Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suveer comes and asks Evan why did you call me urgently. Evan signs him towards Abeer. Suveer gets tensed and goes to Abeer, asks how are you? He asks Evan why did you call me. Evan says Abeer is in trouble and feeling guilty. Abeer asks if alone me? You people are not affected. Evan says we shall think of future and asks him to go abroad. Abeer says I am staying with that girl and can’t look in her eyes. She says I can’t see her scared eyes. Viraj says I remember her eyes, it was so innocent. Abeer asks her not to take her name and grabs his collar. Viraj apologizes and says I am not saying in wrong way. I am haunted by that. Abeer says I hate myself and you all. Evan asks him to chill. Abeer says I don’t want to meet you all after today, you people ran away from dharmshala and says

you people call yourself as friends, but are not suitable even for spitting. He goes. Evan says problem is solved, even we don’t want to meet this illiterate man. Suveer asks why did you call me here? Evan says matter is solved now.

Viraj says I can’t sleep since that night. Suveer asks him to relax. Evan says even we are same, I still remember her screams. Suveer says we all are trying to forget, it is not easy for us. I am maintaining distance with Mahi, thinking she will understand. Evan says we all are affected by it. Viraj says Abeer’s life is fully ruined, he is running away from his life. We are here, and he is the one who is praying the price for our sins. Evan says the more you think, you will feel guilty and asks him to leave it. He says we were not in our senses, it all happened because of drugs.

Amla and Dev’s engagement is shown. Amla takes elders’ blessings. She hugs her Bhao and Mando. Fb ends. It was Amla’s dream. She looks at her hand and thinks why shall I stay with him. She gets up and open the door and goes out of hotel room. Evan asks Suveer to start new life with Mahi. He asks Viraj to get out of this country and says 2 months are left now. He says we could have been trapped more, and says everything will be fine now. Viraj asks what about Abeer? Evan says he got the money and also the beautiful girl. He says she will forget it slowly and somehow they will lived with it, and says they are married now and will have some kids also. They will live together, simple middle class life, and says afterall it was in his destiny.

He tells Viraj that even Abeer took the money and is not krantikari man, and says in real life, there is no such men. He says bundles of notes buys the people. He says I am done with it and don’t want to talk about it anymore. He asks him to forget everything and chill. Viraj looks on depressed.

Amla is walking on road. Some men offer to drop her. The city’s noise troubles her. She comes back to her hotel room and thinks how the door will open now. Abeer comes and says card might be inside, asks her not to fight with the lock. He asks hotel staff to bring master key and open the door. He brings the master key and opens the door. Amla goes inside and tries to get inside the room. Amla tries to push door on him. She goes to washroom. Abeer tells her that he will not stay in the bedroom and will go and sleep somewhere. Amla looks at her maang with sindoor and tries to wash it off. Abeer asks her to have food else her condition will worsen. He says you have to take tablet, so have food. He takes pillows and bedsheet and goes out. Amla opens the washroom door, peeps outside to see if he went, and comes out. Abeer is still standing outside. She locks the door. Abeer goes to lounge and puts pillows.

Viraj tells Evan that Abeer didn’t do anything that night and also haven’t touched her. They recall Abeer fainting on that day. Amla sees Abeer sleeping and picks the knife to stab him.

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  1. oh god! amla going to kill abeer…..

  2. Amla is totally unaware of the sacrifice Abeer has made in order to receive forgiveness for his actions … can’t blame her as she is the victim ?
    Suveer is so stuck up in attitude that he is blind ? still feels that money and power puts him above the law … see, this is what bad parenting does, lack of affection as well … I feel sad for children who are mentally abused by their own family …
    As for Evan and Viraj … it seems that they are now aware of the consequences of their actions but are not in a position to amend it …
    Lesson here … Be Good Always … the combination of Alcohol and Drugs have always been lethal in some way or the other, still tho, it is left to our discretion to foresee the difference between good and bad … ?

  3. Siniha

    Abeer get up.. knife?
    Wt nxt?? Any guesses….


    Finally I see concern in eyes of abeer for amla.. and how cheap his frnds are.. tooo much..
    I am glad that abeer ended his frndship with them. After all – aise dost ho th dushman ki kya jarurt hai..
    I know how much must be in pain for her even to act, as such crimes make life painfull and hell.
    But finally truth is that abeer is innocent and only paying for his frnds sin. Plzz amla understand this soon.

  5. Abeer is going to wake up. and he will be safe.. too. I hav saw this incident in fatmagul too


      I know. I too watched fatmagul. But Indian writers change story as per their wish.

      1. I hope Indian writers don’t make it worse..

  6. I am feeling very bad for amla. wish if the rape doesn’t happened. and in kamino ko koi ijjat nehi ha aurto ke like. blo*dy hell.
    feeling like to kill them. and amla be strong since there was not yours fault in the rape. hope everything become fine and amla forgive abeer since he is not at fault. hope everything become well??

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