Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev asks Anisha to open the gift and see when she gets time. He turns to go when Amla comes there, but couldn’t see his face. Anisha takes a sigh of relief. Amla asks who was on door. Anisha is shocked to hear her asking who is he? Anisha says he was her friend. Amla says she found the voice familiar. Anisha says he was my friend. Amla goes. Abeer is still searching for Amla on the road. Mando searches for the needle and thread in the house and vent out her anger on Amla. She gets divorce papers in the drawer and thinks Amla and Abeer want to divorce each other, and was planning this. She thinks Amla has hidden the papers intentionally so that she couldn’t see. She thinks to scold Amla. She checks in the books and finds letter written by Abeer for Amla. She thinks at one side there is

argument and at the other side is love. She thinks it is good that she found this.

Abeer searches for Amla showing her pics to the local shops. Anisha asks Amla to have something. Amla eats something. Anisha opens the gift given by Dev and sees dolls inside dolls, thinks if this is the life giving surprises. Amla recalls Dev talking about life. Amla telling him that her life is simple as he is in it. She gets sad. Anisha asks Amla what happened?? Amla says nothing. She says I was thinking about the person whom I used to love. Anisha asks do you love him so much. Amla says we were engaged. Anisha asks what happened, why did you leave Dev. Amla is shocked to hear Dev’s name and asks how do you know his name. Anisha is shocked and says just now you took his name. Amla says did I tell? May be. She says I didn’t leave Dev. Dev left me. Anisha is shocked and asks why?

Amla recalls Dev hurting her in the hospital and asking who was her rapist? She says some misunderstandings happened? Anisha says then you got married to Abeer. Amla says they got me married forcibly, I wanted to die, but they didn’t let me die. Anisha asks about the misunderstanding. Amla asks her not to ask, as she feels much pained. Door bell ring again. Anisha says she will check. She opens the door and finds Sunny. She asks him not to tell anything as guest is inside. Sunny comes inside and sees Amla. He lusts her beauty seeing her. Amla goes to room. Sunny asks who is he? Anisha says she is her old friend, who is troubled and came to stay with her. Sunny gives her share about the last night and goes while smiling eyeing Amla’s room.

Abeer comes back home. Mando shows him divorce papers and letters and asks why did he give divorce papers to Amla. Inspector comes there and says I will tell. He checks the divorce papers and tells that these papers are telling me what you should have told me. He says your wife left because of this divorce papers. I need to find out who wanted divorce. He asks if there is any third person between you. Karuna asks Inspector to ask Amla once you get her, and tells Abeer is already stressed, and asks him to find Amla. Inspector says Amla and the truth will be out. Abeer thinks if Amla went to Dev. Karuna asks Abeer not to go there. Abeer says I need to know the truth and for that, I will do everything. Abeer says if Amla is not there, then its ok, but if she is there then I have no reason to be alive.

Anisha comes to Amla’s room and sees her sleeping. She closes her door. She thinks if I am doing wrong with Dev, and thinks I am not telling him that Amla is here when he asked me to search her and trusts me. She calls Dev. Dev picks the call and asks her to tell. Anisha is silent, then hesitantly tells him that she found his Amla.

Rishan says this is my office, nobody can enter here just like that. Abeer asks him to shut up, and says I don’t care how big you are. He asks him to tell silently where is Amla? Sunny tells Anisha that Amla is beautiful. Anisha angrily tells him that Amla is not like that. Sunny says we will make her like that (call girl). Dev takes Evan somewhere, points gun at his forehead and asks him to tell what had happened with Amla that night. Evan is shocked. Abeer tells Karuna that he knows where is she.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ?? nys story making. Cvs r somuch intrested in showing unwantd nd unrealstc things.police came to amlas house ?? .

  2. plzz dont drag… m nt liking this show anymore and will b stop watching.

  3. Suranjana

    Is it Another dream (dev pointing gun at Evan)?

  4. Zaina

    I didn’t like today’s epi. So boring…. still have hope for tomorrow…

  5. Zaina

    Thanks MA for the update…. thanks a lotttttt dear……


    Poor amla… aasaman se gire kajur me attake wali halat ho gyi hai.. i hope abeer find her sooon…

    1. Having same thoughts good selection of mohavea

    2. I think after 1 week the Malliks will come Amala’s house and will threaten her. According to fatmagul

  7. Hey guys just watched today’s episode. In Bangladesh it airs at 11.30 pm. Just waiting Ambeer to fall in love… Just love watching this show. I only watch Ishqbaaz and Kya qusoor hai amala ka.. And thanks for your link girls.. I watched some clips today

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Mando needs to mind her own business … Amla needs to ‘stop being a b*t*h’ to Abeer …

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