Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 11 | Abhishek + Mihika

Khushi comes outside for fresh air and crosses her arms, trying to hold in her tears.

Arnav (whispers): Khushi?

Khushi (startles): Please leave me alone, Arnav G. I have no energy left in me to argue with you.

Arnav: I’m not here to start an argument. Please hear me out once.

Khushi: There’s nothing left to hear or say. It’s too late anyway. It’s your sangeet today – at least be considerate of your future wife.

Arnav (forcibly turns her around to face him): Why are you punishing me like this?

Khushi (angry): Oh, so it’s my fault now? Did I tell you get engaged?

Arnav (frustrated): I didn’t mean that.

Khushi: Well, it sureย  sounded like that. This is the last time I’ll say this – stay away from me. You’ve lost the right to give me an explanation.

She leaves from there, tears falling. Arnav stares at her as she walks away, hurt and angry.

Rabba Vy – sad version – plays.


Inside, Abhishek is searching for Khushi.

Anjali (comes across him): I don’t think I’ve met you. You are?

Abhishek: ACP Abhishek.

Anjali: Oh, so you’re the one who took care of our Mihika.

Abhishek looks away.

Abhishek: Yes, I am, Ma’am.

Anjali (smiles): Thank you for it. It’s because of you my to-be sister-in-law’s back, safe and sound. Knowing Mihika, she probably would’ve landed in some sort of trouble without you there, looking out for her.

Abhishek: You’re giving me too much of credit – it’s my duty. I was hired to protect her.

Anjali (serious): Then I hope you only did just that.

Abhishek looks at her surprised.

Anjali: Arnav and Mihika love each other a lot and I’d hate to see them apart because of a . . . third person.

Abhishek (smiles): Don’t worry, Ma’am, I’m not here to create a scene, or stop the wedding. As much as I love Mihika, I respect her decision. If she loves Arnav, then I can’t do anything but let her be.

Anjali (shocked): You won’t even fight for her?

Abhishek (shakes head): You don’t have to fight for true love – if it’s meant to be yours, it comes to you by itself. Besides, if I had known Mihika loved me too, perhaps I would’ve came here to convince her parents. But, she doesn’t. Rest assured, Ma’am, I won’t do anything that stains her family’s name.

Abhishek leaves from there and Anjali stares at him, confused.

Khushi’s lost in her thoughts and Abhishek spots her.

Abhishek: Where did you go? I was looking everywhere for you.

Khushi (stutters): Water. I’d gone to drink some water.

Abhishek (feels suspicious): Oh. Well, next time tell me before you leave my side. You gave me a real scare.

Khushi forces a smile. Arnav comes inside, angry, and their eyes meet from across the hall. Khushi turns away first.

The lights become dim. Everyone starts questioning.

Rahil (on the microphone): Testing, testing, testing.

Everyone stops talking.

Rahil: Alright, settle down, people, as the bride is about to make her entry.

Lal dupatta plays.

Mihika dances as she descends the stairs.

The lights come on and Mihika uncovers her face. Abhishek’s speechless. He stares at her throughout the entire song, mesmerised.

The song finishes and people clap, hooting and whistling, snapping Abhishek out of his trance. He also claps slowly. Mihika smiles and bows.

Their eyes meet and her smile disappears. They are under a spell, unable to look away, until Mihika is called away by an aunty.

There are a couple of other songs played and Rahil, close family and friends, including Mihika, dance to them. However, Arnav stays rooted to his spot, staring at Khushi. Gayatri looks worried while Abhishek drinks silently, trying to look everywhere but Mihika.

Rahil grabs Arnav from his place and forces him to dance. Arnav refuses and attempts to push him away, but DJ pulls him back. DJ pats his back and tells him to dance. Arnav forces a smile and complies. However, after few minutes, Arnav pushes past the people to return to his spot. Rahil pushes him back in the group, towards Mihika, and laughs, encouraging him to dance.

Arnav (angry and loud): Damn it, Rahil, I don’t want to dance.

Music stops and there’s a pin-drop silence.

Arnav takes a deep breath and rubs his forehead, trying to calm down. Mihika looks at him, surprised, as does everyone else.

Anjali (concerned): Chote, what’s wrong? Are you feeling ill?

Arnav: Di, please. I–I can’t do this anymore. I can’t pretend all this is not bothering me.

Anjali: What do you mean?

Arnav (tears in his eyes, stutters): Di, I–I can’t marry Mihika. I–I . . . love . . . someone else.

Everyone’s shocked.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    khushi is right in her place.arnav decided 2 get engaged n thats y khushi distanced herself from him.rabba ve sad version suited their scene.i thought anjali will support abhika after knowing d truth.but no.loved abhi saying that v dont need 2 fight 4 true luv,if it means 4 us it will come 2 all stories lover has 2 fight 4 luv,but here its diff.this is what i liked.dabce scenes r gud.gud that arnav finally burst out d truth in frustration.he doesnt want 2 marry mihika.exciting

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