Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla disconnects the call without talking to Dev. Dev realizes Amla is on call and calls on that number. He asks whose number is this. Shop owner picks the call. Dev asks where is his shop and asks about the number. Owner tells the address and asks him to end the call. Dev goes. Abeer, Amla and Mannu come to the school for the latter’s admission. Mannu asks Amla how much time it will take. Amla asks him to sit quietly. Mannu then asks Abeer to come and sit beside Amla. Abeer refuses, but agrees on Mannu’s insistence. Mannu holds both of them hands. Abeer looks at Amla and smiles a bit.

Raunaq, Hema and Evan returns home. Rishan says welcome back home. Evan says now it is clear who is my own and who is stranger. Rishan says a bad experience teaches everything. Evan says some bad

experience taught me. He asks are you happy? Rishan says I am happy that you are come. Evan says I thought you were happy when I was in jail. Rishan tells Raunaq to hear what he is saying. Raunaq says he is not wrong. Viren tells Evan that he shall be thankful to Rishan as he got her freed and have to find a man who agreed to take the blame that the drugs was his and went to jail. Rishan says you shall agree that I have done favors on you. Evan refuses. Rishan asks Viren to come.

Mannu comes to Principal’s office and says him good morning. He introduces himself as Manish Awasti, and asks where is the classroom. Principal says first I will talk to your parents and then…Mannu says they are. Abeer stops him and gives him form. Principal asks if Mannu is their only child and asks when did they come to Mumbai? Mannu says we came to Mumbai after their marriage. Abeer says I am Abeer Anand, and she is Amla, Mannu’s bua. Principal says ok and says your name will be registered as Amla Abeer Anand. Mannu tells that he want to tell. Principal says he is more lively and naughty. He asks about Mannu’s parents and asks why they haven’t come. Abeer says they went to dharamshala for some work. Principal asks Abeer about his parent’s education.

Abeer and Amla tell that they are not much educated. Principal refuses to give admission. Abeer asks him to give a chance to Mannu and says he is a clever boy. Principal says they take parents’ interview also so that we have to know if child can cope or not. Abeer asks if parents are not educated then you means to say that even children have no right to study. Principal says they have to follow the rules. Abeer asks him not to lower his parents infront of Mannu. He tells that his wife and her brother couldn’t study as their parents died when they were children, her brother started business. He says we have migrated here so that he can give best education to his son. He says he will take care of Mannu’s education and will bear all the expenses, and will help whatever he can. Principal says he is considering as he is ready to be his guardian. Amla, Abeer and Mannu gets happy. Principal asks Amla what is her education. Amla says she studied till 10. Abeer says she couldn’t continue studies as her parents died. Principal says you are lucky to get such a husband, and says now you will get more chances here in Mumbai to complete the studies. Abeer says it is a good idea. Principal asks him to pay admission fees etc. Mannu gets happy.

Hema says we thought Rishan wrong. Evan says he hates me and that’s why made me let inside, as he wants to teach me a lesson. He asks if you can’t see and asks where is Suveer? Raunaq says Pallavi took him to Manwinder’s place in Delhi. Evan says wow, he was romancing there and I was rotten in jail.

Abeer, Mannu and Amla are in auto. Mannu asks Abeer to get Amla admitted in school. Abeer tells Mannu that they will have chaat, icecrem etc and will buy books and new bag. Amla says she will go to get his books. Mannu tells Amla that he will sit in the window seat. Amla refuses. Mannu sits at the corner and asks Abeer to tell about the vehicles name. Amla’s dupatta falls on Abeer’s face. Oh Re Piya plays………………….Abeer smiles a little and recalls the moments.

Sunny tells Archie that he brought client here. Viraj comes there as her client. Pallavi tells Manwinder ji that if she had any daughter then she would never get her married to a guy like Suveer. Suveer is shocked. Manwinder and Mahi are shocked. Dev sees Amla, Abeer and Mannu standing at opposide side of road.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow…. D epi was gud… D last 5 minutes were too gud. Abeer smiling n starring at amla n the oh really piya song in BG was fab. Abeer’s smile is mesmerising… Precap – Pallavi great job, poor Rishan Malik. U deserve this.

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Abeer is so sweet … I just can’t say it enough, his smile tho ?
    Mannu is very smart ? I think he is the key to Abeer and Amla romance ?

    Precap: ? … Viraj ? … Pallavi ?

  3. NABANITA626

    Where is today’s episode update?
    Off!!!!daily it is publishing late….off i am irritated…please Tu consider this matter…

  4. NABANITA626

    Love KA hai intezar is airing in 2.30 but written update has published before 2.00 pm. ..but kkhak is airing 12.30 pm…but no update still 2.00 pm….
    Someday it has not published still 3.00 pm…???????????????

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