Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 13)

Hi so let’s continue
Here goes the episode 13

Recap _ omru got to know that shivaay love.anika .rudra plan a plan

Anika’s room
Rudy _ bhabi sorry di be ready at 8:00 pm
Anika _ for what
Rudy _its a party with all the youngsters in house . And no more questions,bye
Anika _okay,it will be fun and..

Rudy had the same conversation.while shivaay was smiling all the way and omru planning something.

Shivaay = Dark blue suite with hair set neatly.his scissors Broich. every girl will fall for in this look.
Om= the same when he wore at he patch up party. He looked stunning.
Rudra = the cool dude, he wore a black jacket with a mix of silver and black .He look hot.
Karan _whatever you like.

Anika _ Navy blue short dress ,light make up but lip was having a red glossy look.she was looking so hot and stunning
Gauri _ long black gown .She was looking stunning
Soumya _ her floral short dress .She was looking pretty with her cute smile.
Prinku_ she wore a pink gown . She done a lot of
Make up .

Party Time
All gathered at the was looking mind blowing all praised rudra for his work.
Okay all sat around the table.
Anika was siting there one more person could sit there.
Seating arrangement
A rectangular table.
Om and rudy and Soumya
Opposite to them gauri and prinku
Near to them kairaOpposite to her Anika
Shivaay and Karan standing there thinking were to sit. Karan moved to Anika while shivaay
signed to Rudy to do something. Rudy shouted bhaiya sit near gauri.karan said okay
While shivaay just acted as if there is no other place to sit . shivaay sat near her. Prinku asked where is ranveer bhaiya.all nodded as a no and kaira told as he will come fast.prinku thought in mind _ then for whom I did this make up.

They were talking something when shivaay noticed Anika’s chain falling.shivaay thanked to God for giving a chance.
Shivaay went to ear and whispered your chain .his breath touched her neck she shivered. Anika looked at her chain and saw caught it and tried to put it . Shivaay again went towards her and leaned towards her and asked can I. She nodded in a no
Shivaay _ thanks for the permission
Shivaay caught her shoulder and with another her hand he took fallen chain and moved back to tie it.shivay sat on his knees and with one hand he moved her hair and took the chain from his another hand . He leaned towards her and blowed air. She closed her eyes.he bitted the hook to make it proper while doing this process
His lips touched her back spead heatness. Even when in America Karan kissed her .but a special feel when even he touch her. She that touch .shivaay was completely enjoying that movement.suddently it strikes her mind that people are siting with them . She made her spine straight with jerk which disturbed shivaay .He made hismself proper and sat properly.
He messaged Rudy something. Suddenly rudra asked Anika to bring the juice from kitchen. She went , shivaay followed her saying that he call. This time omru said “off course shivaay do your work ” they stressed the last word.
Both went , Anika was standing near the counter drinking water. Shivaay came Anika sensed him ,she smiled. Shivaay traced his finger on her arm to her neck. He moved her hair and kissed her neck holding her shoulder. He made her to face him . She looked into her eyes.he attacked on her shoulder kissed her licked her. Moved to her lips kissed them hard .her hand on his hair and other his coller.h is one hand on her waist and other on her neck. Both kissed pressuring and biting each other. Both leaved each other shivaay went to her ear whispered I ❤you.
She pushed him and said but I don’t .
Shivaay _ bit why even you kissed me
Anika _ even I kissed you that day but you don’t love me .now I lost the interest now.
Shivaay _ okay how to make you love me again
Anika _ okay how do I know .
Anika smrinked and left smiling.
Shivaay smiled and said revange started now
you can’t escape.

End of the episode

Precap _ more romance and to be continued.
And some sisterly moments.

Okay guys I am stopping because iam having some work. Bye pls do comment and thanl you all for your all lovely comment.

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