Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone in the house paints the house. Amla brings tea for them. Hulchul Huyi song plays…..Abeer looks at Amla. He stares her smilingly. Amla’s dupatta falls on him. Abeer goes out. He clicks her pics secretly. Song continues to play. He comes back to house and paints her room. Karuna brings Amla to room and shows her pics on the walls. Abeer comes and looks at Amla. Amla turns her face. Dev comes to Anisha’s house and asks where is Amla? Anisha is shocked to see his anger. Abeeer asks Raghu to be careful while painting the house. He looks at Amla. Amla looks at him and smiles shyly. She paints on his face. Ishq Hua plays. Abeer closes his eyes. Amla laughs painting his face. It turns out to be his imagination, as he paints his own face. Everyone laughs seeing paint on his face.


makes Mannu ready and smiles a bit seeing his doing. Raghu pours paint on his head by mistake. Abeer laughs aloud seeing paint on his head. Karuna also laughs. Abeer is happy to see Amla laughing. Mannu smiles. Amla runs to room while laughing. Abeer runs to his outhouse and dances. Karuna comes to Abeer and brings him out. He sees Amla telling Raghu that she is going to Kirana shop.

Anisha tells Dev that she doesn’t know. Dev asks what do you mean? Then why did you call me, to make my fun. He says I came to this city to find her and scolds her for making fun of him. Anisha asks him to calm down and listen to her. She says she got Abeer’s number, but it is of Dharmshala, presently not in use. Dev says sorry. She says she is trying to find Amla. Dev thanks her for helping him and goes. Anisha thinks you will burn everything, my love etc. She thinks she has to reach the truth and hear from Amla’s mouth before telling address to Dev.

Mando tells Mannu that she had ordered nail paint and forgot to get it and goes. Mannu thinks he will faint due to hunger. Anisha gives him kachoris. Amla comes back home from the Kirana shop. She sees Anisha playing with Mannu. She says she saw kachoris and brought it for them. Mannu tells that he was really hungry. Abeer tells Karuna that he forgot and says today is the last day to fill form for Amla’s 12th class. Karuna says even I forgot, asks Amla to get ready and says we will go and fill the form. Amla says ok. Anisha says she will leave now. Amla goes to get ready. Mando comes back home and asks everyone is resting and asks if the work is over. Raghu says Karuna is taking Amla to fill 12th standard admission form.

Mando is angry and scolds Karuna for motivating her to study. She says what Amla have to do rather than cooking. Karuna says Amla have her own dreams and have to stand on her feet. Mando says Amla will not go anywhere. Amla asks her to stop it and says I will decide what to do. She asks her not to interfere in her life and says she has decided to study and complete her 12th and will surely. She asks Karuna to come and fill the form. Karuna says I would, but I don’t know how to use computer, for that Abeer…..Amla goes near Abeer and asks if you will come with me. Abeer is super happy. Mando is shocked. Abeer says I will come and smiles.

Abeer fills the form while Amla is sitting on the chair. She smiles. Karuna tells Amla that Abeer brought the books and says I thought you will return it if you come to know. Abeer gives divorce papers to Amla. Amla is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. NABANITA626

    Wow…super excited for seeing this episode in hotstar today in 6.00 pm….
    Today episode is just mind blowing…..

    1. me to nabita….I’m waiting for the time… yaar when will 6 o clock comes….I’m so excited to see abheer innocent smile…….his innocent face……

  2. NABANITA626

    After reading the precap I am “super se vi upar” excited…….but abeer give the divorce paper so soon…amla just start to like him…..but anyways it is a fabulas serial…

  3. Nic 2 see abeer and amla hapy

  4. Nice episode

  5. Superb serial ever…i m here only for my cutiee abeer..?..amla’s smiling,abeer’s dancing,asked him to help for using computer….uffff…makes my day…unhappy with it that giving dvrc ppr..good is just happening btwn them,then i don’t think it is necessary…give them some refreshing,enjoyable moments for which i m waitinggggg……?

    1. NABANITA626

      Yes… to this episode just made my day…..
      Off waiting for tommorow.

  6. Great Episode..

  7. Great episode but precap was shocking y abeer u r doing this … And only amla started to talk to u …

  8. today’s episode was awesome….i can’t express myself….I can say and feel only one thing that I’m fallen in love with abheer….. this serial is making viewers so exciting and addective…..precap is great but divorce scene make me cry…..

