Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla opens envelope and sees 5 lakhs fixed deposit on her name. She tears the FD paper saying if everything becomes fine with money. She thinks she don’t want to see his face and keep the envelope on bed without reading it. Abeer looks at the decoration piece. Amla is in dilemma whether to read it or not. She opens the letter and starts reading it. He writes that they are tied in a relation without their consent and asks her to start her new life as he is freeing her. He tells that he is leaving money for her and not to think as compensation for that night, there is nothing which can compensate for her trauma, wishes that he could change everything. He writes that he will wait for her forgiveness. He says you will live, get educated and blossom. He ends the letter. Amla keeps the letter

in the drawer.

Abeer reaches the airport. Viren calls him. Abeer goes near him. Evan smirks. Viren smiles. Viraj and Surveer looks on. Abeer asks why you all have come here. Viren says you are going to Germany and your friends came to say bye to you. He gives him someone’s number and asks him to call for the stay. He says I have fulfilled my promised fully. Viraj hugs Abeer and says it is good that you are leaving, I am trap with them here, atleast you are doing what I couldn’t Suveer says congratulations. Abeer looks on. Evan taunts Abeer and asks if his maaso, amla and others haven’t come. He says I will take care of everyone, especially Amla, I will give her what you couldn’t give her. Abeer gets angry and asks him to stop it. They start fighting.

Viraj holds Abeer, while Suveer holds Evan to stop the fight Just then Dev comes there and shouts Abeer. Abeer looks at him. Viren smiles seeing Dev. Dev says what do you think that I will leave you, first I will kill you and then that betrayal Amla. Evan smirks. Dev points gun at Abeer. Abeer asks him to shoot. Dev loads his gun and shoots at Abeer. It turns out to be Abeer’s imagination.

Abeer reaches the airport and worries about Amla and fears danger to her life by Evan and Dev. He gets Karuna’s call. Karuna asks if he checked in. he says he is going to sit in flight now. He asks about Amla. Karuna says she gave his letter to Amla. He gets up and the flight goes. Amla recalls Abeer’s words. She keeps Mannu’s books. Karuna says bottle is ready. Raghu says I will drop him to school. Mando says Abeer gets happy to drop him to school and says he will go only. Mannu says he left last night with a big suitcase.

Mando is shocked and asks Amla and Karuna, where did he go? She says I knew that he will leave us one day and that day came. She says I had understood when he gave gift to Raghu and Mannu. She says if Dev comes here then what will happen. She asks where did he go? Karuna looks at Amla. Just then Abeer comes there and asks what does she wants to know. Amla is shocked to see him back. Abeer smiles looking at Mannu. Karuna is surprised seeing him.

Abeer tells Karuna that he can never leave Amla. Karuna asks why do you think that you can’t go far from her. Abeer tells her may be he loves her. Amla hears him and is shocked and angry.

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome episode

  2. Tania-the fairy

    Now what will happen.I wonder why dragging so again Abeer has to face amla s hate.
    Evan is such a spoil brat.he is not feeling shame by taking amla s name.
    Abeer came back for save her but she will not understand.
    waiting 4 next.A

    1. He didn’t said in reality, it was Abeer’s dream.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    waiting………… when abeer will get shot n amla will come closer to him. love ambeer n pankhveer also

  4. NABANITA626

    Again it’s a imagination!stop Abeer so much imagination….your imagination our shock…but waiting for next…

  5. Amla heard what Abeer said excited to see her reaction… And loving Rajveer as Abeer in this

  6. I don’t like this’s too much for trp

    1. It is not for TRP…the same thing happened in Fatmagul also…so they are following the original story

      1. I know bhuvi i said about dev shoots that’s totally dream… in fatmagul no bullet fires dream

  7. Suranjana

    I knew Abeer was imagining that. And again Abeer has to face Amla’s hatred. Anyways waiting for the next episode. Eager to know Amla’s reaction.


