Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maaso and Amala scene continues…Amala do not say anything…so Maaso says I will eat with Abeer tonight. Amala then says u will have dinner here only…everyone will have dinner here only.

Then Raghu Mannu Amala and Maaso are in sitting here with dinner…Abeer walks in with a gift for Mannu. Mannu thanks him. Mando comes to the sitting area and starts her cheap comments…she says to Amala what is the plan after dinner…Abeer hears and ignores her. Abeer then gives a gift to Raghu also. Raghu thanks him…Abeer gets emotional and hugs him.

Mando says waah prono ji, today you are giving and hugs as well. Could have brought a gift for me as well, I will be happy in gift only. For hugs there is someone else (she says last line looking at Amala).

She then asks he didn’t bring anything for Amala either? He could have thought about the ladies as well.

Abeer says parjayi…i was thinking to gift you something but didn’t know what to bring…Mando says Hain you thought about it…and she smiles. Raghu says he will use bag in store and ask when they will open the store. All are quiet. Maaso changes the topic.

Next scene…Suveer and Mahi part… they are returning from the restaurant and the car do not start. Suveer calls Rishan who is still in office with Viren. Rishan shouts on him that u can’t even arrange a car by yourself. Suveer calls the security department I guess

Then comes next scene Amala in her bed feeling restless. She then goes to her room…sees her pics

Abeer is in his room and he has a tassel in his hand and thinking…he keeps looking to the house from his window.

Suveer and Mahi in the car…suveer sees Dev’s eyes…Mahi asks the driver from where is he…Dev says Dharamshala…and Mahi gets irritated..oh he is from that place. .when will that place leave us…we should not have go there.

Suveer asks Dev to stop the car and gives him money to take a rickshaw to home.

Switch to Abeer coming out of his room with his bag. He sees Amala standing there. He then says I know asked for your forgiveness but u didn’t forgive me and I can understand that, I just want to nobody should meet like u have to meet me. But still we meet…and now I am leaving and u can be happy but if possible do forgive. Then he walks back to his room And hears his name from Amala…he turns and goes to her…Amala says I forgive you.

PRECAP – First scene…Dev is drunk calls Annie..she asks him where is he…he says I will find them.
Mannu sees Abeer leaving and he hugs him and starts crying I will not let you go.
Amala is looking at Abeer and Abeer is looking at her…and next to his room’s wall…there is Dev…in drunken state

Update Credit to: Bhawna

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  1. Komal

    It was a good episode.. Loved the chemistry between Abeer and Amala..
    Precap is interesting..
    Eagerly waiting for next episode..

  2. Ohhh…what will happen next? can it be possible to stop abeer from going away…????..i thought this epesiod would give my answers…but..huhhhh..?..again it’s forced me to wait……

  3. NABANITA626

    Thanks for update…..
    Is the last part a dream of abeer?still confused….any guess?
    I don’t understand the last part of the preprecap…who have watched Dev? Abeer?how dev have reached amala’s house?
    I think they have changed the entire story from fatmagul…..
    I guess may be now Dev reached at amala’s house-he shoot amala-Abeer take the shot on himself-Abeer is hospitalized-Amala will fallen for her-Abeer s trip cancelled……may be i’m wrong…just a guess…

    1. NABANITA626

      I mean Amala will fallen for him

    2. u r right according to fatimagul story…. which happens in 30th or forward episode….if v think in it then CVS or our star plus TV series are showing the story very early…I’m also eagerly waiting to see Amla and abheer saath saath and happy…….

  4. NABANITA626

    Thanks Bhawna for super first update….thank you veryyyyyy much..????

  5. Timing for repeat

    1. NABANITA626

      No repeat…..

  6. For everyone who haven’t seen fgsn, these all are dreams and the upcoming episodes are going to be fabulous

  7. tania-the fairy

    Cant believe the show is becoming interesting day by day.
    First was full of bored episode.I thought that it is not the remake of fatmagul.but now it is approaching towards it.
    Love the pair Abeer Amla.

    1. I agree with you… this show is becoming addective and shocking day by day…..hope the good will happen in next episodes….

      1. Addictive?????
        True said???

      2. tania-the fairy

        Yes,star,lets hope for its best.upcoming epi will be awesome I think.

  8. Yes,agree with @no need .the upcoming episodes will be fantabulous. Once Again ? ? to our CVS .they are one in million

  9. Zaina

    Hi everyone…..Loved today’s epi… precap looks quite interesting. Hoping for the best.

