Kyun dard hai itna, iss pyaar me Episode – 2


Mary whisper, “thanks kehne me waqt nahi lagta h Robin, shayad my tumhe kabhi samaj nhi sakti”.. You even dont spend time with friends why ur different from all of us..:[email protected] Robin just gave a look and was busy in thinking.. Rosy was amazed to hear about Robin character..:-| She was curious to know.. She says “kuch to hoga jis ki wajah se wo khud ku samaj nahi patey”.. But seriously i dont like attitude guy. Rosy says.. But i think he is different.. As the coversation goes Rosy befriend with Mary. She shares all the story and soon they become friends.. Mary always find a way to speak with Robin and to be friend wit him. And she fails every time.. No one has understand him. :->

There will be one who will break his silence and bring a smile in his face.. Kyun Dard hai itnaaa;-(…. He s a lonely guy who spend his time with his books and dream of finding his secret crush..

After school the bell rang he packed his bag and walked soon out of class and outside d scl he was waiting for someone. The rain started heavily . He stood in a corner still waiting. Rosy comes behind, coz of rain she too stand in a corner There appear same senior boys who bullied were holding bottle filled wit muddy water they argue with Robin. Rosy who came to help.. they in anger throw all the muddy water in Robin shirt rosy s dress too spoiled along with robin but robin saves her from those boys and gave an anger look just like a Hero..

A boy name Charles who is a senior comes to rescue Robin and ask the boys to leave quite or else i wil spoil ur just like dat the boys says “humne badla leliya”;->.. Dont ever try to show up again Robin.. They flee.. Robin thanks charles, rosy was amazed to hear.. she think he has a soft heart just like other.. They were about to go.. But robin stops and turn to see rosy and says dont stay here for long its not good for a girl.. Charles too nods and ask are you waiting for someone she nods they too stand in a corner as her support there came a car and a man appear and ask

“Jane are you fine dear”:-).. Rosy nods yes Papa.. and she get in the car before his dad question her Further..

Precap: rosy s dad gets angry and ask Robin to protect her daughter and be like her Savior/ best frnd.. :-O

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  1. Cute episode. ..loved the precap. ..I hope Robin find his secret crush soooooooon. Keep it up elsa…love you loads

  2. Thank u roma..

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