Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev apologizes to Viren and pleads with him to give job and give him a last chance. Viren asks did you forget the drama and asks why shall I hear your scolding. He says you don’t want to do job, but wants to take revenge from Abeer. He says if you kills Abeer, then my company’s name will be ruined and asks him to go. Dev apologizes and tells that he got angry at that time and asks for the last chance. Viren says ok and asks him not to do any mistake again. Dev agrees. Viren is happy. Dev thinks you are taking advantage of my situation and thinks to make everyone alright. Mando tells Raghu that Amla didn’t let him be happy. Raghu says Amla can’t leave me. Mando asks him to leave her. Abeer brings Amla home. Mando asks where did you go and taunts her. Abeer says she forgot the way and

asks Karuna to take her. Mando says we have given her to you, now do whatever you wants. Amla tells Karuna that since childhood she has only one dream, Dev. She says I only think about Dev, thinks he will come and save me, but now he will not come, as he has forgotten me and gave my place to someone else. She cries.

Karuna asks who told you. Amla says I called him, some girl picked the call and said that Dev is sleeping there, and is waking him up with right as I have no right. She says she thought Dev will forgive me, as I have become dirty. She hugs her and cries. Abeer hears her and is upset.

Karuna tells Abeer who would have brought Amla back if he was not here. Abeer says I can’t stay here and can’t bear her anger. Karuna is upset and asks him to go and forget Amla and her. Abeer says you will not understand. Karuna asks why you have kept this and shows the decoration piece of Amla’s dupatta. She says I can see truthfulness in your eyes. Abeer thinks I am leaving from here for your happiness, and promises to make her happy before going.

Karuna tells Amla that they got big order from the shop where they used to buy medicine related stuff. Amla asks from where did you learn this? Karuna says from her mum. She asks Amla about her studies. Amla tells that she completed her 10th. Then Mando refused to let her study after her parents’ death. Karuna asks her to complete the studies. Amla falls down as she thinks about the trauma. Karuna shouts Amla. Anisha is near by and hears her. She helps her get up and hears Amla talking about Dharmshala. She introduces herself as Isha. They come home. Amla sees Raghu painting the house. She gets happy. Abeer comes and asks them to stand out. Raghu asks from where we will get money for painting all house. Amla recalls Abeer taking money from Viren and tells Raghu that there are many ways to get money. Karuna says you are thinking him wrong and says she gave him money. Anisha comes there and calls Amla.

Postman comes and asks Amla to get Abeer’s signatures on the passport papers. He asks who are you? Amla hesitantly says his wife. Abeer comes to room and sees Amla.

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  1. hai every one.. hai vini, sorry ,I didn’t respond earlier to u,u can see fatimagul serial with English subtitles at ….enjoy dear….have a nice day and night……u must be paitance as each episode is of one and half hour duration… many extra is their which our star plus TV series doesn’t shown….

  2. hai guys.. today’s episode of kkhak is totally different from fatimagul story… Anisha don’t meet Amla face to face at first time..she wants to ask address from some residencial office but officer refuses as Anisha don’t give her phone number and I’d but some how she found address….and Amla don’t receive abheer passport but he shows her that he got visa and will be living soon so she don’t be sad but be happy… our star plus TV series are totally modifying this with their own thoughts…..but really fatimagul series is/was soooooooooo nice….in that kerim walk infornt of fatimagul to show the address of house ,she follows him and reaches house…..

    1. Totally agree with u.fatmagul is the best series,esplly engine acting no words.<3 fatmagul

  3. hi 🙂
    is this show is based on true story or just a remake of any series as one of u mentioned it fatimagul ???

    1. It is based on a turkish drama Fatmagul. Its not based on a true story

      1. hai dear it is based on true story of girl..

    2. @Star It’s not real story…It was written by famous Turkish novelist “Vedat Türkali”. Later on a movie based on this novel in 1986 Then again projected as serial in 2010

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