  9. Wow super episode enjoyed alot….

  10. Stop showing the show in too much special effects….

    1. Agree with you

    2. Farheen and Nevermind i agree with you people Fatmagul is an awesome series that highlights such a sensitive issue so beautifully….and this desi adaptation in no way does justice to the essence of Fatmagul.

      1. Exactly that’s my point rather they are insulting the original series….and that’s what is my problem

  11. Best episode so far….. Waiting for the next episode….. Precap seems interesting.

  12. NABANITA626

    Amla is staring at abeer…..the scene is just unimaginable……
    And the dance of abeer….like a child,so innocent…and his smile just make me mad….

  13. Diyaa

    This guy has such a charming smile! I love the song they chose, “hulchul Hui” one of my favorites. Raajveer even resembles Kunal Kapoor, the actor in the original song. But Raajveer is more handsome ?

  14. does anybody have any idea hw v can convince d channel to change d time slot of D’s show or give it a repeat telecast…….

    sadly I think d whole thing depends on d TRPs…. high TRP shows got mor repeat telecastin dan d low ones…..sad…

  15. does anybody have an idea how to convince d channel 2 change d tym slot of D’s show or at least give it a repeat telecast?

    1. U cannot convince them. Waste of time.u can watch it in hotstar


    Show is getting better but running bit slower.. anyway finally amla smiled, her smile is so nice???????
    But team change her clothing sense as its not good..after all she is a lead actress of show..

  17. The show is getting better and slow as well. Dragging too much…. She has starting to smile so soon they will change the dress code as well. Now worried about the beast Dev. Some accidents should happen to him and let him be in the hospital. Useless fellow.

  18. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I love Abeer I love Abeer … what’s more is that I love to see him smile … Amla is softening towards him … I cannot wait to see them in the internet cafe … wow !!!

  19. NABANITA626

    Please update today’s episode soon….

  20. NABANITA626

    It’s so annoying….Telly updates where is today’s serial update?it’s now 5.00 pm but still kkhak written update has not published….please change the update writer of this show… 6.00 pm we can see it in hotstar…so why we come to this websight?
    Please tally updates consider this matter….

  21. ma please update kkhak plzplzyaar ……aaj k episode special and drawni hai all viewers want to see….but u must have to update for us…v r fan’s and family of kkhak….yaar update kerday pls pls yaar ……panch kab ka Bach Chu k hai …….

  22. Yup….Me too waiting for today’s update….

  23. Please update todays episode. This is not the first time the writer has not updated and it has become extremely frustrating. Others show like tu sooraj main sannjh is updated regularly so why can’t this show be updated regularly.

    Amla,Abeer and maaso goes to net cafe maaso says there are already many people u 2 go i am waiting outside they goes abeer makes amla sit he start form filling while 2 boys were staring amla amla feels discomfortable when abeer came to know this he stand between boys and amla and boys start their work amla impress by this after this abeer star form filling and amla stares him between this once amla had her hand on mouse and abeer also puts his hand on mouse amla took back her hand although their hand get touched when form fills and her admission got done she feels very happy smiles stand up and goes between this abeer also smiles at night amla hears a song reminices dev try to find from where voice coming saw abeer and says y he play this song next part in next comment if i could as my time of using net is finishing and i saw this part till now

    1. he comes to her she says don’t u had anyother song to play u will not play this song he says do u had copyright on this song he says to put rui i don’t remember it’s english translation) she says him to put ear phone don’t play this song and goes it’s morning amla makes mannu washing teeth he runs to maaso but she catch him again and wash his teeth abeer comes to window while not wearing shirt she sees him and keep
      can’t update more

  25. Yaar wer s update of today am waitng

  26. Yaar wer s updat am waitng

  27. This show just a shit. The stupid indian writers and makers have succeed to ruin the georgous story of FATMAGUL. They killed Fatmagul’s soul. They ruined all story for just a shitty romance and high views. Its DİSGUSTİNG.
    I don’t know are you idiots AWARE, but there is a girl who get RAPED. There is a girl who get marry with  one of the her rapists! (and now someone says ‘abir isnt one of them. But she doesnt know it yet, you idiots.). How you expect to she likes him? How you enjoy this cheap romance?
    The only thing the producers think is romance. They ignore the most important thing to tell.
    Writers are writing a character who getting closer her ‘rapist’ without know his not guilty. And audience can like such romance. Are you kidding? Really?
    The only thing that happens is: Abeer had stupid dreams. He takes her pictures without her consent. Always slow motion and always breeze behind them. So boring. If this story was an ordinary love story, I could enjoy it. But there is no way I can enjoy it at this point.
     Amala is a characterless girl who can getting closer with her rapist (without dont know he isnt guilty). They have a lot of things to learn from Fatmagul.
     I’ll just ask you a question. What would you do if the same thing happened to you? Forget about the catastrophe that you are experiencing, you will immediately experience romance with your rapist.

