Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 12)

Hi guys so let’s continue and see there is a mistake actually in my last episode I wrote part 11 instead of 10 . So we can continue like that
Here goes the episode 12

Karanika and jealous Singh oberio

They remained in that position . Seeing them shivaay could’t control his anger and jealousy he blurted out saying what is this nonsense . Seeing anger Anika told
A_ what is this Mr bagad billa we were sharing a romantic moment and now you spoiled it very bad.
Shivaay _ enough is enough
He went out of the room.karan smiled looking at anika.
Long hair creature and miss non stop Malhotra
_______________________________________________om was walking through the corridors of over mansion .He noticed a girl through corridor with excitement .
Om _ gauri wait
Gau_ what Om
Om _ no wo actually who is this Karan
Gauri _ wo Karan anika ki best friend Hai aur jab wo college me padthatha Anika ki boyfriend thi patha nahi Kya hova unke beach Jo breakup yhak le gayi
( Karan Bhai is Anika’s best friend and when she was studying for medicine in America he was her boyfriend , don’t know something happened between them which led to their break up.
Om _ what is your connection with Karan
Gauri _ he is my protective bhaiya just like shivaay bhaiya.
Om let out breathe in relief
Om _ who am I for you then
Gauri _ you are like my my
Om _ my
Gauriii someone called from behind . Gauri said bye Om I , see you later
She went from there laughing
Om _ my what, my ,my went
Prinku pahelvan and flirty guy
Ranveer was siting in his room
Kaira _ ranveeeeer
Ranveer _ hi, so what’s up
Kaira _ nothing special
Ranveer _ then
Kaira _ then , you know my boyfriend is a police officer
Ranveer _ police officer , will your parents allow
Kaira _ wo Kya Hain Na,you know goenka family he is the eldest amoung them ,so I am sure Papa will allow
Ranveer _ goenka then okay
Prinku passing by
Kaira _ you are Soo cute
Ranveer _ you are you beautiful that’s why
He noticed prinku standing there
Ranveer _ I love you
Hearing that she fumed and went
Kaira _ what
Ranveer _ prinku was standing there I love her and she loves me took .bit she never told me that looking iny eyes holding me close. Soo jealously my dear
Kaira _ ohhh okay ?????
Protein shake and university centre
Soumya and rudra got to know about kaira and Karan entry and they talked to them. Rudy thought to date kaira but was Soo sad after hearing that she is already dating.

Soumya _dumbel Singh oberio you will not let any girl live properly.
Rudra _ you are jealous know because I didn’t call you for date .
Soumya _ why ,I am not.okay whatever guest are there we should do something
Rudra _ don’t worry when Rudy is there everything is okay.i have already planned a party
Soumya _ first te doing something nice
Rudra _ thank you thank you . Immediately his turned into angry face
Soumya was laughing seeimg his face
Seeing her laugh rudra smiled.
Shivaay was siting near poolside then our omru came and sat near him.
Seeing shivaay’s angry face Om asked
Om _ shivaay are you okay
Shivaay _ off course I am
Om _ then what happened
Rudy _ bhaiya Karan Bhai is Soo sweet
Shiv _ sweet ,he is so so bad
Rudy _ what anyway Anika Didi is cute and sweet
Shivaay _ she will be after all she is spending each everyone with that Karan
Om understood the matter bit rudra didn’t
Om _ Shivaay do you love Anika
Shiv _ me me no no how will I love her
Rudra _ yes o why are you asking this know ????????????????
om made Rudy understand the matter
Rudra _ Bhai don’t worry today I have planned a party so do some romance with anika fi
Shiv _but that Karan will be there
Rudy _ that’s why we are here
Om _ see know you itself told the truth
Shivaay smiled all shared a group hug

End of the episode
Precap _ part and shivika and gaurikara romance. Especially shivaay getting closer to Anika.

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed the episode and pls pls do comment . Take it as my request.
And sorry for the typos. And take care ,
love you
By gangu????????

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