Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla asks Bhao to come fast. Bhao says I will come and save you. Mando asks him to start business of saving all wives from their husband. Bhao tries to cheer her up. Abeer comes inside and sits there. Abeer tells Amla that he knows that she don’t want to see his face and is angry on me, but come with him to see the doctor. Amla asks him to stay far from her. Abeer says you can do whatever you want, you can’t walk, but still egoistic.

Amla looks at her hurt foot. Rishan asks Evan, Suveer and Viraj, why did they go and meet Abeer. Evan says he asked us to meet. Rishan says tomorrow he will asks you to confess, and asks if they want to create more problems. Evan says he said that he don’t want to meet them. Rishan says atleast he is having some sense and asks Evan to call him. Raunaq

asks why?

Rishan asks him to let him use his intelligence when he don’t have. Evan gets upset and says they can understand at once only. Hema asks him to do as Rishan says. Rishan asks him to call him and tells that he wants to meet him. Abeer is in supermarket and doesn’t pick his calls. Evan signs Suveer to ask Viraj to call him. Raunaq says what will happen now, court case etc. Viraj says I will go and prepare for the test. He leaves. Evan tells Rishan that he will tell if Abeer calls them. Rishan asks him to use his fingers much and not his mouth. They come to Viraj. Evan asks Viraj not to feel guilty as they are equally responsible.

Suveer asks what happened here? Evan says Viraj is saying that Abeer is innocent and didn’t do anything with the girl. When he went near the girl, she was conscious and he also fell unconscious. Suveer is shocked and tells that they have to make him in guilt now. Rishan is angry. Evan and Suveer come back. Evan asks him to call Abeer himself. Suveer asks Rishan to calm down. Rishan is angry as well. Rishan asks Pallavi to get ready to go Delhi and says they have to handle Manwinder. Pallavi asks him to let the things happen as it is happening.

Rishan asks what? Pallavi says I can’t go there, and lie like you people, do whatever you want. Rishan asks Suveer to get ready to come to Delhi and asks Evan to meet Abeer and enquire if he got the news published in the Dharamshala daily. Raunaq asks if news is published only in Dharamshala daily. Rishan says yes and says it doesn’t take time to go viral. He is angry. Raunaq asks him not to get angry. Rishan taunts them. Suveer comes and tells that ticket is booked. Rishan asks Raunaq to make sure no family member talk to press. Raunaq says he will. Rishan says I hope so. Evan calls Abeer again.

Abeer comes back to hotel room. Amla looks on upset. He asks her to apply spray for wound and asks her to take medicine. He gets Evan’s message and goes. Evan meets him and says if we don’t stop this news then case will reopen. Abeer says let it open. Evan says you are saying this as you are stressed. He says if everything will be fine if you take stressed.

Abeer says let everyone get punishment. Evan asks him to chill and think with calm mind and asks who must have gotten this news published. He tells the probabilities. Abeer tells that Maaso haven’t done this and tells that Nigitai’s reporter student Siddharth must have written this. Viraj calls Abeer. Evan gets tensed and asks him not to pick his call as he wants to talk about same thing. Abeer says I don’t want to talk to anyone of you.

Amla looks at the biscuit packet brought by Abeer and eats it being hungry. She drinks water then. Abeer is walking on the road. Evan follows him. Amla sees Abeer coming back through the window and sees Evan stalking him.

Manwinder tells that your work is published in the newspaper. Sultan tells Dev that Amla ran away with Abeer and never loved him.

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  1. Even tho Amla is putting up resistance towards Abeer, she will come around due to his thoughtfulness … I like this
    what in the world is Evan going to do and why did he follow Abeer … seems as tho he is planning something on his own … probably to scare Abeer or even Amla, good thing she saw him …
    The people associating with Dev are the ones poisoning his mind against Amla, tis no wonder he wants to kill Abeer … some people thrive on power, others on innocent victims ?


    Plz this show telecast at 12.30pm, try to update on time. Its hard to wait for update.

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