Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer and Dev meet in the passport office. Abeer says it is my turn now. Dev asks do you come infront of me intentionally, and says as nobody was in line, I stood here. He says I am not in a hurry to leave this country and don’t snatch others’ place. He asks Abeer to give his form. Abeer gives form to the clerk. He asks about his name. Abeer thinks how to take his name as Dev is standing behind him, and says Mr. Anand. Clerk asks him to sign. Dev asks Aveer if he will come again on his way. Abeer nods no and goes. Raghu tells Mando that the suit is worth 2500 Rs and says she can get this here also. Mando scolds him and goes. Amla comes to Karuna and asks if the work is done. Karuna says yes, and says what do you think that I will not bring anything for you and gives her dress.

Amla asks why did you bring? Karuna says she will be happy when she wears it. Amla hugs her.

Abeer meets Viren and asks him to give his application to Germany man and says I will give you passport. Viren asks did Amla know that you are leaving and asks if she will trouble him asking where you have gone. Abeer says Amla also wants him to go. He asks him if he is sending Dev out of country and says he met him in the passport office. Viren tells him that he is sending Dev for their security, while you are going with your wish. Abeer asks if he is seeing security of Suveer, Evan and Viraj and goes. Viren keeps the application at the back seat.

Abeer looks at Amla’s dupatta piece and thinks it is good that Dev is also leaving the country and says your life will not be in danger now, but I am afraid thinking how much you will be pain seeing him gone. Karuna calls him. Hearing her, he keeps the dupatta piece in his jeans. Karuna gives him camera. Abeer gets happy and says he forgot it almost. Karuna asks if he is going where. Abeer says he is leaving the country. Karuna gets upset and asks where is he going? She says you are running away like your father, you never thinks about me, but didn’t you think about that girl. Abeer says if I stay here then I will increase her troubles. Karuna says ok, if that girl’s life is ruined then what you could do? Abeer says I am going from here as Amla want me to go and said that she feels pain to share roof with me. He says I am not going for myself, but for Amla. He says he will take care of house and Amla financially etc. Karuna asks how can you take care from far. Abeer says I will encourage her to study and complete her studies and says she has to make a start, I am sure that Amla’s life will change and says I will not runaway from my responsibilities.

Mando scolds Raghu as TV is not coming. Mannu asks what she was doing? Karuna says she was boiling herbs and will sell in the market tomorrow. Mando says this is Mumbai and nobody will buy your herbs and says Abeer have to do job. Abeer gets upset. Karuna says he will do something surely and thought about it. She asks Amla to accompany her when she goes to Dharmshala next time. Amla nods. Karuna tells that she will iron Abeer’s clothes and gets the dupatta piece. Abeer is embarrassed as Mando questions him asking what it is doing in his jeans. Amla looks on. Abeer says he found it on the ground and thinks to give, but forgot. He goes. Mando asks Amla if she realizes what it means. Amla gets angry.

Viren makes Abeer’s papers ready and looks for the German Visa Application form. He calls receptionist and asks him to bring papers from car. Receptionist calls Security and asks him to get it. Security guy gets the paper from Viren’s car and asks Dev to give to Viren. Viren sees Dev taking the papers and gets shocked, runs to stop him from reading it. Dev gets in the lift and collides with someone. He picks the papers and opens it. He sees Abeer’s pic and recalls meeting him twice. He then sees his name as Abeer Anand. He gets shocked. He sees his spouse name as Amla and gets angry.

Abeer smiles looking at Amla who is enjoying the rains. Oh Re Piya plays…..Dev plans to kill Dev and Amla and looks at the gun. Evan calls Abeer and tells that Dev saw his visa papers. Abeer is shocked and says now he knows my address.

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  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    oh boy … Dev is so foolish?? It’s ok for him to see a girl but Amla must not enjoy her life without him?? sad
    Abeer’s smile ?

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