Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla and Karuna see Anisha coming there. Anisha says she called them, but they didn’t hear her. She says she saw anklet falling there and tried to call them, and that’s why followed. She shows the anklet. Amla and Karuna tell that it is not theirs. Abeer and Raghu come there. Karuna introduces Abeer. Raghu says he is Amla’s husband. Anisha goes. Amla says I will drop you. Karuna tells Abeer that Anisha is nice, and came to return the anklet. Anisha asks Amla about her native place. Amla tells that they came from dharmshala. Anisha asks if she had love marriage. Amla says no. Anisha recalls Dev telling that he wants to talk to Amla. Anisha asks Amla about her phone number. Amla says she doesn’t have. Anisha gives her phone number and asks her to call whenever she calls her.

Karuna tells Abeer that she understands that he is trying to win Amla’s heart. Abeer says just as he knows that I have painted the kitchen, she got upset. Karuna says but she was happy too. Postman comes and calls Mando. Mando doesn’t hear him. Amla asks postman what he brought. He says he needs Abeer Anand’s signatures for his passport. Amla says she is his wife and asks him to give. He asks for ID card. Amla sees Mando far, and hidingly runs and brings her ID card. Postman checks it and asks her to sign. Amla signs on it. He gives her Abeer’s passport. Amla hides it and thinks Mando shall not know that..where to keep it. She is about to go to Abeer’s outhouse to keep the passport envelope, but stops. She sees Raghu showing house to Mando. She has no option than to keep passport in Abeer’s outhouse room. She steps inside and sees his room with Mannu stuff. She stares the room and collides with the box.

Photo album falls down from the box. She sees the album and is surprised to see his father’s pic removed from the album. She sees foreign location brochures there. She finds her dress piece there and looks on. Abeer comes there. Amla is tensed. Abeer is surprised. Amla looks at the decoration piece. Abeer also looks at it. He says I came to take my wallet. Amla says sorry and gives his passport, and goes from there. Abeer looks on. He thinks today you came here for the first time, with the news of my departure.

In the night, Abeer checks the passport. He thinks why she was sad. She shall be happy that I am going far from her for forever. He says if you are stubborn then me too. He says I will return your happiness and then only I will go.

Abeer and Amla looks at each other smilingly. Dev asks Anisha about Amla. Amla tells Mando that she will take her own decisions. She asks Karuna to come to computer class and fill the form. Karuna says Abeer knows how to fill form. Amla asks Abeer to come. Abeer smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. One of the best serial on tv with brilliant acting by all actors.. Don’t know how much it is different from fatmagul but I am enjoying it very much…
    Story is going good… It will be good to see Amla resume her studies

    1. Agree. It is one of the best. Mainly as it does not waste time showing actors expressionless faces. Also it is not an original Indian serial. Thank God for that.

    2. NABANITA626

      Yes jaanvi I am fully agree with you

  2. Love AmBeerKaIra

    Aj toh precap deknay main bohat maza arahay.

  3. Serial is very good I wish they either change the timings or have repeats?

  4. this serial needs a change in the time slot …. its bcoz of d timings, not many people r able 2 view D’s serial….also der s no repeat telecast
    so it wud b kind of d channel 2 change d time slot of D’s show

    1. NABANITA626

      Yes I also think that….plz star plus minimum five them 5.30 pm or 11.00 pm slot…..
      It’s a really good show
      And it needs more publicity by adds,and repeat telecast….please please please…

  5. NABANITA626

    Hotstar me ab serial k 5 hours ho Jane k bad dekhne me vi premium mbership lagta hai?
    By the way at last story has come to an interesting point…..

  6. hai guys I’m so excited….. abheer amla saath saath wow…..I can’t wait till next day……may be I guess it will be that neighbours scene…. abheer I love you…Ur innocent face….Ur eyes , yaar Ur smile , abheer Ur so cute…..

  7. Wow,finally amla is going to be good with abeer.precap is just awesome can’t wait till tomorrow…….

  8. today’s episode was awesome.. amla is so pretty when she smiles…I want to see the scene when amla ask for help to abheer.. our indian star plus TV series are making this show some what different from fatimagul but it is so amazing and nice with our indian thought…new and exciting…..

  9. NABANITA626

    It’s a dream that amla is smiling seeing abeer….

    Do you anyone notice in today’s precap the mando’s face when?? amla said abeer to go with her…..

  10. Hi guys please promote KKHAK so that it gets a better time slot with more viewers.So that many more can enjoy this serial.

  11. Please do something so that this show gets a better time slot or repeats. Please this show is better than so many shows airing on star plus

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I am soooo happy happy happy … Amla made Abeer smile omg … I love this show !!!

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