Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 22nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer and Amla are sad. They go separate ways. Amla thinks of her words asking Abeer to go far from her. Mannu comes and tells Amla that he will sleep with her. Amla thinks she shall hides these papers from Mando. She hides the papers and lie down beside Mannu to sleep. Abeer packs his stuff and restless. Amla thinks about Abeer and his goodness. She recalls Abeer telling her that he didn’t touch her that night promising his dead mum. Pallavi tells Rishan that she will not go and tells that she told Manwinder that she would have never gotten her daughter marry such guy. She says Suveer’s mum wanted Mahi to marry her son, but a woman warned her against Suveer. Rishan asks Pallavi to go and convince Manwinder. She refuses. He hurts her hand and holds it tightly.

Raunaq comes to talk

to Rishan angrily. Evan takes him from there before he could go to his cabin. Rishan comes out, but they are already gone. Raunaq tells Hema that today he met city magistrate and he told that we are very principled parents to have let our son in jail to teach him a lesson. Evan smiles. Raunaq says he told that Rishan has cancelled his son’s bail. Hema says but Suveer came out. Raunaq says Rishan has cancelled Evan’s bail to teach him a lesson. Hema gets angry. Evan asks them to calm down and says his reality is out infront of you. He says he is not stupid that he couldn’t guess. He says he didn’t have much quantity of drugs. Raunaq asks then why did you stop me. Evan says he will insult you, and says I have a better plan to teach him a lesson which he couldn’t forget.

Karuna comes to Abeer’s room and sees his packed stuff. Abeer asks what happened? If you fall weak then what happen. This is not easy for me and your tears making it difficult for me. Karuna promises that she will not cry. Abeer says even I will miss you and these people. Karuna says then also you are going. She says ok and says she has kept few things for him. Pallavi asks Viren why did he call for board meeting. Viren says Bhai Saheb called. Rishan says ants is getting feathers and gets angry. Raunaq comes there with Evan and Hema. He says I want to tell something, I am retiring. Pallavi asks is everything ok. Raunaq says he thought to give his post to his son. Pallavi says you are a joint director. Raunaq says everything is of children and says Evan will take his place. Rishan disagrees and says he has to answer many. Raunaq says to whom, this is the family business.

Evan tells Rishan that he is joint director like you and asks him to congratulate him. Rishan gets up and says I am proud of you. You are very smart, good move. Suveer hugs him and says I am so happy for you. Raunaq asks any questions. Rishan looks angrily. Suveer says lets meet at home. Once they go, Rishan tells Pallavi, Viren and Suveer that Evan did this intentionally to ruin me. He says I have reached here after 22 years and says he is trying to be equal of him. Pallavi goes.

Karuna comes to Amla and says tonight Abeer will go. She says Abeer will miss Raghu and Mannu. She tells Amla that if Abeer can have food with all of them tonight. Amla looks on.

Viren asks Rishan to make Evan as transport head and free Dev. Later Suveer and Mahi are in the car. Dev looks at them in the front mirror. Suveer is shocked. Abeer apologizes to Amla. Amla says she has forgiven him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think precap is a dream sequence like fatmagul.. overall nice episode..

  2. NABANITA626

    Thank you kavya for quick update…..I also think that precap is a dream sequence…..

  3. Fenil

    Awesome episode.
    Not able believe on Precap.

  4. Hi ? jaanvi can you tell more about this sequence

    1. Hii renuka.. In fatmagul.. Kerim the main lead returned from the airport.. He was remembering fatmagul all the way to airport and returned in morning.. There her maaso met him nd he confess his love for fatmagul infront of maaso nd also told her that he didn’t raped fatmagul… All the confession was heard by fatmagul nd she also believed him.. Before moving to airport kerim gave a heart touching letter for fatmagul to maaso nd fatmagul read it again and again…

      1. NABANITA626

        Hi janvi….thanks for saying…..but what about fatmagul dream sequence?

    2. As per fatmagul, Abeer will handover a letter to maaso for amla and leave for airport and will think about amla all the way.. Amla read letter again and again and will miss Abeer.. On other side Abeer’s heart will not let him leave the country and he will return in the morning and will meet maaso.. Nd then he will confess about his love for Amla and also about his innocence to maaso,, Amla will overhear Abeer’s confession..

      1. Hi jaanvi,
        I want to watch fatmagul …I tried in youtube but dint find any….if you have any link of videos or written updates plz share that link….

  5. Zaina

    Hi jaanvi… thanks kavya for the fast update, i luved today’s episode… i want abeer to stay back… waiting for monday…

  6. I don’t think ,amla will forgive him like that way.i mean the simplest way..don’t know the way,hoping for the Best,because abeer ,u have to stay?..

