Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 3 | Abhishek + Mihika

Abhishek is wandering around, asking people about Mihika’s whereabouts.

Abhishek: Pakka idhar hi jaate dekha tha na?

Person: Yes, Sir.

Abhishek follows the directions given to him.


Mihika (stops and sighs): I never felt as . . . free in my life before.

Mihika fixes the straps of her bag over her shoulders and walks along the field, soon coming across a little village. Her smile grows as she looks around in wonder. Houses made of straw and mud. People are hurrying along. She sees a group of children playing a game.

Mihika: Hey, I want to play.

Child (laughs): Di, it’s not as easy as you think, especially in that saree.ย 

Mihika: Hmm, you’re underestimating me. I might not have played kho-kho before, but I’ve certainly watched it. Move.

Mihika takes off her bag and ties her dupatta to the side. Soon, she starts playing with the children and having fun.


Abhishek stops his jeep and gets out. He’s in his normal clothes. He spots Mihika playing and, surprised, takes off his sunglasses. Mihika laughs as she high-fives a young boy, ruffles his hair, and hugs him. Abhishek stares at her, and then at the photo in his hand.

Abhishek (thinks): Yaar, she’s far prettier in real life.

He looks away.

Abhishek: You’re crazy, Abhi. Neend ki kami nay tumhe aada nai poora hi pagal kr diya hai.

Mihika (taps his shoulder): Hey, Mister!

He turns to her and quickly stuffs her photo in his pocket.

Mihika: You need to move your jeep from here. Can you not see the kids playing here? It’s unsafe for them.

Abhishek (angry): I won’t. Kya kar lo gi? And, anyway, it’s not like I’m driving it. It’s parked.

Mihika: You . . ..

Mihika storms to the driver’s side and gets inside. She turns the key and revvs the engine, making mud fly onto Abhishek’s clothes. He jumps back, and they stare at each other for few minutes. Mihika turns the car around and abandones it few feet away.

Mihika (comes to him and gives him the key, smiling innocently): This! I can do this.

Finally, Abhishek snaps out of his trance.

Abhishek: Iski toh mein . . . .


Abhishek: What is it, Rohit? Why did you call me here urgently?

Rohit: There’s a problem, Abhishek. I talked to ASR, and he said some people are threatening him for money. He wants us to keep Mihika away from the city for a couple of days until we sort out the problem. Her family also doesn’t know that she’s in danger, so don’t tell anyone, anything. This stays between us. You won’t come to Delhi with her until I say so. You understand?

Abhishek: What rubbish? Why am I not after those goons? Why am I stuck with babysitting her?ย 

Rohit: You’re protecting her. There’s a difference. You’ll be her bodyguard.

Abhishek: But–

Rohit: To tell you the truth, Abhishek, there’s no one I trust more than you right now. I know I can always count on you for her safety. Promise me, you’ll be with her until I say so.

Abhishek: Yaar, Rohit, tune kahan passa diya mujhe. Fine, I’ll do it.

Flashback over.

Abhishek (calls out as runs up to her): Hey, listen. I didn’t get your name.

Mihika (picks up her bag, saying bye to the children): I’m not interested.

Abhishek: Oh, I see. Miss Not Interested, I’m Abhishek.

He reaches out his hand. Mihika arches an eyebrow and smiles.

Mihika (shakes his hand): Abhishek, huh? Hot name. It suits you.

Abhishek (taken aback): Control yourself, Miss Not Interested. You’re engaged.

Mihika: Yeah, so? Does being engaged mean I can’t compliment guys now? Yeh kahan ka rule hai? Wait a second. How did you know I’m engaged?

Abhishek (thinks): You can’t keep your mouth shut, can you?

Mihika (clicks her fingers in front of his face): Hey, I’m talking to you. How did you know I’m engaged?

Abhishek (looks at her hand): Your finger.

Mihika: Huh?

Abhishek (smacks forehead): I meant your ring. You have your ring on.

Mihika (looks down at her hand and plays with her ring): Oh.

Mihika feels awkward and a little upset. Abhishek notices this.


The next part might take some time. I hope you like this one! Abhishek and Mihika have met for the first time. What do you think will happen next?


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    what a meeting 4 abhika.mihika is so cool.she is enjoying like a free bird.cant understand y she left house.abhi has been flattered seeing mihika n is trying 2 control cute.mihika saying his name is hot.mihika is super cool n outspoken.abhi has somehow covered his identity by lying abt her ring.when will she know his identity?shocking that some ppl r blackmailing arnav 4 money n 2 protect mihika abhi will hide her n look after her.duno y they r doing it 2 there will b a lot of abhika moments.i’m excited.u said d next update will b i feel sad.Abhika is my fav jodi on YHM..i like them more than Ishra

    • RidaHusn


      Haha. I like them more than Ishra too! I was highly disappointed that they didn’t end up together. I’m so glad you liked this part. It makes me so happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

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