Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mando asks Abeer if he will not ask what happened? Abeer asks if you are fine? Mando says I am living just, and tells that God saved her else she would have died. She asks about the phone call. Abeer says my maaso is coming here. Raghu says it is good. Mando asks where she will stay? Abeer says she will stay with me and tells that they can’t stay in hotel for more days. He says Maaso made the arrangements for stay and says he will see house and return. Mando says we will also come and says you might escape. Abeer asks her to see Amla and says she gets scared if being with me and says he will not escape. Mando asks him to take them. Amla refuses to go with him. Raghu says you don’t know the way. Abeer gets a message. They are in the car. Raghu says we are going on above the sea. Mando asks

him to see the sun. Bhao says we are going fast. Mando says it is dream city and gets mesmerized by the big cars and building.

Amla misses Dev and a fb is shown. Dev asks her where she will come with him to honeymoon. She tells that she will go to temple near by. Dev says we will go to Mumbai and says he will take her on above the sea. Amla gets happy and says she wants to meet Ranbir Kapoor. Dev says I will make her meet him. Amla says we will catch him early morning. He says he is the only one, I am not pained to see you with and says he can’t bear if she is with another man. Mando says it seems she returned to her city and says her dream is fulfilled today. Abeer says we haven’t seen the house yet. Mando says her dream is going to be fulfilled.

Viraj calls Divya and apologizes to her. Divya says how can inhumanity comes in you and says you can’t be my son. Viraj apologizes to her. His mum tells that he was so proud of him. She says she is feeling ashamed and calls him monster. Viraj apologizes and says I can’t come out of this mess without your support. Divya says she is doing her duty and asks him not to expect anymore. She asks him to just leave. Viraj goes out.

Dev buys food for himself at the dhaba. A girl comes and takes plate. Dev asks her to take it and waits for his food. A man comes and calls her Annie. Annie says she is not Annie and says he has a misunderstanding. Man holds her hand and says I will not leave you easily. Annie asks him to leave her. Man threatens to ruin her face. Dev sees him threatening her and asks man to leave. Man asks Annie if she trapped him. Annie asks Dev to go and says she didn’t ask for his help. Man says today you are saved, but I will not leave you. Annie says she is not scared of anyone. Man leaves. Annie looks at Dev.

Viraj is sitting on his balcony railing and recalls raping Amla. He sees the glass falling down and breaking down. Annie looks at Dev while in the bus. She gets irritated with her fellow passenger and sits beside Dev. Abeer comes to the restaurant and asks who is Hitesh bhai. He greets him. Amla is standing outside. He tells that Negi Tai sent him. Mando says if we eat here, then money will be saved. Raghu comes out and calls Amla. Mando asks why did she act? Hitesh Bhai makes him meet a broker. Mando says he is my brother in law. He asks what is bahu’s name. Mando says Amla. Broker asks about its meaning. Abeer says pavitra which never get dirty. Amla gets sad.

Abeer sees Amla playing with Mannu and laughing. Pushpa calls Mando and informs her that Dev is coming to Mumbai following Amla. Mando gets shocked. Amla is shocked too.

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  1. Thanks for the fast update ma
    And who is this Annie??
    I think she will be paired with dev.

  2. I heard Dev will b marrying Mahi

  3. Oh Lordie… is Dev so confused?? Annie, Mahi ???
    I think Karuna coming to Mumbai is good for Abeer… he is so sweet☺I wish he wasn’t associated with that pack of wolves?

  4. If Abeen is not going to associate will those wolves, there won’t be any sequence to show their life. So there will be some. But Karuna will be the biggest support for them and she will be the bridge between Abeer and Amla and unite them. Without her they won’t be able to manage Mando or survive in Mumbai. This is the best show bringing out the reality of a rape victim’s life. All other soaps are nautangi and unbelievable lifestyle. Producers should let the team maintain the reality.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Yes Srilatha … this is a really good serial ??
      Karuna (Purva Parag) her performance is top notch? (formerly Raja’s mom in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani)

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