Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 15)

Hi guys I know I am very late nowadays.
I live in South India. And I have that typical festivals. I don’t understand why I always get better language in Hindi than Malayalam. Still didn’t figured out??????????

Well I am a very lazy Girl.and thanx for all your comments you know what I love you guys.
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Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 14)

So Guys here goes the episode

After the sisters talk all seated to drink.something.
Rudy _ let’s Play a Game.
Rudy _ truth or false
Soumya _ duffer truth or dare.
Karan _ no every one Play that.
Anika _ then what
Gauri _ ok guys I am sure that every boy and girl have a love story. Okay guys today everyone have to say their last love story.
Om and shivaay’s eyes became wet.
Gaurika noticed this thought that what they have done
Gauri while stammering _ no need we can play anoth game
Rudy _ yes looking at Shiv Om
Karan _ no this game is enough
Shivaay _ yess this ge is enough.
Kaira _ so bhaiya you start.
Shivaay _ yess 3years before.i and Om went to beach. We played there and enjoyed there.
There I saw girl . Wo kahthena love at first sight.
She and her sister came there. Her name was Radha. You know what all boys does to convince your girl. Atlast she agreed .we loved each other a lot. One Day a truck came and hitted her in front of me. That day onwards I hate this love at first sight.
Karan _ you hate it now also
Shivaay just smiled slightly and looked at anika who was already looking at him with a worried expression.
Shivaay _ try to live your life.
Is what he said to Karan.karan smiled at him.
Kaira _ now Om

Om smiled and said _ you heard shivaay’s story right .He said one sister between his story right.her name was ishana. I fall in love with her . We both worked to make them convince. With Radha ishana also went in that accident.
Gauri _ are you still in that shock
Om _ I hope you know that
Gauri _ I don’t know
Om _ you know it .ask your heart that question.
Gauri _ my heart can’t speak with a irritated voice .
Om slightly laughed.
Anika _ now I will say . The last person I was in relation was Karan. We had the story of that usual college couples . Nothing special.

Karan _ same with me last person is Anika. Well I loved her a Lot. But she didn’t loved me back . Our relationship was perfect for the people. But for us it was only a name.
Anika _ well I will be happy if you come back to my life .
Shivaay _ why
Anika _ because I need a partner
Shivaay _ but he is your ex
Anika _ Soo
Shivaay _ you don’t know anything ?????Anika _are you and
Shivaay _ for you
All _whattttt
Shivaay _ I mean because aaa
Om _ nothing , he meant he is mad because Anika is quite irritated.
Shivaay let out breathe in relief.
All _ ohhh
Shivaay messaged Om thank you
Om received and sent back you also have to save me like this .
Shivaay smiled.

Soumya _now I will say
Rudra _ you also have love story sumo.
Soumya _{ emotional } why I can’t have.
Gauri _yes she have
Soumya _ when I was 7 I had a classmate named reyaan .I had a crush on him
Even he had on me.
Rudy _ wait wait now you have to say you last love story. Not when you are child.?????

Soumya _ first let me finish , now the same reyaan has joined.our college. He proposed me before 1 month and I rejected him because my bestie love him. After I rejected him he started loving her slowly _ now they both are couple. He Don’t hate me she told the truth to reyaan
Reyaan asked for a friendship . Now I got 2 best frienda.
Rudy _ so you sacrificed for your loved one.
Soumya _ yes
Rudy _ why
Soumya _ when you fall in love with someone if it is girl or boy . Your feelings will allow to sacrifice anything. That’s a specialist feeling.

Kaira told her love story , Rudy told about some random girl which made everybody laugh.
Prinku _ I Don’t love anyone till now
Ranveer _really
Prinku _ yes.
Ranveer _ even me I didn’t loved anyone from my heart.
That sentence hurted prinku a bit.
She didn’t looked at him.that hurted him a lot and the next action made him more hurt. Prinku leaned her shoulder to Karan so that ranveer can’t see her.
Anika _ now only gauri you are left
Om was siting there with curiosity.
Gauri wanted to test him.
Gauri _ I had a lover we had a serious relationship.
Om _ what was his name. Do you still love him.
This made gauri confirm that Om is affected by her.
Gauri _ we broke up know I hate him
Om _ sure Na you don’t love him Na
Gauri _ noo yaar.
Om let out a breathe.
Shivru laughed inside seeing his insecurity.!???????????????

Anika _ I will come now
She went
Shivaay _ ohh there is a missed call I will call and come now.

End of the episode guys

Precap_ Rudy _ Anika di you are pregnant . shivaay hell shocked

So guys thanx for all your comments and pls do continue to comment like this only and don’t think too much about the precap. and Super excited to read your comments.????????????????????????????????????????

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