Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 9)

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Romantic Singh oberio and romance ki Rani Malhotra girl
Anika _ shivaay
Her voice was having care and love
Shivaay turnng to her he wiped hie tear and looked straight.
Anika came near to him kept his hand on his shoulder.
Shivaay don’t know why always her touch make him feel that he know her since a long time.
He don’t why he always catch her hand which make him feel better..
Shivaay _ nothing just some old memories
Anika _ so what whenever you share your sorrow with a person you don ‘t know well reduces your pain inside you.
Shivaay stared her.
Anika _ okay then don’t tell.
Anika turned her head
Shivaay y caught her hand pulled her towards him.anika sat beside him catching his hand. Both don’t know that they are catching it.
Shivaay was struggling with his neck because he like pillows which rest his neck and keep his head high . This was doing the opposite. Seeing this Anika took the pillow and layed under his chest and made herself as a pillow by keeping his head on her lap. Shivaay ‘s body felt Soo relaxed he loved this position .
Both don’t know how they became so caring and comfortable with each other
Anika never been Soo caring towards his patient not only caring but comfortable and fun and naughtiness. same with shivaay he never let a girl being so close to him by emotionaly . (He let many girls Close to him physically, naughty boy?????) Anika is naughty girl.

Shivaay started to tell his story to Anika which is muted I will tell this in the coming episode.
Anika _ this is so emotional. Shivaay looked at her. To cheer his mood she said
Anika _ well past is past I want to tell you something don’t dare to play with me
Shivaay didn’t understand that statement when that strikes his Mind .He told this same sent ance to her when she kissed him to make him silent and as a revenge he kissed her to lovingly.
Shivaay _ I always play with people.(maybe he want to play the game of kiss)
Anika _ so challenge me Mr oberio I always win challenges in every topic.
Shivaay _ I always give challenge and win them miss Malhotra.
Anika _ okay , but you are too weak to play the game.
Shivaay _ I don’t care.
Anika _ you should or you will regret your decision.
Shivaay given her a naughty smile which given her the permissible.
Anika looked at that smile and leaned towards him. He was expecting a kiss but when she halted he stoped his expectations.seeing his expression Anika just smashed her lips into him She suckef chewed his lower lip. Shivaay was not having the energy dominate her. She stopped and looked at him and said I love my patient shivaay Singh oberio. Shivaay looked at her shocked .
Shivaay _ but I thought you doing it for a fun
Anika _ kissing a patient for fun . Like seriously
Shivaay _ no because you grown and learned American culture that’s why .
Anika _ I never kissed my patient.
Shivaay _ but how can you fall in love with me in a week
Anika _ I don’t know ,and after hearing your story I couldn’t stop myself.
Shivaay thought _ shivaay control. She is your doctor
Shivaay _ no Anika I can’t ,I am sorry
Anika _ okay ,Anika thought _i can see love in your eyes and I will make you confess to me by yourself. Beware shivaay.
Shivaay _ but we can be friends
Anika _ okay ,he phone beeped she looked at her message and smiled
Shivaay _ who was that
Anka _ no one
In her mind _the guy is coming
Shivaay _ anyway Anika pls make me recover fast
In his mind _ shivaay always gives his revenge with interest Anika , beware

Prinku pahelvan and flirty guy

Ranveer was passing by prinku ‘s room whereshe was smiling Thinking about something.ranveer coughed
Prinku seeing him _ come in
Ranveer _ I didn’t ask to come in I asked to come out.
Prinku _ this is how you behave with girls
Ranveer _ you want to see, he gone closer to her
Prinku _ no I don’t want to see.
Ranveer _ okay so bye, and so are looking so cute
Prinku blushed
Ranveer _ no no don’t, this is only our first Face to face meeting.
Prinku _ okay bye????
Ranveer _ okay I am going and I am going to unfriend you because we live in the same house.
She remained silent.
Ranveer left.when she left prinku said gently I love you ranveer.
Ranveer came from somewhere and told I heard you.prinku was blushing so hard
{Okay guys prinku and ranveer know each other before through Facebook.}

Somo’s protein shake
Soumya was on top of rudra.
Soumya pushed him and stood up and gives him a hand. Rudra reached her hand before that she rubed there hand through her hair and said bye protein shake.
Rudra ‘s mouth went o??????
In her room

Soumya was siting in her bed .
Rudra came with a bang and started praising himself while she noticed a cockroach near him. She jumped in her bed and shouted rudra a cockroach . Rudy looked near him and found a cockroach flying to him . He shouted help and ran in the whole room at last got his ex bed and jumped to it. Cockroach now landed on their bed.rudy hugged Soumya due to fright.because of the sudden force both fell oh bed
Now the cockroach also gone but they are in the same position
. breaking their moment rudra phone eand . The screen flashed the name Tina. Rudy jumped out of the bed and said bye somo I don’t have time now. Soumya fumed.

End of the episode

Precap _ 1 week leap, 2 new entry. Few people are burning with jealously. Ishana and om’s past got known to gauri.

Guys any guess who are the 2 people and pls do comment thatakese so happy . Thank you guys for your precious comments ????.

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