Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi asks Suveer about his engagement ring. Suveer tells her that he might have kept in the bathroom before having bath. Pallavi asks him to keep him. Mahi says not even a day have passed. He gets Evan’s call. Mahi asks him to pick the call. Suveer picks the call and says he is having breakfast with everyone. Evan tells that they have to clear the mess before the girls opens her mouth. Suveer says I can’t come, and tells that he is stuck with the family. Mahi comes and asks what happened? Suveer says he will come. She goes. Evan asks him to be there right now. Suveer says ok. He tells everyone that he have to go to Viraj’s house. Mahi asks why? Suveer says they are calling me to discuss something. Mahi asks what?

Rishan and Pallavi ask him to tell. Suveer tells that they are

planning surprise party for her in the morning. Mahi gets happy. Suveer asks them to act as if they don’t know. Mahi agrees. Divya says we will leave. Pallavi asks them to stay for more time. Evan tells Viraj and Abeer that Suveer forget the night incident and forget what we all have done. He says he is like an ostrich and ignorant.

Abeer gets angry and beats Evan blaming him. Evan says did I do? Viraj stops their fight. Abeer cries. Evan holds Abeer responsible and says this had actually happened because of you, and held her first. He asks him not to pretend to be bechara. Abeer cries. Evan says we all are equally involved. Abeer says I don’t remember anything. Evan says you don’t remember and that doesn’t mean you haven’t done anything.

Viraj says I remember, she was shouting and you was not caring about her and enjoying with her and laughed at her. He shows him bite marks on his hand. Abeer cries. Evan asks him to listen and says whatever happened can’t be changed, calm down your mind and co operate with us.

Mando comes near the pond and see many people there. She asks them to leave. She finds Suveer’s ring there and ties in her Pallu. Police search for the proofs. Dev’s parents come there. Mando hugs Pushpa and cries, tells that Amla went to give medicine to Dev, but don’t know what happened to her on the way. She was found here like a dead body.

Pushpa cries and thinks why did this happen with Dev, what I will tell him when he call me. She says our son’s life is ruined. Karuna says whatever happened was with that girl, and asks how your son’s life is ruined. She asks her to think about Amla’s condition and says she is unconscious in the hospital, but she is in trauma and scared. Mando tells Pushpa that she spotted her here. Karuna asks her to pray for Amla and pray that the culprits shall be caught.

Suveer comes and says we are trapped. Evan asks him to go and enjoy lunch. Suveer says if you was on my place, then you would have understood what I am going though. Evan thanks god.

Divya and her husband come home and congratulate Viraj. She says now my son is a student of regal school of london offically. Viraj gets happy and hugs her. His dad congratutaes him. Evan and Suveer congratulates him. He looks at Abeer who is standing far. Divya asks what happened? Aren’t you happy? Viraj says it is the best day of my life. His dad asks him to focus on his studies and asks what happened to Abeer. Evan says nothing. Viraj’s mum sees the wine and says early morning. His dad says let them enjoy. Viraj thanks them.

He tells Evan that what a timing, was waiting for this news and it came now. Evan asks him to come. Abeer gets Masso’s call again. He picks the call. Evan tells them that he don’t believe Abeer and he can slip at anytime. Viraj says he will not do anything.

He picks her call and tells that he is in Viraj’s house. Karuna asks him to come home and tells she is not feeling good. Abeer asks what happened? Karuna tells him that she saw a girl in a really bad condition near the pond side and says how can anyone rape her and threw her like a garbage. She says whoever have done this will not be saved, investigation have started and they will be caught and get rotten in jail. Abeer keeps hand on his mouth and cries. He breaks down. Karuna asks him to come. Evan, Viraj and Suveer come to him. He asks about the girl. Karuna says she is in govt hospital. Evan takes phone from his hand. Karuna asks him to come and ends the call.

Evan, Viraj and Suveer ask what she told him. Abeer says Masso found that girl and she admitted her in govt hospital. Suveer asks did that girl say anything. Abeer says Police investigation is on and Police will catch them. Suveer says his dad will kill him. Viraj asks Evan to do something and says I will not go to jail. He cries. Evan also holds his head shockingly. Abeer cries.

Mando looks at the ring and smiles realizing where she saw it. Abeer comes to see Amla. Amla sees him and gets scared.

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  1. Such guys must be left to rot without food and water or else they should die each and every day but survive… THEY DESERVE THE WORST IN THE WORLD…….

  2. I guess the girl bhabi is greedy. She will take money from them and she make amla to guilty.
    Such cheap people the girl needs support from family not their taunt.
    These people should get punish.
    I really wish cv’s don’t make her guilty.
    Every time good people only get hurt and make evil in front of all. Not in this serial pls.

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