Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev comes out of the lift. Viren comes and asks him to give the papers. Dev says you don’t know where is Abeer then what is this? Viren asks him to be in limits and says I know that you have stolen his number from my phone. Dev says I know that you meet him and is in touch with him. Viren says you also came following him, I kept you on job as you was out of money. Dev asks if he knows that you hired me and says you are making both of us fool. Evan hears them. Viren says I have given you sympathy and gave you job. Dev asks his address else he will see in the papers. Viren asks him to give papers and says don’t forget that you are standing here. He fires him from job and asks him to return money, mobile phone etc. He says get out. Dev looks on. Evan looks on.

Mannu wakes up Amla

and says he will go to school. He tries to wake up Mando, but she gets irritated and asks Amla to make him ready. Raghu wakes up and says they will pack his tiffin. Karuna says she will make halwa for him. He says he will take noodles with it. Karuna says ok. Amla asks him to come and take bath. Mannu calls aloud Abeer and asks him to come as it is urgent. Amla asks what do you need from him. Mannu says you will make me ready, but he will make me wear the tie naa. Abeer comes and ties tie to him.

Abeer’s head collides with Amla and he says sorry. He picks up her anklet piece and smiles. Amla forwards her to take it. Mando also wakes up by this time. Mannu asks where is my tiffin and bag. Raghu brings it. Mannu hugs everyone as he is about to go to school. Mando takes him with her, as Mannu asks Amla to come. Amla gets sad. Abeer senses her sadness. Dev recalls seeing the papers and gets angry. He keeps the gun. Bablu comes to Dev and tells him that if he goes from there then he will not get way to return. Dev returns money and mobile phone and leaves from the house.

Mando tells Raghu that so much money is wasted in travellinga dn she will ask Abeer to bring Mannu back. She calls Abeer and asks him to call Mannu back. He says ok. Mando gets an idea. Karuna asks Amla if she want to go to Mannu’s school. Mando comes to Amla and asks her to bring Mannu from school. She thinks it will be fun. Amla goes happily.

Abeer comes to the bank to get 5 lakhs amount deposited on Amla’s name. Evan calls Abeer. Abeer picks the call and asks why did you call me, and who gave you my number. Evan asks him to listen and says Dev saw your visa papers, now he identify your face. Abeer is shocked and asks if he knows the address now. Evan says no, Mama ji snatched the papers from his hand just before he was about to see and asked him to give papers. He asks him to be careful and says dev is dangerous man. Abeer says he is worried about Amla only. Evan asks if you are ready to go and says you shall really worry about Amla. Abeer disconnects the call. Amla picks Mannu from school. He talks about his school. Suddenly rain starts.

Amla takes Mannu to side. Amla enjoys the rain. Abeer comes there. Oh re piya song plays. Amla enjoys the rain. Abeer looks at her. His imagination ends. Abeer comes to her. Mannu says you are a real super hero. Amla takes the umbrella and starts walking. Abeer gets drenched in water. The umbrella is about to fly, Abeer catches it. He holds Umbrella under her head. Nazre Bole Duniya Bole plays. Amla looks on while walking.

Abeer tells Amla that he met Dev in the passport office and says he is leaving the country. Dev thinks he will find out Amla and will not let Amla be of someone else. Mando asks Amla to accept Abeer and says he is your husband now. Abeer tells Karuna that the day Amla’s wound is healed, I will return.

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  2. today’s episode is awesome…I can say only one thing that..I love you abheer..ilu soooooooooooooo much…ilu soooooooooo much…yaar Ur eyes Ur facial expressions … through that I can read ur heart….once again ilu abheer ….ilu soooooooooo much…..

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Awesome episode ?
    I love the way this story is shaping up … every character is on par ?
    Amla is finally warming up to Abeer and I am so happy for him ? I love you Abeer, be happy now …

  4. NABANITA626

    It’s going to very romantic day by day…..
    Abeer his smile☺ make me mad…and the last 7 mins are awesome……where is today’s episode update?

  5. Abeer..he s sooooooooooo his smile.. ????

  6. Where is yesterday update ????????? ?????
    Seriously whoever does these updates need to do better. This is just like the 26 june update. There was none for it either. The person who who updates please try to update on time or just at least update. It very unfair because not everyone speaks hindi and this is the probably the only medium by which policy from all over the world who speak English can understand the show. Please I am begging you to update

  7. Where is the update for 15th july??

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