Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 16)

Hi guys I am back after a long break . I am so so sorry. And this episode is dedicated to sraddha , guys it is not because of the contents cause she kept sending me messages .so as a thanks this episode is for sraddha.

Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 15)

So here goes episode 16????

Well guys in this ff gaurika means gauri +Anika.
Gaukara gauri+ Omkara

Anika moved towards lawn and stood in the centre of the garden which was giving the fragrance if love.
Shivaay behind her hiding behind the pillar.
The clouds started to give them shower.
Shivaay could clearly see the droplets of water dripping for her hair flowing through her body touching her Dark Red lips .
Anika ‘s pov
Why is he affecting me so much .why why. Why the free Bird Anika getting so much attracted to I in a true love. The feeling which I didn’t any of the boys I have dated . Why can’t I Stay away from him . Why I want him so much.

“Because your are in love ‘ the hot breAth touched her neck.
Well she didn’t realised that someone was leaning towards her waiting her open her eyes…

Anika _ shivaay
Shivaay _ I couldn’t control myself after seeing you so se*y.drenched in water and the way you made me realise your silly jokes and treatment is so importance in my life.

Anika _ but why will I accept your proposal you already said it as a no.

Shivaay _ (slowly ) I will show you know
He caught her waist and pulled her towards him her every parts of the body is know touching his body.

He traced his finger on her face at last ending to her lips. .The rain is making the atmosphere more seductive. His lips landed on her shoulder the kissing her skin sucking the water on her body. The traveled to her chin and he asked her will you be my girlfriend. She kept her eyes closed and enjoy the moment. He said okay “you know what people say silence means yes .but for me I am want an answer ”
He started kissing her jaw line.
Now he reached her lips in way that the blood Starr oozing from her lips . She pushed him and and screamed I LOVE U shivaay and ran to her room . While shivaay smiled Playfully..
While he returned to the party . He saw many people cuddling and sleeping together near the poolside. He jumped behind the moon where his brothers were sleeping . And doozed about thinking Karan and Anika ‘s relationship. ( Don’t know why)

Precap _ a death and a confession a pregnancy
These three are related to three brothers

So guys how was it. Hope you liked it and
thanks for all your support. And pls do comment

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