Kyu dard Hai itna Tere is ishq Mei ( episode 3)

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Recap: Kabir gifts sanchi a necklace and made her wear that…and he praises her beauty…..he says death can’t have any appointments with him as his dates are already sold to someone else….death have appointment but with veer instead of with him

Lemme start

Sanchi: what veer?

Kabir: I mean veer is too busy with lots of appointments and it often gives much pressure and tension which is like a deathly thing

Sanchi: he is such a hard worker

Kabir in mind: mere hi samne tum uski tareef Kar kese Lee…

Kabir: baby tumhari mu Mei kisi aur ki tareef jachthi nahi…..arre ese Kar Kar hume jalao na Meri Jan

Sanchi: I think something is just burning like hell….Kabir I think you need some water to get cooled

Kabir: yeh paani Zara bachake rako Kya patha Kisi aur ko iski zyada zaroorath padjaaye….

Sanchi: what do you mean?

Kabir: I just meant we should preseve water…..

Sanchi: yeh ap hi keh rahe hai…..( You are saying this?)

Kabir: koi shak….

Sanchi: hum aur ap pe shak….esi gustaki hum kese Kar le ( me and doubt you….how can I do such a mistake)

Kabir: aur karna bhi math …..hum pe koi shak Kare wo hame manzoor nehi

Sanchi: Kabir tum gussa Kyu hora hi ho?

Kabir : Kyu ki ….I ..I…mean I just don’t like being doubted and that too by someone really close to me….it hurts

Sanchi: I will never hurt you

Kabir in mind: and I will have to hurt you…. sorry baby ….aakhir pyar aur Jang Mei to sab jayas Hai…..hume pyar karna atha hai aur nafrath karna bhi

Kabir:I will…..hurt you ….never baby

Kabir hugs sanchi

Kabir in mind: tum sirf Mera Hai aur bus Mera hi rehna….ise Mera pyar samjho ya zid wo marzi tumhari( you are just mine….and always be mine….take it as my love or aid it’s your wish)

Sanchi in mind: bin mange hi sab dedhi apne Hume ….bas ithna ashirvad de deejiye ki hum inhe kushiya dhe…( Without asking you just gave me everything…but now I’m asking you to bless me so that I can keep him happy)

Kanchi breaks the hug

Sanchi:s phone rings…..and Kabir takes and he was shocked and angry when saw the caller ID….it was veer

Kabir: baby….it’s an unwanted call….

Sanchi: let me just take look at it

Kabir: bola na baby not important.. Don’t you trust me…alright go a head and look at it

Sanchi: there is no need for that as you broke my trust that I have on you

Kabir: and what if I break your trust

Sanchi: such a day won’t come ….as I know you love me and will never hurt me

Sanchi’s phone again rings and this time Kabir couldn’t control his anger so he just throwed the phone to the floor….it got broken into peices

Sanchi: Kabir what have you done Kabir?….are you alright

Kabir looks at the broken pieces of phone and said “never break my
trust ….if you did then instead of this phone it could be your heart”

Sanchi : eh?

Kabir : I mean if you break someone’s trust then your heart itself would have to pay for that….

Sanchi: I will never break your trust as if I did it would only hurt me

Kabir: if anyone break your phone then he itself have to pay for that..he should get you another one for sure?

Sanchi: today you are in a full mood of jokes

Kabir: if I will continue with this then you will just dance on my head ….

Sanchi: why would I do that ?

Kabir: ok now escuse me sweetheart ….I have an important call to make…..I’m sorry that I broke your phone but I will get you new one….I don’t why I often loose my patience

Kabir just got out of the room and took his phone and dialed a num

X: hello

Kabir: kill him…..

X: sure sir

Call got disconnected

Kabir: I never like these things but you forced me to take this decision….I was not like this before …. your love made me selfish….i’m scared that I will lose you and that fear makes me do these things

Kabir was sitting in hall and was reading his files and just then sanchi comes and switch on the TV ….

Sanchi: oh my God…..look at this Kabir…..this guy just died badly

Kabir: who?

Sanchi: arre wahi jisne mujhe restaurant Mei cheda Tha ….use Kisi ne maardiya

Kabir: he just deserved it

Kabir just reminds the incident

Flash back:

In night

Sanchi: I can’t take this more….I’m leaving…..

Sanchi packed her bag and left the house

Scene shifts to road

Sanchi is sitting on the road with her trolly …just then a car came and stopped…. a man got out from it yes it’s Kabir he said sanchi to get in
Both of them got in

Kabir: let me drop you home

Sanchi: what ? I know I was so annoying and rude but it doesn’t mean that you leave me just like this

Kabir: I’m taking you home not to jungle… and never think of leaving me as I won’t permit that

Sanchi: then why are we going there

Kabir: because Mom in law just invited us home….

