Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer tells Amla not to come with him and tell where did she see her brother last. He says you can hate me after finding your brother and asks where did you see him last. Amla says she will come with him. They go with Mannu. At the mall, A man identifies Raghu and calls him Raghu Bhaiyya. He asks if you have any problem. Man says he is Ankur and knows him and says My Papa Sadashiv ji saw you and Abeer in the market, but you both left before we could meet you. He says I will drop you home. Raghu says he doesn’t know him and says Abeer asked me not to talk to any stranger. Ankur asks him to trust him and tries to take him forcibly. Abeer comes and asks where you was taking him and where you was taking him. Ankur asks him to listen and says he is his owner Sadashiv’s son. He says I saw him

tensed and thought to drop you home. Abeer says I am extremely sorry. Ankur says you were not understanding. Amla and Mannu hugs Raghu. Abeer tells Raghu that Ankur is their owner’s son. Abeer asks Ankur to come and says we will have tea. Ankur says I need to go somewhere now, and says next time he will have food.

Pallavi says he is a rich, spoilt brat and says it is our mistake. Our upbringing is wrong, and her son is not suitable for Mahi, but since she came in his life, Suveer has become responsible. She requests him to give his daughter as Mahi can change Suveer. Manwinder says how can I refuse to a mum’s true voice. Mahi thanks him. Suveer thanks Pallavi. Pallavi thanks Manwinder.

Suveer gets Evan’s call. Mahi asks him to pick the call. Suveer says whenever I am with him, I get in trouble. Mahi tells Manwinder that Suveer has changed.

Dev hears other drivers talking about Suveer and Evan’s stay in lock up along with their friends. He asks about the police station. Amla writes Mando’s number on a paper and gives to Raghu. Raghu says he will get Abeer’s no also. Mannu asks her to write his number. Amla says she doesn’t have and asks him to go and play outside. Mannu refuses and sits on Raghu’s lap. Amla and Mannu play with each other happily. Abeer smiles seeing Amla happy. Amla gets up and closes the door. Abeer says I am not that bad.

Amla hugs Raghu and says she got worried. Raghu tells that he was lost because of something and asks them to open her eyes. Amla opens the gift pack and sees the suit. She thinks I asked you not to bring. Raghu says I thought you like it, but didn’t buy and that’s why I have bought it. Amla says you knows about my likes. Raghu says everything is written on your face. Mannu asks her to wear it. Amla says later. Mannu and Raghu says now itself. Amla goes to wear the dress.

Dev comes to the Police station and introduces himself as crime reporter from Mumbai daily. Inspector calls Mumbai daily office anad asks about Dev. Dev panics. Inspector scolds him for lying and gets angry. He says you would have read the crime reporter’s name once and asks why did you lie? He calls constable and asks him to take him inside. Dev apologizes. Inspector asks him to sit and asks what he wants to know. Dev says he came to know that Malik’s son, Viraj and Abeer were arrested by him. He says he needs Abeer’s address. Inspector asks why? Dev says he has ————–my fiancé.

Inspector scolds him and asks what you will do now and asks him to go. Amla wears dress. Abeer comes from the other side and collides with her. He says sorry and says he came to get tool box. Amla turns, but her dupatta is stuck to the door. She frees her dupatta and goes to show dress to Raghu and Mannu. Raghu says she is looking so good like an angel. Abeer is going after taking tool box. Raghu tells him that she is looking beautiful and that he stopped in the mall to buy this dress. Mannu asks Abeer if she is looking mast. Abeer looks at her and smiles.

Precap: Amla and Abeer collide in the night. She pushes him. Suveer and Evan have a fight. Later Amla helps Abeer and lights candle as he checks the fuse box.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Beautiful pair than its original Fatmaguil. What an expression they both have. Loved watching the Amla and Abeer scene again and again. Its 100% better than the original. The actors are young and prettier than Fatmaguil. If some one doesn’t like the show pls don’t watch it. No one is forcing anyone to watch it. Its my humble advise. I’m not looking for any reply or answer. Actually I don’t need one.

  2. For me ,the leads r nt looking gd.this show deserves best actors.everyone has right to express Thr opinion.if someone loves them,they can stop advicng not to watch the show.we know our choices.i hate abeer and amla pair

  3. sparkiiiiiii....

    hai Annie and kkha Vic….u both r right… every one has their own choice…but we are the fans of this kkhak right…I love abheer smile yaar…i die for his smile …soooooooooo… cute…soooooo innocent fellow….iluabheer…..hai yaar I’m excited to watch the next episode as the cute love story of Ambeer begins…wow……

    1. Yeah!!! I too love abeer’s cute ☺ smile ? ?
      I may sound little sadistic but still I am saying this, after the rape episode when abeer cries out of guilt(in that white shirt and grey sweater) he was tooo cute while crying!

    2. Same to you sparkiii????
      I watched the episode for 5 times in hotstar to just see the smile of abeer…..
      Natural love story….just love it from heart????

      1. Same here.. Abeer is a character that portrays a real man.. I love him so much.. I dream of him to be my husband… ???? love you abeer alias Rajveer..

  4. hai Annie and kkha Vic….u both r right… every one has their own choice…but we are the fans of this kkhak right…I love abheer smile yaar…i die for his smile …soooooooooo… cute…soooooo innocent fellow….iluabheer…..hai yaar I’m excited to watch the next episode as the cute love story of Ambeer begins…wow……

  5. sorry guys comment has click double time… enjoy u r day and night….

  6. Expected a lot from this show and watching patiently from the beginning hoping they wil soon catchup the original series.but they r irritating the viewers with their dragging should nt be corbn copy of fatmagul,but it is remake of should follow the each and every scene the writer is using his own brain.cannt tolerate it todays episode,the owners son brings bhao to home.the scene ends in 2 minutes.but here they evn dont know him and unnessry dragging dragging drsma again.chee.waste of time .gd bye luck to brilliant actor abeer and and bhao both are wasting their skills in this titanic.this show is not even worth watching.those who followed fatmagul cannt watch this show for 20 minutes ,hope oneday abeer will apply oil to his hair and improve his acting skills. Hope 4 the best @rip kkhak amin

    1. They cannot show complete carbon copy. I know it is the remake but it has to be made according to indian culture. They cannot show everything similar to fatmagul. Some changes are bound to happen. And many people are also saying about dragging. As a rape victim amla is she needs time to understand abeer, she cannot have a soft corner for abeer so soon. And I am only discussing about the show nothing personal.

      1. Agree with you fully…dear?

  7. What time is the repeat?

    1. No repeat telecast????

  8. plz update today’s episode

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