Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla is in the car with Bhao and Mando and asks driver to stop the car seeing Dev’s burnt house. She runs towards the house. Bhao and Mando run after her and take her back to car. Mando scolds Amla for running away. Viren shouts Abeer and asks him to wear sehra atleast. Abeer says no need. Viren asks him to think about Amla’s sentiments and asks him not to bring abshagun in her life after whatever he has done with her. He asks him to wear atleast for her family. Abeer looks at the sehra. Mando covers Amla’s head with ghunghat.

Dev hears people coming to his house and tells Pushpa that Raghu gave her much liberty. Pushpa says she fooled us and used to call me Maayi. Neighbor tells that Amla has going to marry her lover, a big car came to pick them. He says whatever happens between

them was consensual so no report was filed. She was having an affair with that guy.

Dev hears them and gets angry knowing Amla is going to marry someone else. He breaks the things in his room and tells that he started hating himself, thinks about neighbors words that Amla had an affair with Abeer and that everything was consensual. Dev’s parents knock on the door asking him to open the door. He opens the house and leaves in a hurry.

Mando asks Amla to make Abeer wear garland and asks for whom she is waiting. Bhao asks Amla to make him wear garland. Abeer makes her wear garland. Pandit ji asks them to sit for marriage. Mando makes her sit. Some lawyers come there. Viren asks if all the papers are ready and says he will call her bhabhi. Viren gets Yuvraj’s call. He tells her that Dev went in a hurry. Viren asks why can’t you tie your son. Yuvraj says he is a hot blood and is hurt. Viren says I will see. Viren signs Mando that Dev is coming here. Pandit ji asks her to do ghatbandhan. She does her ghatbandhan. Dev is on the way. Police tries to stop him and asks him to come with him. Dev says ok and speeds up the car. He tells that he is coming Amla. Police follows him in jeep. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. Dev says if you can’t be mine then I won’t let you become someone else.

Mando makes Amla forcibly take rounds with Abeer. Viren checks the watch tensedly. Dev comes to the temple. Police follows him. Dev runs towards there. Pandit ji asks Amla to come infront for the remaining rounds. Dev is about to enter there, but Police takes him away. Amla and Abeer gets married. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Mando makes Amla sit. Pandit ji asks Abeer to make Amla wear mangalsutra. Yuvraj and Sultan come there. Dev asks Police to leave him and says he is getting ruined inside, asks them to let him go. Abeer makes Amla wear mangalsultra. Amla recalls Dev gifting her chain and promising her to bring mangalsutra next time. Abeer is teary eyes and fills her forehead with sindoor. Pandit ji says marriage is completed and asks them to take elders’ blessings.

Viren asks lawyers to come. Mando makes Amla get up. Viren asks her to make Abeer and Amla sign on the papers. Abeer signs on the papers without reading them. Mando takes Amla’s thump impression. Lawyers leave. Viren says marriage is now official and congratulates them. Bhao blesses Amla and asks her to be happy always. Mando asks Bhao to give sweets and asks her to think that her life is set after this big kaand and my house is saved. Amla throws the sweets. Mando asks did I go to blacken my face. She asks Abeer to have sweets atleast. Abeer turns his face. Mando asks him not to show ego and tells that we are suffering because of you. She accuses him for enjoying with Amla and tells that they would have sent him to jail, and asks him to thank Viren and her. She says you can’t think what we would have done with you. Abeer moves his sehra. Amla is shocked to see his face.

Amla refuses to accept the marriage. Abeer tells Viren that he should have told Amla that she is getting married to him. Later Viren gives money to Abeer. Amla feels disgusted to see him taking money.

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  1. RoopaliVaishali

    AmBeer has started!

  2. Nice episode feeling bad for amla waiting for her fight for justice


    I have seeen fatmagul show on zindagi and used to have tears in my eyes.. and after watching and reading this show i get teary eyes… though both shows are same but i hope indian writers do not spoil it..

  4. Nice episode, also nice that Abeer was such a gentleman to accept the responsibility ??
    Dev is still mad so we know he would not let it be ?
    Amla does not realize yet, the character of Abeer … I am eager to see the next episode now ?

  5. abeer is such a good person , hope amla understands this soon

  6. Siniha

    Were is today’s written update??

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