Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Amla in Emotional Turmoil seeing Suveer

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla sees Suveer and Mahi’s wedding card. Abeer comes and asks what if she is having difficulty studying maths and says he will teach her. He takes the book and turns the papers. Amla says she will study by her own and goes to room. Suveer comes to Evan’s room. Evan says I guess I was not in my senses. Suveer says you told about the engagement night. Evan asks how can I do such a big blunder and says sorry. He promises not to take drugs until he gets married. Suveer tells Evan that he is starting new life and says we have to forget the past. He asks him not to take alcohol or drugs. Evan says ok. He says some wounds take time to heal and says until there is pain, how it will go from system. He takes out drugs and thinks some drama is needed. He calls Abeer. Abeer picks the call. Evan

asks how are you? Abeer asks how dare you to call me. Evan asks him to have drugs and then see that everything will be fine.

Abeer asks him to go stay away. Evan says he wants to talk to Amla Bhabhi and asks him to make him talk to her, says he can’t sleep thinking about her.. Abeer gets angry and says it seems you have forgotten the beating. Evan says I am coming to hug her. Abeer is shocked and goes to room. He sees Amla missing and finds Suveer and Mahi’s wedding card. He runs out of house and takes auto.

Amla comes to the Malik’s house and goes inside with the dancers. She sees Mahi standing and thinks she will tell everything to her and will not push her into hell. Just then she sees Viren coming and wishing Mahi. Mahi greets him. Ritu greets him. Viren asks if the arrangements is good. Ritu says wonderful. Wedding planner mistaken Amla to be dancer and asks her to get ready. Viren leaves. They all ask girls to get ready. Amla sees Viren coming and hides behind the pillar. He gets a call and goes. Wedding planner asks Amla and get ready for dance. Abeer thinks Amla…I won’t let anything happen to you. Auto stops on midway. Abeer gets down from the auto and thinks Amla must have reached there by now. Amla and other dances on the song Dhol Baaje…

Mahi also dances with the dancers. Amla walks towards her, Suveer comes and starts dancing with Mahi. Amla gets shocked and moves back. Suveer turns towards Amla and dances with her. Amla recalls the trauma and a fb is shown. Suveer holds amla and makes her swirl. She swirls and falls down. Suveer comes near her. Abeer comes near Amla. Suveer goes back to Mahi. Abeer helps Amla get up. They return home. Amla sits down and recalls the traumatic night. Abeer tries to keep his hand on her shoulder, but Mahi gets scared. Abeer tells her that nothing will happen with her, and says everything is fine. Amla says he came infront of me, and I got broken and weak and couldn’t do anything. She says I am not the previous Amla. That night snatched everything from me and cries badly. Abeer also cries.

Bablu Singh and his goons come to Abeer’s house. Bablu calls aloud Abeer and asks him to handover Amla to them else they will kill them. Abeer opens the door. Amla is behind him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Patience……….patience………..!!!!!!!!

  2. They are ruining the original fatimagul story, I can understand if they will show thw exact story thn der will be no spark in the show, but atlest show some sensible/ logical story.

    On one side amla reach to malik house to tell truth to mahi and on other side she feel traumatised by watching his engagement news.

    She always misbehv/ shout on abeer and on other side she went to malik house, ( evan and suveer also raped her)

    Fatimagul story was heart touching, you will easily connect with the story. Whereas in Amla she was Gang raped par sara gussa madam abeer pe hi nikalti h.
    Isko khud ko nahi bta kahan kaise react krun, kabhie khush ho jaati h, kabhie gussa.

    1. Well said dr.we should meditate atleast 30 minutes before watchng dis unlogical show

    2. Very well analyzed. I’ll also write the same thing. There are few people wants to see nice stories without any crap and writing here.. Welcome to the club. All others adore the hero heroines and a big fan of them. They wait for eye lock, fall in his hands, romance less romatic Bollywood song sequences attached with serials. In all Indian serials whatever the heroine does is correct, same way when Amala gets mad at Abeer its justified as she was a rape victim, if she goes to Mallik’s house its justifies that she is a rape victim she can do anything. If Abeer goes to Mallik’s house then it will be a big issue.. This is completely unnatural like other serials, Don’t tell me that SNS, ishbaaz are unimaginable, if the CVS try little more they wiil reach that level for sure . Great job CVS.

      1. Forget it guys… Nobody can see the ridiculous things and nonsenses of this serial except us.
        I watch fatmagul when i wanna see a smart and strong woman hero. And i watch Amala when i wanna see stupid woman with her stupid & talentless husband.

    3. Well said vini…….so amala knows the dance steps without practicing..wat means that indian daily soaps always have to prove that how they can ruin or destroy beautiful plot into a horrible one

  3. why this bullshit Evan is doing all this….why he wants Amla after all these things…why he wants to hurt again… stupid and rascal … waste fellow …. always hurt s every one…..

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I want Abeer’s anger to be so intense that he alone thrashes the likes of Bablu Singh and his gang of thieves !!! ?


    1. Evan is shown just a jerk (even less word for him) ?????????????

    2. Amla was looking prety in that lehnga

    3. Amla and Abeer both should try to tell truth to Mahi (atleast save her specially from Evan)

    4. Abeer was so angry in precap..

  6. The only Fault of AMALA is being so stupid.

  7. plz someone put some brains to amla…….going to malik house all alone, could hv atleast said or else went with abeer but no…….she doesn’t even realize what could have happened to her if abeer won’t have reached in time………we know she’s worried for mahi,but she needs to understand she’s not a superwoman to solve all problems herself……..

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    strong-willed … they call ppl like Amla … yes she is woman (weak) but stronger than many other women for taking a stance to inform Mahi about Suveer … her point is to not let Suveer enjoy married life after such a sordid act with another woman … with or without the support of Abeer, it is her choice, n here … I applaud her strength ?

    n ppl, every rape victim does not respond the same ? pls do not judge Amla’s actions … we (as women) have NO IDEA what we ourselves would have done, had we been in her situation … Judge not and you shall not be Judged ?

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I forgot …


    Dang !!! Abeer looked super super?… ???

  10. Please stop justfyng amlas actions.cannt bear her nd CVS stupidity anymore.i would like to beat CVS with cheppals 4 dramatizing such a sensible story with their crap songs etc….thoo i nevr seen such a talentless team CVs nd the actors in my life.i hate talentless ppl.atleast they r not even trying to improve their skills after all these months….if Turkish ppl watch ths crap,thy wil spit on our cvs .nosane person can bear this level of stupidity……how shamelessly they r showing amla dancing in de party,,,,4 whm they r showng all ths shit,4 de viewers???noone ecpects a rape victms dance ,,,not even in dreams..toomuch dramatization..god yahoo CVS….they stoop to ths level ,

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      I feel sad for you dear ?

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