Kya Tum Doge Mera Saath??? (An Avneil ff) part 1

Kya Tum Doge Mera Saath????
Hi everyone.. hope the naamkaran family here is rocking…
So I have decided to write this ff .. and I got this idea because according to the previous track when avni directed a movie .. i thought they would show her as a director in future but in contrary to that there is no mention of that too..
So here goes my ff..
Dayavanti Mehta is living a luxurious life after killing avni.. she is still the same evil.. but she doesn’t know that her good days won’t last fro long..
A house is shown … A girl takes up her bag and shouts
“Ma where r u..?? I am getting late for shoot”she shouted..
“Avni .. this time it is not my fault” exclaimed Neela.
“Ok ok .. but atleast u can hurry up ma” said avni in her dominating voice.
“Sometimes it seems as if I am ur daughter”said Neela.
“Mom” avni exclaimed
“Ok let’s go” said Neela..
They sat in their car and left.
Another big house is shown
“I do not understand this.. why everyone is ignoring my words..” a woman shouted.
“Oh mom. Do u think anyone of us can dare to ignore u” the boy said.
“Oh tillu .. u r my real super cop” exclaimed Shweta
“Oh mom come-on ” Neil said.
“Btw.. I am getting late for my duty.. bye meet u in evening.. love u mom”he continued.
“Bye”said Shweta.

Avni and Neela.arrives at a movie set named as chamko movies.
The watchman opens the gate and bows in front of avni.
She takes her car in..
“Are the actors ready.. we need to pack this scene by today”she said to her assistant director.
“They r almost Maam” the ass. Replied.
Avni sits on her chair.
“Lights ,Camera and action” she said..
The actors were about to start when few people enter In.
“Stop this..” they said.
Avni stood up
“Who r u to say so” she asked.
“Police” a voice came.
Everyone turned to see who spoke it. And of course this is obviously that the voice was of Neil.
“Oh Mr. Police .. can I pls know why r u interrupting in my shoot” she asked.
“Because u people do not have permission for this.”Neil said.
“Permission?? I think you r mistaken .. this is my place and I have complete permission to do my work here” she said.
“Oh ho.. listen everyone this is her place”he said.
“Mr. I am again warning u not to misbehave” avni said.
“Ms. Director Sahiba u need to stop shooting” he said.
“I won’t”avni shouted.
“You” Neil was about to say when he got interrupted by his officer.
“Sir I am sorry this was my mistake.. this isn’t the place .. where we had to go” the officer said.
Avni hearing this gave a now what look.
Neil was stunned.
“Have u losted.. “Neil shouted.
“Sorry sir”the officer said.
” So Mr. Now let me tell u who is doing wrong.” Avni said.
“I am so sorry .. there was a little confusion.” Neil pleaded..
“Neil .. ” a voice said..
The voice was of Ali.
“How come u r here” asked Ali.
“Duty man” said Neil.
“U and ur duty” said Ali.
Saying this they hugged each other.. and avni glared them
“Avni meet Neil my friend” said Ali
“Ur frnd” said avni.
“Looks like something is wrong” said Ali
They told him what all happened.
“Sahi h …Tum dono ek se ek ho” said Ali. And laughed.
Avneil stared him
“It’s not funny” said avni
“Ok .. can u people now allow me to work.” Asked avni.
“Oh ya.. Come Neil let’s go in” said Ali.
Both Ali and Neil went in
“This boy destroyed my whole day. Stupid creature” said avni
“Okay everyone ready … And action” said avni
The actors give their shot.
“Cut” said avni.
” My dream would be true soon.” Said avni…
*What is her dream???

I am like badly excited after writing this.. although I am not writing this for comments .. but yet if u people would comment it will be a gr8 inspiration and encouragement…

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  1. Fenil

    Riyu ,I’m here.
    Fabulous concept.
    Awesome chappy and start.
    Hope u get good response.
    When i started no response except two ppls.

    1. Riyasmiles

      Hi bhai… how r u..
      first of thank u very much for ur wishes …
      glad u liked it

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much alia
      keep reading
      stay blezzed dr.

  2. Woww, nice concept ???

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much..
      keep reading.
      stay blezzed

  3. Archisha

    It is awesome Riya di.

    Post soon

    1. Riyasmiles

      thank u so much archu..
      how r u..
      long time yaar..
      glad u liked it .
      keep reading
      stay blezzed

  4. Sweetgirl7

    It is awesome riya

    1. Riyasmiles

      Thank u so much..
      Keep reading..
      Stay blezzed

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