Kyu dard hai itna tere is ishq mei…..(Episode 2)

hey sana is back…..i guess you guys didn’t forgot me…hehe just kidding….by the way joking is not my cup of tea

lemme start:


in kabir’s room

sanchi:esa kyu ho rahi hai meri sath…kyu?kyu hamesha mei….ek taraf vo jo humse beintahaa ishq kar beta hai aur dusre taraf vo jo humse dosti kar beta hai….kisi ek ko chun na to jese apni ankhon mei se kisi ek ko chun na jesie hai….jo ki mumkin nehi….veer tumne ye kese kehliya ki kabir busdil hai….rakshas hai…jab ki uska dil saf hai aur vo ek nek insan hai….humne to unhe apni nafrath dikayi phir na jaane kyu unhone hume apna dil dikaya…..khud chot kaayi taaki hum mehfoos rahe…..humne unhe zakkam diya aur unhone uss se mila dard ko buladiya… jaane kyu humne unpe gussa kiya jabki unhone to sirf humse pyar kiya….iss kadar humse pyar math keejiye ki hum vo apko lauta na sake…..veer kabir kabhi bhi mujhe dard nehide sakti….

(why it always happened with me ? why?..why always me?…oneside is he who loves me and on the otherside its whodid frienship with me….to choose one is as like choosing anyone of the eye from my eyes..which is not possible…veer why you said that he is heartless and is beast when he isgood hearted and a good person…..i had showed him my hatre then i don’t know why he showed me his heart….he got himself wounded so that i be safe….i gave him wounds and he just forgot the pain it gave him…..i don’t know why i got angery on him even when he was just got loving me…..don’t love me to this extend that i couldn’t be able return it…..

veer on the other side

veer:jo diktha hao vo hamesha sach ho esa tho nehi hai….kabhi kabhi ankhe bhi dokka kha jatha hai…..sanchi tum wahi dekh rahi ho jo tumhe dikhaya ja rahi hai….tum kabir ka asliyath kyu nehi dekh parahi ho?kyu uski iradon se anjan ho tum…..kaash …kash tum samajh paathi ki vo kithne khatharnak hai….kabir ki banaya hua chakravyuh mei fas gayi ho tum…jiska tod mujhe doondna hai…..mei tumhe har hal mei bachaonga yeh wada raha ….mera tujhse aur apna dosti pe

(its not needed that what you see will be always true….often our eyes just get cheated….sanchi you are seing what is been showed to you….why can’t you just see his reality….why can’t you see his true faces….why are ignored of his thoughts…..if you could understand that how dangerous he is……you are trapped in kabir’s trap…..and i want to find solution for that trap…i will make you free at any cost….i promise it to you and on our friendship

kabir was about to enter to his room and saw sanchi lost in thoughts

kabir in mind:kabir ek esa uljan hai jiska koi tod nehi…(he smiles wickedly)baby keh dena apni yar se…mujhse zara bachke rahe…kal chod diya tha…kahi hamara iradhe na badle…aur hum unhe phir kabhi chode hi na… mera pyar par kabhi sak math karna….kyu ki vo mera ishq ki besathi hai jo hume manzoor nahi…..hum juda na honge kabhi chahe duniya idhar se udhar hojaye….aur jo mera pyar ka kaata ban ke aaya to usko mei bakshoonga nehi….jo hamari duniye mei aaye unhe mei kisi aur duniya se pehchan karwaonga

kabir enters:baby…missing me huh?hehe just kidding….guess what i brought for you

he takes out a necklace and made sanchi wear it

sanchi:aww its so beautiful and costly too…what was the need kabir

kabir:it’s not precious than you… became more beautiful as you wore it

sanchi:thanks for such a beautiful compliment kabir…..i don’t seem to understand why i hated you?you are not that bad as i thought

kabir:baby im happy that atleast you thought about me….by the way its often said that people will never forget the person he/she hates the most…. so when you hated me you would have thought for me and my name was was branded on your heart….

sanchi:well in that case i never did have any thought for you..

kabir:really…..not even the thought of hatre

sanchi:hm…in that case you are right as i even had thoughts to kill you

kabir:i know that im always right

sanchi:bade aaye MR RIGHT

kabir:killing me is not that much easy baby

sanchi:why so?

kabir:i can’t have any appointment with death as all my dates are already given to somebody really special

sanchi:poor death what it will do without you….it will get bored

kabir:no baby it won’t get bored as long as veer is there….death have an appointment and that’s not with me but with veer

precap:kabir:kill him…..veer’s call fall from a cliff….sanchi breakdown…..kabir consoles her

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  1. Nice but next time will u plz add 1 r 2 lines of recap

    1. Miss-Golgappa

      Thank you for your sweet comment dear and I Will provide recaps in the future episodes

  2. Riyarocks

    Sana………dear, u just left me speechless…..but ek request hai…add a recap from nxt episode sweety………luv u dherrrrrrrrrr saara…………

  3. Niyaaa

    Awsome epi sana…. full of suspense kabir is in complete new avataar but plzz atlast changed the kabir character actually bcoz of sdch current track it seems he may turns negative nd i really tensed about it.. Thats why… Nd nothing else..It just a humble request nd other rest on u sweety.. Yaar kya kamaal ki lines hindi use ki hats off to u.. I think u loved shayari.. Bye tc post nxt one

    1. Miss-Golgappa

      Thank you for your wonderful comment…… Jab Mei hu to darr kis baat ki…..Mei na chutkiyon Mei Kabir ko teek kardu…. don’t worry he will be shown as a nice person asap….ha Yar I just love shayari

  4. Amazing……. Update soon

  5. Sana….long tym 2 see u…anyways very unique story n i just wanna ask where is ur next ff(jisme kabir bahut possessive hota h sanchi ko lekar aur veer usse smjta h fir v vo nhi smjta)..i m waiting

    1. Miss-Golgappa

      Actually this is that ff about which you where talking about… this ff Kabir is possessive towards sanchi…..he have dual faces one in front of veer and another in front of sanchi……

  6. Dhruti

    superb ff deae but can you write recap in your ff so we know what i read last because there are so many ff on kanchi i’m just little confused…….tc…post next one soon………….love you……..

  7. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic loved kabeer characters

  8. Amazing bestie….u again make me speechless sweetie… update soon….lots of love & a big jadoo ki jhappi for u my dear.

  9. It’s amazing dear but don’t make kaabir as negative because I am scared that in sdch kabir will become negative or good

  10. Jessicca

    Amazing one Sana… Outstanding.. Fantastic… Belfast

    1. Jessicca


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