Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghu tells Amla that Abeer will save them from Dev. Amla asks why you are scared of him. I will talk to Dev and says he must have understood his mistake and that’s why came here. Raghu says Dev doesn’t love you else haven’t have hurt you. He says Dev is changed and is bad, I won’t let you go to him. Amla says even Abeer hurt me, but I am forced to stay with him. Raghu says he has saved me and will saved you and everyone from Dev. Amla looks on. Raghu hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Evan is coming to Rasika’s house. A beggar sees Pizza in his hand and asks him to give. He refuses and goes. He comes to Rasika’s house. Rasika asks who is he? He tells that he bought Pizza. Rasika says she didn’t order Pizza. She opens the door and finds Evan standing. She asks

what is he doing here. He says he thought to have pizza with her. He compliments her that she is going good in night gown. She tells that she is going with her friends for dinner. Evan says I should have called you and tells that we thought to talk about Udaipur project while having pizza. She says we will discuss tomorrow and closes the door.

Rishan comes out of washroom. He asks Rasika why did Rishan come here. Rasika says she didn’t call him and says if he have seen you. Rishan says he knows Evan and will handle him. Karuna thinks why cooker is not whistling. Mannu laughs. Karuna says it will whistle. Amla makes the cooker whistle by keeping spoon under the whistle. Karuna is happy. Rishan asks Rasika who gave address to Evan. Rasika says he came here for office party. Rishan blames Rasika for encouraging Evan. Rasika says she loves him and don’t call strangers home. She cries. Rishan asks her to stop crying and asks if he said why he came here. Rasika says he wanted to talk about Udaipur project and may be he was genuine. Rishan says he don’t work in office sincerely and and asks her not to be fool. She asks him not to be mean and locks herself in the room. Rishan asks her to open the door and thinks Evan has ruined his night.

Evan gives Pizza to the beggar. Beggar eats it. Evan sits by his side and says you thought yourself smart and says man is smart only till he falls in love. Beggar boy tells that he don’t understand love. Evan thinks Rasika is not a single woman in the world and thinks it is not my loss, but hers. He sees Rishan’s car and is shocked. He recalls Rasika telling that she needs to go for the party. He thinks Rasika is a practical girl, why to get a junior partner when boss is in her pocket. He tells that he will not back off easily and will create a scene.

Mando keeps the utensils for washing and says so many utensils to be washed. Karuna asks what happened? Mando tells that she is allergic to cold water and tells that she will ask Abeer to get medicine and then wash medicine. Karuna says she will wash the utensils. Mando says we are girl’s family. Karuna says everyone is same. Mando asks her to wash it. Raghu comes and asks what is happening. He asks Karuna to move and says he will wash. Mando asks him to come and make Mannu sleep. He says Mannu is already slept. Karuna asks Raghu to go. Mando takes Raghu from there. Abeer comes and sees Karuna cleaning utensils and says I will talk to Mando, why we shall clean their utensils. Karuna says this is penance. Abeer goes. Mando scolds Ragho and says I know how to behave with them. Raghu says why they shall work for us. Mando says they have to compensate for our loss. Raghu says if they will work, then what we will do. Mando pulls him on bed and tells that they will enjoy.

Dev thinks how to talk to Amla, as Mando will not let her talk to her. He uses public telephone and calls Mando. Raghu is in the washroom. Dev tells that their number have won for free washing machine. Raghu gets happy and agrees to give washing machine. Mando comes and takes the call. Dev asks her to give address. Mando identifies his voice and asks him to give washing machine to his mum in Pind. She calls him shameless and says do you think we are fools, you want to kill us. Amla looks on.

Dev tells Sultan that Mando is not letting him talk to Amla and says she is the one who can answer for his all questions. He asks Sultan to do something and get Abeer’s number atleast. Amla thinks if she shall call Dev. Evan tells Rishan that he saw his car and tells that he went to Rasika’s home also. Everyone looks on.

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  1. Amla will see Abeer’s good when they meet Dev …
    Karuna is too good to that lazy greedy Mando, yes I know Karuna wants them to see the good in her family but mando is taking advantage of them all …
    what you sow, so shall you reap … Rishan, it’s your turn now and by the hands of your own family …

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