Kabir is driving slowly and carefully as sanchi was sleeping…..just then a truck over take their car which made contact car to make a sudden move to aside orelse there would be crush… just made sanchi to wake from her sleep ….she didn’t understood what happen….kabir’s angry was on cloud 9 ….he was too angry that he started driving rushly with much speed ….he wants to get into that truck…..such a speed just scared sanchi…..she pleads him to lower the speed but he didn’t

Sanchi: please. ….Kabir no……please stop it……let him go..for God sake reduce the speed

It didn’t got into Kabir and he just dive more and took a shortcut and came in front of the truck and he turns the car as face to face

Sanchi : Kabir ….please let us go ….at least you can do this for me

Kabir : just for you

The truck driver just looked upon them and smiled when he saw sanchi

Kabir started the car and moved back and the truck went on another direction

After few minutes:

Sanchi: Kabir I’m hungry

Kabir: baby can’t you inform me a little earlier….now it’s hard to find a good hotel here

Police asked kabir to stop the car

Police: where are you going to

Sanchi: we are just searching for a good hotel … there any hotel nearby

Police: hm….no hotel but ha there is a dabba after a km

Sanchi: thanks

Police: be careful as it’s not a good time to travel through that way and it’s dangerous to accombine ladies there

Kabir again started driving and he stopped near a small dabba…kanchi entered into it…Kabir didn’t liked the place at all and he started complaining about their dabba for not being so neet and tidy

Sanchi: it’s just small dabba not any five star restaurant so please stop complaining and just order something

Kabir: just for you I’m tolerating this

Sanchi: I think you forgot to off car headlights

Kabir: I’ll be right back

Kabir went towards his car just then a truck came and stopped there…it was the same truck….Kabir saw him going to dabba..he was angrily glaring him …Kabir saw that man telling something to sanchi now he couldn’t control himself and he off the light and steps towards dabba

Kabir sat on the chair

Kabir: what did he just told you

Sanchi: nothing Kabir….just leave it

Kabir: so you are not gonna tell me

Sanchi: Kabir he didn’t said anything and if he did it’s nothing important

Just then sanchi saw that man sitting by facing to her and he is giving out wierd smile to her…and sanchi’s facial expressions changes….Kabir noticed it and turned and saw that man

Kabir: no prob you just sit in my seat and let me in yours

Kanchi exchanged their seats

That man changed his seat and again sat facing sanchi…..kabir got angry and was about to get up and punch him but sanchi said not to

A person came to take the order

Kabir: what all are here?

P: everything will get here

Kabir: I want green tea…

P: sorry sir it can’t be available here

Kabir: then why you said everything will get from here

Sanchi: Kabir let it be na… just bring aluu ki paratha for me

Kabir: I just need an orange juice….that’s all

Person went and after few minutes he brought paratha and juice

Kabir: what’s this …..there is a fly in it…..bring me another one

He took the juice back and just dig out the fly from the juice and again servers it to Kabir

After few minutes

The person came there to tell the bill

Kabir: reduce the Money​ of juice as I didn’t have it

P: you ordered it so you have to pay

Kabir: I won’t pay for food that I didn’t have…..I will not a penny for that

P: you just go to our owner and ask him

Kabir went near owner

Kabir: escuse me ….look Mr why I need to pay for a food that I didn’t​ have..i won’t pay for that juice

Owner: it’s ok … no need to pay anything….it’s free for you …as it’s a special day for me

Kabir: no …way I don’t habbit to eat food without paying…..I will pay for the food that she ate

Owner: no need you can g

Kabir : I said I will pay….that means I will pay

Owner : alright

Kabir took out his wallet and was shocked to see no money in it… except credit card

Kabir: sanchi you pay the money as I forgot to take money

Sanchi: neither I took

Owner: as you have done so much drama… have to pay ….then only we will let you go

Kabir: is there any atm nearby

Owner : it’s there but a little far

Kabir: I will just go there and will get you money

Truck driver: alright you can go but you have to leave her here …what if you just escape….

Kabir looks at sanchi

Kabir: alright


Kabir: sanchi take this key and go to ATM and get the ?

Truck driver: shit….he is too smart

Sanchi took the car and started driving it ….truck driver just entered his truck….Kabir saw it and went forward to stop him but all other people in the dabba catches him….truck driver follows sanchi….while sanchi is driving car really bad as. She doesn’t know to drive properly…..her car sometimes stops then again start ….her car just reached near a place where no house or building to be seen her car stops there just then someone just came near her car window …it was that truck driver ….she got scared and she started to make her glass up and he knocks on it …..sanchi starts her car and start driving forward and she saw those same police there she seeks their help and they all goes to that dabba…..

Police: let him pay the money tomorrow… take out his details….now let them go

Kabir: thank you inspector

Just then truck driver reaches there….Kabir glares him….then both kanchi left from there

Kabir: I think we should head back to our home….as it’s too late


Both reached home

Kabir: sanchi you just go ….I’ll come later as I have pending work to do

Sanchi: what ?

Kabir: I have to go ….I will tell you later

Kabir drives his car was stopped in mid of the road just then a truck came…it stops and the driver started to press horns…Kabir off and on his headlights…..truck driver got angry and came out of the truck and walked towards his car …just then Kabir started his car forward with much speed

Flashback ends

Sanchi gets a call….she attends it …she was shocked and phone fall from her hands

Kabir: what happened sanchi? What’s the matter baby

Sanchi: veer….veer….she feels hard to breathe

Kabir: what happened to veer?

Sanchi: his car just fall from a cliff … this she breaks down

Kabir: what? Fall from a cliff? How did that happened.?was it any accident or something else….

Sanchi: it was an accident…..due to brake fail….

Kabir in mind: yeh to hona hi Tha( it was to happen)

Precap: sanchi went to the place where the accident took place….police gave her…some piece cloth with blood drops and veer’s phone

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