Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev is in the company car. Archie knocks on the window and says you have broken my heart, I thought you are out of country, but you are still here. She says I am free. Dev says I have no time and says our timings don’t match. He says he gets free at night and she is busy at nights. Archie looks on. She invites him for tea and asks him to come in the morning. Dev says he is going to Passport office tomorrow. Archie says you don’t have passport till now and laughs and was saying bye as if you was going that day. Dev says he can’t go until his revenge is done. Archie says you will not get anything with revenge. Dev says he don’t need her advice and tells that he will take the revenge. Archie looks on.

Amla binds Mannu’s books with cover and label. She writes his name. Mannu

asks her to keep noodles in the box. Amla says I thought you will take aloo parathas. Mannu says his tiffin should be unique and everyone will think that he brought unique English lunch. Abeer says not English, but Chinese. He says you will take that in your new tiffin and shows tiffin. Mannu asks him to give. Abeer says no, while Mannu takes the tiffin, something falls from Abeer’s hand. Amla picks it up and gives to Abeer. She tells Raghu lets go inside. Raghu says ok and asks Abeer if he had food and says Amla made rajma chawal. Abeer says he will have khichdi. While Raghu and Mannu go inside, Abeer asks Amla did you call Dev? Amla says I didn’t call him to tell address and goes inside the room.

Abeer fills the form and ticks as married. He writes Amla’s name as spouse and thinks how you will take care of yourself when your life is in danger because of Dev. Dev comes to a place and thinks he will find Amla. Amla sees torch light falling on her and thinks if Dev came to kill me, and thinks he can kill her but she don’t let him harm her family. She comes to kitchen and sees Abeer. Food falls down from his hand. She asks what you are doing here? Raghu comes and asks what happened? Abeer says he didn’t get time to make khichdi, and couldn’t sleep being hungry. Abeer picks up the fallen rajma chawal. Raghu says now Abeer have to sleep empty stomach now. Amla gives biscuits to Abeer. Raghu tells that his Amla is soft at heart and asks him to have biscuits. Abeer smiles.

In the morning, Mannu asks Amla if Phupha ji will pick Mando from airport. Amla tells him that Abeer is not his phupha ji. Mando and Karuna comes back home. Mannu gets happy seeing Mando and hugs her. Karuna asks Abeer if he is fine. He says yes.

Evan sits on the chair and it makes noise. Evan checks the cushion and sits again. Sound comes again. Suveer comes there and laughs. Evan makes him sit and laughs. Suveer apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness for the wrestling at home. Evan forgives him and says how can I get angry on you for more than a day. They hug each other. Karuna brings gifts for everyone from dharmshala. Mando taunts Karuna and says you made me villain in my house. You would have told me that you are taking gifts for everyone. Karuna says I told you at the airport and you bought something. Mando says she brought dress in sale. She likes Amla’s dress. Raghu says it is 2500 Rs.

Dev comes to the passport office to apply for passport. Abeer comes running and he was inside and it is his turn now. Dev turns and says you. Abeer is shocked to see Dev.

Karuna checks Abeer’s pocket and finds Amla’s dress piece. Abeer and Amla looks on. Karuna asks Abeer if he is going somewhere. Abeer says he is leaving Mumbai for forever. Dev gets Abeer’s form and sees Amla’s name as spouse.

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh boy, I wonder what foolishness Dev will do now (smh)
    out of the 3, Evan seems to be the strongest ?
    Abeer’s smile tho ?

  2. abheer I die for u…what a face expressions yaar….love u sooooo much …kya kamaal ki. batay,acting …my tou puri ki puri fida hu tum per yaarrr abheer …ilusooomuch…so sweet. smile…

  3. Hi dear.. thanks for the update…

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