I am glad you all liked the meeting… Now here is some khitkitod drama…. Hope u like it…

Shivaay POV
I can’t believe it’s HER. After 3 WHOLE months, she is in front of my eyes. Only I know how much my eyes longed to see her. Then, I realized that I was getting weak! No, I can’t get weak! Especially, in front of her. I can’t show that I am still affected by her. And SPLAASSHHH!!! I threw another glass of water right on her face! I smirked, while she was shocked. “Remember, my name is SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI, not paagal,” I told her in an arrogant voice. Just then, Meghna came from restroom. Perfect timing! “What is happening Shivaay?” Meghna asked me. I held Meghna’s hand romantically and said, “Nothing Meghna… let’s not ruin our ROMANTIC date for some GREEDY girls….”

Meghna POV
OMG! Did Shivaay just hold my hand?! Am I dreaming?! This is the first time he ever held my hand like this!! BUT WAIT, WHY IS HE DOING THIS? I looked at Shivaay who was smirking at the girl who was in front of us. From her facial expression, I could tell she was burning in jealousy. But why? Did Shivaay and that girl have some kind of relationship? I have to find out….

Anika POV
I saw Shivaay after 3 months! My heart jumped with happiness. This was probably my best day after I left Shivaay. I can’t believe how Shivaay always becomes the reason for my best days…. BUT HOW DARE HE? He threw two glasses of water on me! But that was not the part that affected me the most. The part that affected me the most was when Shivaay held that cheepdi Meghna’s hand right in front of my eyes! HOW CAN HE DO THAT? I swear I felt like killing that Meghna ki bachi right at that moment… BUT NO! First, I have to give it back to Shivaay! That bagad billa! How dare he mess with ANIKA? But what should I do? Just then, I saw Shivaay with that Meghna leaving the restaurant. Oh no…. think fast Anika!!! You can’t let him go so easily…. Think fast!! Then, I saw something and got an idea. A khitkitod idea! Now get ready, SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI…..

Shivaay POV
I left the restaurant with Meghna smirking at Anika! It was so much fun to watch her burn with jealousy! Well, that’s what you get for messing up with me… U hurt me a lot in the past… but not anymore! It’s my turn to hurt you now….
We went to our car which was parked right outside that restaurant and then I searched my pocket for the car keys. But wait! It wasn’t there. I searched them again, but still couldn’t find it. “Shivaay, what happened? Is everything ok?” Meghna asked. “Yeah… just wait a second…” I told her. I tried to search them again, but it was of no use.
“Are you trying to find this?” I heard someone say. I turned back to see Anika smirking at me. She was holding my car keys. But how does she have them?! And then I realized that it might fell from my pocket. I walked over to her. “Give them back to me…” I told her in a dangerous voice. “Itni jaldi bhi kya hai Shivaay Singh Oberoi…” She said to me. I gave her a confused look. Then I saw her taking out a lighter from her purse. She gave me an arrogant smile. And then she burnt the blade of the key with the lighter right in front of my face! “Yaad rakhiyega ki mera naam bhi ANIKA hai!” she said and kept the key, which I didn’t need anymore, in my hand. Then, she did MY signature step and walked away while I fumed in anger… HOW DARE SHE DO THAT?!!!!!! I was about to throw the phone, which was in my hand, when Meghna held my hand. “Are you mad Shivaay? This phone is the only way to go back!” she said. Then, I realized she was right! Control yourself, Shivaay! I called Khanna and told him to come here to pick us up. While we waited, I wondered about what had happened few minutes ago. Anika might have left, but she didn’t leave my mind yet. And I knew that today was going to be a long night because I wasn’t going to sleep so soon after what had happened today…..
Shivaay POV ends

Thank you soo much guys for your comments!! Hope you keep encouraging me like this…. And I am so sorry for a short update. I will try to make next one longer….

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