Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 8)

Hi Guys I am sorry because I was late??????
Here goes the last episode
Episode 7

So here is the episode


Shivaay woke up from his sleep. His eyes was filled with tears was wittnessd by Anika,because it was the time for his next dose
Anika _ shivaay

Gaukara( gauri + omkara )or GauRA ( gauri+ omkara)
Rudra _ bhaiya, bhabhi sorry i mean gauri Didi was blushing and going and don’t forget you are dating isha…
Om _ ishana she left me alone went.
Rudy _ oo jwowo
Om – no rudra she left me alone in this world and she went to her mom and dad out of this world
Om closed his eyes and a long tear escaped from his eyes
Rudra to cheer up his mood
Rudy _ well o dn’t worry I saw you lying in the bed and you have opened you arms and gauri Didi blushing .was she hugging you and you tried to pick and die to the weakness you fall on bed
Tell the truth o
Om _ you are thinking to much my duffer and call gauri.
Rudra went singing some kind of romantic song.
( See guys sorry because both the brother has a Childhood love story )

Rudra was continuing his song when he bumbed into Soumya.
As usual maybe not rudra caught Soumya but no eye lock instead he shouted Soumya you are so heavy so Soumya leaned on him again his time he left Soumya which resulted Soumya lyind down.???????
Rudra walked beside her so soooo Soumya caught rudra ‘ s leg which resulted rudra on top of Soumya.

End of the episode

Precap _ full of romance in the 4 Jodie’s

See guys I am so so sorry because see maybe you can’t understand what I wrote know I ‘m sorry because I was in hurry tomorrow on wards o will be free
Thank you guys and pls do comment
By gangu or ganga

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