    You are all characterless stupids who can enjoy this shitty thing.

    1. NABANITA626

      Hey Nevermind please mind your own language…..
      It is not a copy,it’s a serial which is a addaptation of fatmagul..and first understand the difference between the words…you can not see this serial if you dont like tgat,we have not said you to see this serial….we all watch fatmagul and infact we are fan of this.
      So please don’t try to make understand us.

      1. I dont say that isnt an adaptacion. And i dont say its a copy. I know that a adaptacion. But they just ruin the fatmagul. And i know abir isnt a rapist. But she dont know it yet! This isnt a romantic comedy. They write disgusting romantic scenes for them. Its wrong at this point of the story. You didnt even understand what i wrote?

    2. Agree with you .Indian directed ruined the show.but don’t want to comment on amla.sll I can say is the script and direction I’d do bad

    3. Abeer got to know that he is not rapist and he told to amla he didn’t touch her..after knowing that Abeer started dreeming about Amla

      1. Pff, dont explain to me. I already have watched all episodes. But it doesnt change this show ruin the whole story. There is no soul. There is no good acting. (except Pankhuri). There is no good script. There is just stupid dreams of Abeer. He doesnt even feel regret. He flirting with Amala without shame. Yeah he isnt one of the rapists. But it doesnt change that he was at the rape scene at that night. He didnt protect Amala that night. So he is guilty as others. But howbeit he trying to flirting. What an idiot that guy. I’m not even talking about Amala. She just a characterless. And she feel bad cause her kind rapist gave her divorce papers. Oh how sad :/

    4. I have had the same problem with the show today. The softness in Amla towards Abeer was really abrupt. I was taken aback by the song sequences and Bollywood style romance. I don’t know if the show is getting pulled back and do they are trying to speed up. But her smile and all and the weird painting romance was extremely odd. However, up until now I had found nothing wrong with Amla and Abeers’s attitude. He repentent, she angry and hurt. I had expected a few more explosive encounters, arguments , Amla’s anger that he was present there and did not try to stop the horror. Then maybe some sign of relenting. Or a confrontation with Dev so she comes to know that he left her. I haven’t watched Fatmagul so can’t compare the stories. One thing I want to tell you, you can never get people to see your point of view by calling them abusive names. I can feel your pain and anger in your comment but maybe try to get your message across next time in kinder words. On another show I mocked someone who defended a male chauvinistic pig and abused the girl victimised. I realized later, I could have been nicer about it. Hope you will read this. Take care.

      1. Dear Navi, first, thanks for comment. Yeah may be i could be kinder. But ı wont change my opinions and feelings. I want to you know, i dont compare these shows, fatmagul and kqhak. But if there an OFFICIAL ADAPTACİON, i can talking about original one.
        The point what i angry with, the writers ignore the social messages and social problem. Rape. They ignore that amala get raped. Actually even Amala ignore that she get raped… I cant understand that. Dont you think such romance so early? Dont you irritating of this situation?
        How audience can ignore the biggest problem – rape- and how they can expect romance, at least for now?
        Yeah Abeer says that ‘i’ m not guilty’. But how amala can trust him such early? They have to get some time.
        But it seems like romance is more important than a young Girl’s life and her trauma. Sorry but i wont change my opinion. There is any good beside of kqhak… Thanks.

        Ah and the others. I’m aware that writers use their own brain. (actually it seems like they cant use their brains, but anyway.)
        And i’m free to watch everything that what i want.

    5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Nevermind, I think the show is based on Fatmugal but that’s it … does not necessarily have to follow it’s lead … this is fictional version and writer’s have their own opinions of what they want to portray … hope this helps ☺

    6. Why are watching the show if the story is so bad???? You are wasting time complaining about the the show. If the story and the acting is so terrible please find another show which suits your taste.