  7. Zaina

    Hi everyone…. i am new to this page… i really want to join ur family guysss…

    1. NABANITA626

      You are most welcome dear……….

  8. Oh its a dream oh i thought its true yaar is abeer gng away 4ever really

  9. Yaar is precap s imaginatn i thought it was true yaar hw wil aber stay back if he gone den i wont watch serial

    1. NABANITA626

      Don’t get tension friend….I think like fatmagul he will return back next morning…

  10. Such a cute ep i realy enjoyed the ep.abeer and amala make a gud pair nd those company scenes r quite irritating yaar

  11. Thanks Kavya di nd jhanvi di…

  12. NABANITA626

    This show has reached an really interesting point….
    I’m just waiting for Monday 12.30 pm.


    Awwwww…. nice episode.. finally amla is getting soft cornor.. and she forgave him.. ?????

  14. Shaz19

    I’m loving this drama. In the uk it is shown at 10.30pm.

    1. NABANITA626

      Nice….to hear… India we strongly want a prime time slot for this show…..

      1. Shaz19

        I know, it used to be shown at 12.30 but since the attack scene it was changed to 10.30pm and now Meri Durga is shown at the 12.30 slot. KQHAK definitely deserves a prime time slot on India as outside India the ratings don’t count. This storyline shows a lot of what happens in real life so it deserves a prime time slot. It annoys me how there’s dramas with silly saas bahu storylines get prime time slots, yet this show is different and is dealing with a hard hitting storyline and it gets a terrible time slot.

    2. NABANITA626

      Attack scene means?

      1. Shaz19

        The rape scene. In the uk a scene like that (although nothing was shown) wouldn’t be shown during the daytime.

    3. NABANITA626

      Ooo. ……may be the rule exist in india…so we all can get a prime time slot of this serial….

  15. Hi guys I’m back after a long time.I missed lot of episodes in between and lot of things has Changed I’m confused how so fast amla’s behavior changed towards abeer She used to hate him a lot even after knowing the truth that abeer was not at fault and know she is feeling sad that abeer is going I feel it little weird

    1. NABANITA626

      From where you stop to see the show?So I can explain you….

      1. I know that even after abeer confessing to Amla she didn’t forgive him so now she is all crying when abeer is leaving

      2. NABANITA626

        Nothing so much happend after this….still now Amala have not fallen for Abeer….
        After this abeet did the admission of mannu in a good school,the principal is not ready to get admission of mannu as his parents are ilitrate…..but abeer took the responsibility of a gurdian of mannu….
        he help Amala in filling up form when Amala try to get admitted in a corresponding course,he paint amala’s room wall add etc….meanwhile now Amala can believe Abeer,she have not fully fallen for Abeer still now,but after knowing that dev has an another girl friend and has move onvshe also just trying to moving on….
        In the way she now just realize her behaviour towards Abeer,and Abeer behaviour towards her…so she was just feeling guilty,but in her heart there is a small soft corner which has grown slowly for Abeer now…

      3. Oh okay.
        The thing is hatred in the show was so strongly portrayed and sudden change in the behaviour was not quite convincing whereas in fatmagul it was convincing , anyways thanks Nabanita for explaining☺

    2. goes to our creative team .they forced amla to like abeer with in 2 days with two weird Bollywood happened too u missed nothing in between.u can watch the last 3episodes if u really want to know how our rape victim amla started falling for one of her enemies (ofcourse he is her so-called husband) with jet speed…..applause to CVS

      1. Ultimately it’s our Indian drama??

      2. Hahaha kkhavit you are so Right

        I think they will make child in next 2-3 episodes

  16. finally abeer is going to get what he wanted from all those day’s, amla’s forgiveness……….osm, can’t wait to see the next episode………..

  17. This show has came to an interesting point. Will Amla forgive Abeer so easily? Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. NABANITA626

      No,I think it’s a dream…waiting for Monday too?

  18. NABANITA626

    Achha when we read the update first time it has written update credit to kavya,now written MA…..

  19. Hey guys did the serial slot changed to 10 30 pm hey pis updat 15 july episod

    1. NABANITA626

      No……it is not changed….still

  20. The story is being mis handled. I think the writers have had no choice but to give in to TRP demand. There is a lot of abruptness in AmlaAbeer equation. The transition was not smooth from hatred to softness. Actually all the song and smile crap should have been omitted. They should have come directly to Amla taking help for registering for 12th exams. There a slow breaking of ice between them could have been shown. The divorce papers scene was very cliched and badly written too. Actually right now I am enjoying watching the conflict between the two a#$_s Rishan and Evan.

    1. Yes i totally agree with you. They have hurriedly changed the track of the show and all the Bollywood songs they play makes it more weird.

  21. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    hi all, am glad to see so many comments … keep it up

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