Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer is sad and checks the packet which he brought for Amla. He recalls Amla telling Bhao not to leave her alone with him. Abeer thinks he can’t see her eyes and her hatred. Mando checks the bathroom and takes Bhao to bathroom. She asks him to enjoy the shower. She takes the hair dryer also and says I will take everything home. Bhao says it is a stealing. Mando says it is free. Bhao tells Mando that Amla is sleeping peacefully. Mando says she is making us awake and slept. Bhao says I will be awake and asks her to sleep. Mando wears the chappal and says it is so soft. She tells Bhao that Amla and Abeer might have argument and romance in the room. Bhao says she told us what happened? Mando says she is saying as if I hadn’t spend night with a man. She asks him to go to Abeer’s room and

bring chappal from his room.

Pushpa asks Dev to go happily and take care of himself. Dev asks her to take care. Pushpa says your baba will take care of me. Dev asks her to have tablets on time. His father asks him not to think about the matter. Sultan asks Dev to come fast. Dev hugs his father and leaves. Pushpa cries and puts water on the shivling. She prays to God to make Dev forget Amla.

Amla, Bhao and Mannu come outside. Mannu says I haven’t seen so many people even in mela. Bhao says even building is so high. They hear the vehicles sound. Bhao says Mando might be late in the hospital. Mando coems and scolds Bhao for leaving him in the hospital and asks Abeer to take them for outing. Abeer asks if we have come here for an outing. Mando says don’t make me remind you why did we come? Abeer asks if she can walk. Mannu says we will go. Amla says she will go for Mannu. Mando asks him to make her have chaat pakoda and asks him to make her meet Amitabh Bachchan etc. Abeer says I don’t know where they stay. Mando asks him to take them to see sea. He agrees. Dev asks Sultan to go and says he will go. Sultan asks Dev to end Amla’s chapter and take care. He is about to go, but then sees his tiffin on the bike. He comes back to the bus and gets inside Chandigarh bus to give tiffin to Dev, but couldn’t see Dev in that bus. He asks the driver if any more buses go to Chandigarh. Driver says no and asks him to get down. Just then he sees Dev getting in Delhi bus and asks him to get down. Dev says I will go to Mumbai via Delhi. Sultan asks what you will get by going there and says Amla is not yours. He asks him not to do mistake. Bus leaves. Sultan shouts Dev.

Mando, Bhao and others come to the sea. Bhao asks Mannu to bring Bua. Amla is walking with difficulty. Abeer asks her to be careful. Amla looks on angry. Bhao asks Mando to come. Mando says she is scared. Mannu asks Amla to come and make gharonda. Mando asks her to make. Amla agrees. Mando asks her to tell how to make home. Amla makes house in the sand. Mannu says this house will be ours and this room will be mine. Amla recalls Dev telling her about their house. Suddenly their house breaks with the sea water splashes on it. Mannu says our home is broken. Amla recalls her burning house.

Amla asks Bhao if they can’t leave without him. Bhao agrees. Rishan insults Raunaq. Raunaq asks him to shut up and says you went abroad as I back off. Bhao asks Amla to apologize to Mando.

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  1. I like this show but they are dragging it unnecessary it make it slow


    Indian writers are expert in draging show

  3. Yes, they are dragging. Also heard that they are bringing pregnancy drama in KKAK, its not there in Fatmagul~. I think they will bend tweak the story as much as they want. But stay intact within the story line dear Story writers. Don’t mess up like other unbelievable nonsense shows.

    1. they arent, no pregnancy tracks are there, that was a stupid rumour 😀 😛

  4. Hi all … yes show seems to be dragging but still interesting as I have not seen show Fatmagul.
    I would like to see Amla rely on Abeer once so story can proceed from there …

  5. Yeah same here .. its very interesting, it should not drag by adding new character unnecessarily like other shows, some stranger will come inside the house, the heroine will support her/him to live in the house. they won’t talk for 6 months but show they are watching the house owners moves in each sec after 6months only. And reveal that they came to take revenge from their past birth. Please don’t do that kind of bull sorry human shits in this beautiful story line.

  6. will the concerned team of KKAK read d comments posted by us genteel people? we all had watched or heard of Fatmagul n Dat was y most of us were xcited wen v came 2 know dat d same story will be made in Hindi version….n v all looked forward 2 it …… unfortunately KKAK s goin toooooooo slowwwwww n I’m not satisfied with d actors who play d protagonists roles….. while d actors who play the antagonists roles r doing a far better job…..

    n wat s dis about a pregnancy track??!!! really Indian TV makers… can’t u bring something newer Dan dat???

    1. lol. there is no pregnancy track. these stupid new channel, i tell you 😀

  7. i have watched fatmagul sucu ne and i love it, and now when i am watching kqhak, i am loving it even more, cause i always wanted an indian adaptation of it, for people who are saying that they are dragging it, lol, cant help, indian drama kai genetics mai hai ye, plus its only of 22 minutes so i know we find it bit slow, but if you watch it bolums of fatmagul you will actually find they are on the right tracj. its having a trp of 0.7 even if the timing is too odd, i hope it get a trp of 1 soon

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