    1. NABANITA626


      1. Zaina

        Hi dear

  10. Zaina

    Thannks bhawna dear for the fastest update

  11. The trailer for this show before it starts with Amithab’s introduction was little serious. This girl walk around the street, it is dark then there is a End of the road these guys (shadow only) approach her, her Dhuppatta will fly in the air while she struggles and screams. That made me prevent from watching the show in the beginning. After a week I started watching it, those R.. scenes were finished but couldn’t see her suffering. Abeer also watched her sufferings after that incident happened in the show. I see the same feeling in his eyes. I searched online and saw the earlier scenes too. The DIR (I think there are some sensible DIR’s like this one) did a wonderful job by doing this show, convert the original Fatmaguil to our Indian tradition although it is slow. ( Fatmaguil is 1hr show) but for Indian standard I think they are adding some masala’s adding hindi songs and dreams…. some ppl likes it some don’t. I can’t comment on it bz of TRP business etc., they have to sustain the market. If they didn’t meet the necessary formalities the channel will remove the show I guess, Just like Badthameez Dil, it was a superb show, everyone cried when they try to stop the show. They couldn’t play one nice serial after they removed Badthameez Dil.

    1. NABANITA626

      I am fully agree to you srilatha….india is India…Turkey is turkey..

      1. It isnt about Turkey or India. It is about a social message and support all rape victims. But your indian makers and audience ruin the whole story for the sake of high TRP. They forced Amala to get love with Abeer such early. She doesnt even hate Abeer. She could forget every pain that she had. Its wrong. Yeah Abeer isnt a rapist but he is guilty as others. But writers ignore this situation. This story isnt an ordinary love story that can progress such early and easily.

      2. NABANITA626

        I know there is no difference between a rape victims of india and turkey…..
        I have just said about the serial presentation…you all opposed against the bolywood song and romance….but I’m india it’s not possible to protray one’s feeling of love without song….that’s why it’s called Indian adaptation……and that’s why I have told india is India,and turkey is turkey….
        You have the right to dislike this.But most of the fan of this serial like this….i think….

      3. Dear Nabanita,
        I dont have any problem with indian romance or bollywood songs.
        Be sure i even like them. I listen a lot of indian songs too.
        The only problem which i have is; she get close to Abeer such EARLY, okay? EARLY. This is the only thing that i have a problem. This is the only thing that i trying to explain. But you dont understand that and you think i have a problem with romance, no.

      4. @nevermind same here,i have problem with songs 2.

      5. NABANITA626

        Ok baba no more fight upon this topic…..ok?if any word of mine hurt you so sorry…
        Anything is not in our hand…so why we’ll fight?let’s see what happen next…

  12. How did Dev reach there? The show is turning interesting day by day. But they are dragging some scenes unnecessarily. Waiting for the next episode. Thanks Bhawna for the update.

  13. Woooow….. Nice epi… D way she called “ABEER” n d way he turned to her shockingly was just superb… D highlight of today’s epi was d brown teary eyes of Abeer at d dinning table. I completely fell in luv with them..??
    This show deserves a better tym slot. I wish that happens…. D story is becoming interesting…….

  14. Anyone here can please tell me about what happened in fatmagul this time when kerim was leaving. Did Mustafa also came there. I am just wondering about it. But Loving this also. Amla and Abeer can also create magic like Fatma and kerim.

    1. In fatmagul,noone stops karim.he comes back frm airport after realizing his feelings 4 mustafa,no Murat,no amla scenes.though kkhak is an office adaptn of fgsc,stry s modified acc 2 our Indian shows. predict anything ,may b mustafa comes and shoots abeer,or abeer shoots himself to escape from flying for abroad,or amla or mando may shoot abeer to stop him.anything can happen .these days ,cvs r 2 creative 2 predict .may b we 2 should hire a dumb detective like our cvs to know their creative script

  15. Ys,India is India .Turkey is Turkey.Indian kkhak Creatve(???) team is indian K.Cr.T???..?..Turkish Fmsc crtv team z Turkish cretv team ? ???. No comparsion.

  16. @Airport Dev will make an attempt to kill Abeer .Abeer writes a letter to Amala but she will not read it .stay tuned!!!

    1. NABANITA626

      From where you got the news?any spoilers?
      Everyone telling different…..totally confused….just waiting to see☺

  17. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    tears came to my eyes when Abeer hugged Raghu (sad) Abeer is sooo sweet wow …

    1. NABANITA626

      Yes me too Naina

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