Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer applies ointment on his wound and thinks of the moment when Amla unintentionally dropped candle wax on his foot, and smiles. Amla thinks about Mannu’s words and says that man is not your phupha ji, and tells that he can’t be his phupha ji. Pallavi tells Hema that she tried to tell truth to Manwinder ji and Rishan and others are thinking she has emotionally blackmail him. She feels ashamed on herself and feels betraying manwinder and Mahi. Hema says what we can do. Pallavi says seriously you are right. She says she is feeling pity on mahi, as she doesn’t know that she is just a bridge to take business to new heights. Servant comes and informs them that Evan and Suveer are fighting bad and might hurt each other. They come downstairs fighting. Suveer beats Evan. Evan calls him loser.

Suver beats him badly.

Rishan stops others from stopping Suveer. Pallavi takes glass from Rishan’s hand and throws water on his face asking him to stop it. She asks what is happening? Suveer says Evan has badmouthed about Rishan and raised hand on him first. Pallavi asks if we have taught you this. Suveer asks her to asks Evan if his dad taught him this. Pallavi slaps him.

Amla tells that she won’t let Abeer be his phupha ji while Mannu is asleep. She open her box and looks at the album. She sees her engagement pics and cries. She says if Dev can’t be your phupha ji then nobody else will be, she says you are my everything and nobody can take your place. She recalls assisting Dev while he repairs the car tyre. They have a romantic moment. She recalls wax falling on Dev’s hand and he scolds her. Amla then recalls Abeer bearing the pain when wax falls on his foot. She thinks why she was comparing Dev and Abeer and cries.

Pallavi asks Suveer, how dare you to talk about your Taya ji and apologize to him. Suveer looks at Rishan and says sorry to Raunaq. Rishan says this is what we taught our son and says if you had taught your son something then. Pallavi asks him not to tell anything and says whatever is happening is because of you. She says you are asking Raunaq to teach manners to his son, Did you ever talk to your brother nicely. She asks your son have been doing what you have done, if you gives respect then only you will get respect. Rishan is angry. Viren and others are shocked.

Next morning, Abeer comes to hall. Mannu greets him and says he is seeing his childhood pics. Abeer says you are handsome. Mannu then shows Dev and Amla’s engagements pics and asks you didn’t get engaged to Bua. Abeer sees all pics and recalls seeing Dev before. He realizes that he has collided with Dev before and seen him twice. Amla comes and snatches album from his hand and asks him to stay away from them and not to touch any of her belongings. Mannu says I had taken the album. Amla takes him with her. Abeer thinks they came here because of Dev, and he came back here so close to them. He searches for Amla in the house. Raghu tells that she is here only. Amla tries to dry the cloths and puts wet cloth on Abeer’s face by mistake. A

beer looks at her. He tells her that he met Dev. Amla is shocked. Abeer says he collided with my stationary store and asks did you talk to him and tell him anything. Amla says she will not tell him anything. Abeer says I had seen him outside Novelty store and says one day he will reach home. He asks did you talk to him. Amla says no. Abeer asks did you call him from market. Amla says I didn’t call him. Abeer says Dev is very angry and will kill everyone if reaches here. He says I am concerned about you all. Amla asks him not to worry about them. She thinks Dev shall not reach here and thinks to call him and thinks no.

Amla realizes someone presence in the house. Later Abeer and Dev again collide at a counter.

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  1. Abeer is so cute. Slowly slowly he will fall in love with her. Very exited for this track.

  2. thanks God Amla ne abheer k barey may kuch to positive soncha…..abheer u r so nice…..Ur smile,Ur looks…Ur eyes and and Ur expressions of exposing Ur heart feelings… salute to Ur acting……

  3. abheer already loves Amla ….he loves her sooo much from starting…..

  4. Diyaa

    Oh wow! Pallavi’s outburst was fabulous. Amla’s first time seeing a positive in Abeer over Dev was a good symbol of the first crack in her wall.well written.

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