suddenly Rosy come from another way and says i wil call the teacher. The boys says oh another one.. o_O Fine we are living but we will attack you again be aware of us Robin..

Robin didnt say a word not even thanks to girls, as he is tougher guy every girl which to speak wit him atleast a word : as he is a crush of every girl. But there is one who is a secret crush of him.. For whom his heart is beating.. 🙂

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  1. Cute start, please continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Gud…… best of luck dr

  3. Why so much pain in your love

  4. Thanks alot for your support.. Will do my best.. 🙂

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