    It was sooo much emotional letter.. even i had tears in eyes???.
    Though I know in future amla will unite with abeer but I wish they would have shown in real that amla forgave abeer??????
    And abeer is getting possessive and caring for amla and her security. ?????

  9. for every one who thinks that it will be a dream…. sorry that will not be a dream but really abheer returns and confesses his love for amla to his maso and also tells her that he had not done anything at that night…….my mistake Amla hears abheer and maso conversation…and through out her anger with abheer and tells him that she doesn’t thought that he will betrayed her by doing such thing……and she never forgive him and trust him after all these……this is according to fatimagul …my dear frndz upcoming episodes brings us soooooooooooooo feel and tears of both happiness and sadness as the love story of our Ambeer starts with heart feelings of both lovers……I can say one thing that our star plus TV series are adding their thoughts as masala mixture in this……..hope for good to abheer…luv u abheer,Ur face expressions, Ur smile…etc..all Ur scene s ..luv u abheer and all my kkhak fans…….

  10. hai… hello…aray yaar fenil,Aleya.marzan,nabanita,suranjana and Shraddha Sharma sisters.. I want to ask u that how to keep image/photo/ dp/picture as u kept in this comment box…I also want to keep such picture of my heart full fans ambheer… Rajveer and Pankhuri…… advance thank you guys….. love u….

    1. Maybe registered people can keep dp

    2. Ananyakruti

      If you have register u can keep dp


      U need to become registered member

    4. Suranjana

      You need register first then you can keep any dp/picture.

    5. NABANITA626

      At first you have to be register….for this you have to go this page upper left corner-menu-register-type your name and mail adresss,password.and solve a picture question given by them-after that a link will be provided in your mail adress….by this you can open a registered account in the Tellyupdates…..then did a wonderful dp in your account…

  11. epi was good
    hi Aleya Marzan recognise/remember me

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    from hate to love ? who could resist those beautiful brown eyes ? loving Abeer is uncontrollable ??

  13. Abeer confesses his love for amla to he doesn’t tell about his innocence in the rape incident.mando tells her about the involvement of yasrsns in the rape incdnt Nd d money kerim took from yashrsns when they go to their hometown to sell their properties.she confronts karim when she returns home and knows the truth from kerim

  14. NABANITA626

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode…..

  15. NABANITA626

    @Ananya,kkhavit,nevermind (who have seen fatmagul)
    Who is emre?Ense is anisha,I understood…but where is the emre’s charecture?

    1. NABANITA626

      I am seeing fatmagul episodes nowadays…so I’m asking you..

    2. Ananyakruti

      No no i didn’t watch fatmagul..Just watched few scenes…

    3. Ananyakruti

      As per as i know Kerim father came back to him..Kerim has step sister name is denis..emre in live with denis

    4. Ananyakruti

      It’s love*

    5. EMre is landlord’s son. He helps kerim Nd fg in upcmg episodes

    6. EMre is landlord’s son.he helps kerim Nd fg in future

    7. Actually Enise (anisha) comes into fg’s life with Emre. But kqhak team changed it

  16. Finally …finally abeer z back wit new hair cut.he is looking damn handsm in ths hair style . Ofc Boone matches my Engine ???

    1. Haha same
      ? btw, where are you from?

  17. NABANITA626

    O so kkhak team has fully earesed Emre’s charecture…..I see…
    Thank you for knowing [email protected],kkhavit,ananya

    1. Welcome… But they shouldn’t erase Emre’s character. Because he is really important character especially for fatmagul’s (Amala’s) court process and fatmagul & kerim’s (so ambeer’s) relationship… I dont know how they do this without emre.

    2. @nabanita welcome dr
      @nevermind I m frm ap dr. how they manage all thse scenes without EMre.may b they introduce him in upcoming episodes..
      Is that u mythrayee

  18. I just love kqhak… I watch it everyday. And just love chemistry between Abeer and Amla. Just waiting for Amla to fall in love with him. Girls every day after I have watched the episode I come here to see everyone’s comment. I just love to read those and I get happier when I see ur love for the show

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