      1. Well…yes it a waste of time to watch the show but our problem is they are ruining our favourite turkish drama fatmagul by showing stupid romance.
        It is taking such a sensitive issue like a joke.That is why we will complain because they do not have a right to make a fun of rape.

    7. Exactly it is soo true they are taking such a sensitive issue so lightly..i mean that fatmagul was a show of struggle against the rapist and this indian show is ruining it by showing unneccessary romance.
      Why they are mixing indian tadka ?
      At least dont insult the turkish show.

      1. Thank you so much Farheen. I am so happy to see a person who can understand that what i want to tell.
        I complain that they ignore the rape problem. They write this show like a comedy serial. Even if every character ignore the rape problem in this series, at least Amala have to stand against the rape! But she could be sad cause Abeer will going to abroad? She can accept the books which given by Abeer. Its irritating me. She is weak and passive.
        Of course they are free to write whatever they want. They hadnt no Right to killed the fatmagul’s souls and it’s strong message.

      2. There are so many loop holes in the show..using bollywood style n songs..seriously people are enjoying it ignoring that what kind of a sensitive issue it is.
        Of course people are free to give there opinion bt the show is actually a insult to the real life victims.
        Fatmagul gave hope to the victims to not give up and fight back.
        But this show is a shameful drama with desi tadka.

      3. NABANITA626

        Farheen I did not watch fatmagul serial episode…so I don’t know what kind of romance they have…
        But after watching kkhak I watch many videos of fatmagul in YouTube…to know the upcoming story….
        After seeing this I think this is a Indian adaptation,and that try to show it in a Indian perspective…..and when indianisation Bollywood romance will definately come…..I think one more big reason is increasing trp…..
        Do you see after ambeer love story begining the comment number of this page increased?it means viewer of this show increased… they do it for that reason I think…..
        One more thing can you say me the summary of kerim fatmagul lovestory begining story?So I will able to understand…

      4. Well i will say that yes they are doing it to increase the trp and i can understand it but the theme of the story is totally different from other indian shows that is why it is important for the writers to keep it in the mind what to show and how.
        Mixing bollywood stuff in this and all special effects is not the solution.
        If u asking about fatmagul then i will say it is worth watching and by watching the main incident(rape) u can guess the real pain of it.
        Fatmugul had hatred for kerim unlike they are showing in this show,kerim himself was not able to forgive him or forget about what happened to fatmagul.
        And at last kerim went to police to give fatmagul justice and to prove his love though he knew that even he can be punished.
        From that moment actually fatmagul started to develop feelings for kerim.
        I will suggest you to watch fatmagul first then you will understand that why do i have so many complains about this indian show.

      5. Exactly..bollywood romance..the writers are got to be kidding..agar copy hi karna tha toh ache se kare..what’s wrong with others??..well said Farheen

      6. I totally agree with you farhen.
        In fatmagul, Even kerim couldnt forgive himself till the end of the story. How could fatmagul still forgive kerim? They had so much pain till they forget the that night what they have experienced. Fatmagul had so much confusion till the forgive and understand kerim.
        But in kqhak, Amala get close to him very quickly. She had really big traume. And Abeer is one of the reasons of this trauma… How she can forget that such quickly? This is the point why i get angry.
        I am not against to romance or indian things. But this is a really sensitive story.

  28. NABANITA626

    Guys I have updated today’s episode update for you all who are waiting for today’s episode, in two parts.may be it will publish tommorow.please consider me if I have done any mistake..

  29. NABANITA626

    At first time this serial comment section has reached 30+.its all because of the amazing storyline of this serial……please guys comment more…

  30. Hey nevrmind fist aber nt a rapist he didnt rape her nd aftr kwn dat amla strt likng him wat wröng

  31. Dnt talk abt girls charctr k hw she cant lik him bcoz he stand with her lik backbone evn bareing pain dat givn by amla

  32. And tanks akbar dat he updted most tq

  33. Thnks Ooshi Akbar ji?…
    Praying for your net,…always be blessed with net GB..

    That’s the 9th time,i m looking for update here.

    Ok..i can wait for some hours to watch repeat tellycast.

    1. NABANITA626

      Ha ha?ambeer in between 2.00 to 6.00 pm I checked this websight at least 5 times…..thank to hotstar…..I saw the episode there.I have also updated today’s full episode.check it….

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