Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mando tells Amla that she is her parjayi and will not think bad of her. She says I used to warn you and asked you to take care always. She asks her to understand the situation. Just then they see many people throwing chappals and stones on the house. Viren signs Mando that he sent those people. Bhao asks them to go. Mando keeps quiet. The people tell that their daughters respect will also be ruined. Mando talks to Viren that if Amla recognizes Abeer. Viren says he will be in Sehra and says once marriage is done, reverse rounds can’t be done. Amla hugs Bhao and cries. Bhao says I am with you.

Karuna looks at Abeer and is upset. She thinks there is nothing left to talk. She sees Viraj call on Abeer’s phone. Abeer comes inside and picks his call. Viraj thanks him for saving them. Abeer

says I heard. Viraj says Dad told that today is marriage and thank him. Karuna think what they had talk. Abeer looks at Karuna and his photo frame. He keeps letter under their photo frame and is leaving. Karuna asks when you will return and asks him to say. He leaves. Karuna reads the chit left by him, and she is shocked to read that he is going to marry Amla. She runs on the road and calls Abeer, but he is already gone. Karuna cries and comes back home. She calls Abeer. Abeer is in Viren’s car. Viren asks didn’t you tell your Maaso and says I can understand. He says we are handling this issue well. Karuna thinks you shall not take such a big decision and cries. Mando calls Viren. Viren asks her to come soon. Mando says they will reach soon.

Mando comes to Amla and says I had many dreams to get you married and asks her to wear bridal dress. Amla refuses. Mando says you are marrying atleast. She taunts her. Viren asks Abeer to wear wedding dress kept at back side in car itself. Abeer refuses to wear the clothes. Mando forces Amla to wear clothes and calls Bhao. Bhao says lets go, I am ready. Mando asks him to make her ready. Bhao asks Amla to get ready. Amla cries. Bhao says today you will not cry, and if you cry then we will cry. He asks her to get ready fast and hugs her. Mando asks them to come if they are done with the drama. She thinks she will return after getting her married.

Viren stops the car and asks Abeer to get down. Amla recalls her moments with Dev and walks out of house with Bhao. She holds the gate and looks at house for the last time.

Viren asks Abeer to wear alteast Sehra if not wedding dress, and emotionally blackmails him asking him not to bring abshagun in her life. Mando brings Amla there. Dev comes to know that whatever happened was consensual, and tells that he will not stop now. He is in his car to stop the marriage. Meanwhile Amla and Abeer take rounds.

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  1. What Mando and Viren are doing is not right, in anyone’s eyes…
    Amla tho, will be better off under the care of Abeer as Karuna will take good care of her… Karuna is a good person just like Abeer…
    Dev is encouraged by his parents, more so his mother… why do mother’s hide the faults of their own make children?? Don’t they know it makes them weak?? ?

  2. correction … last line should read… their own MALE children

  3. I like this serial so much
    I think it is what happens everywhere

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