Kya sapne sakar ho sakte hai (raglak) Chapter 1


Hii guys i am a new writer and thought that i could certainly write a story a fan fiction
So i thought of writing this story name – KYA SAPNE SAKAR KO SAKTE HAI

So i this is a raglak ff
Thanks for reading and pls pls pls comment down below ok so lets have a intro and chapter-1

Ragini gadodiya – A decent girl with big desires who is very quite
Rajni gadodiya – A twin sister of ragini she talks alot and the only friend of ragini she is ubbly (they both look same )
swara bose – neighbour of ragini and rajni – who is always irritated by ragini but thinks rajni better than ragini she likes rajni but becoze of ragini she didn’t make her friend
SO and the other but their is one difference
Shomi- a lady with great happiness ut she is step mom (janaki one mother she is second )
Shekhar – a big buisness man loving father but when he is angry he could even wipe someone with his belt

And no one swara lives with dida only and there is no fight of dadi and dada because they don’t exist in this story

Laksh- a flirlt but he always seeks true love
sanskar-a buisness man but he thinks love is “faltu”
Everyone is same leaving dp – he is kind
there is no adarsh and pari in this story and the character are friendly (mm)

So lets start the story


A girl is sitting in a room actually she is sort of laying on bed her eyes are full of tears she stands up and go to washroom she then xomes back with a clear face but tears once again generate in her eyes after much try she stops the tears and comes down and have a fake smile on her face – maa kya ham aapki madad kare
yes its our ragini
shomi-thanks batcha magar mei kar lungi
ragini-magar hamara karne mei mann hai
suddenly she sees a bang voice came and came running rajni -maa………….(she shouts smiling)(she brust a balloon)
Shomi-kya hua
rajni-mei jeet gayi mei race mei jeet gayi magar dekho naa unhone kaha ki kal denge agar bhul gaye toh (smile turns into fake anger )shomi laugh at this and cups her face – mera pyaara batcha essa nahi hoga she kiss her on her face and hug her she was about to call ragini for group hug but she went away
shomi got worried – rajni batcha tumhe pta hai kya ki ragini ko kya hua hai ?
rajni-maa agar pta hota toh jisne bhi yeh kiya hota usse do mukke maar deti
sh- jaa ke usse khane ke liye bula lao
rajni smiles – ok maa
sh-chal jaa tayar ho ke tu bhi aaja
rajni – nahi maa mei ragini ko thode der bahar leke jati hu
sh – ok be careful
rajni – don’t worry i am black belt they look at theselves for 3 sec and then brust in laugh
sh- thik hai jaa

Rajni ra upstairs there she saw that ragini is nowhere she checks the bathroon the answer came infront – tyaar ho rahi hu market chalte hai
rajni smiles
ragini comes out after 6 -7 min
Ragini-rajni sun actually mughe doctor ke paas jana hai
rajni-kyu ??
ragini-voh actuaally just for check up tu yahi ruk
rajni-mei bhi chalti hu naa ?
ragini-batcha pls
Rajni-ok on one condition kal tu mere saath pura din spend karegi
ragini-karungi naa batcha magar parso actually kal mughe kaam hai pls
rajni-kya kaam hai
ragini-voh voh sweat tears come from her head but she quickly wipes it but rajni noticed – tughe pasine kyu aa rahe hai ?
ragini start to move her hand around her head to show she is sweating everywhere – arre kitni garmi hai naa bas chalo mei chalti hu she take her purse and goes out leaving rajni confuse

Its been 2 days and ragini is missing but she came up she told that some goon kidnapped her but she was saved and a kind person she don’t know saved her she start to feel guilt by saying a lie but she had already took a big step in her life
After some time she felt dizzy and fall on ground rajni saw that and took her to hospital with whole family
The doctor took her in emergency and after 2 hours come back
sh – kesi hai mera batcha
shekh – btaiye doctor kya hua hai
doctor- aap toh esse baat kar rahe hai jese ki aapko kucch pta hi nahi hai ?
rajni-pta nahi hai kya ?
doctor- ki unhone apne pet mei palte batche ka abotion karwaya hai ……………………………….

Thanks for reading my story and if you like it then i will countinue if you don’t tjen i will leave thanks for reading pls comment

Credit to: Crazy girl

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