Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 11)

Hi guys and sorry for being late. Actually I wrote but telly update didn’t accept wd this
So here goes the episode

So Om is normal now and is able to walk now and gauri started feeling for Om but never
accepted it same with Om
Shivika_ after Anika ‘s confession Anika decided to stay away from shivaay but he was not having that problem. Actually something else was going in her mind.

After a week
Shivaay started to walk but gauri looked after him instead Anika . Anika looked after her few business matter which was given by her father since he was not there. Shivaay was upset because of her ignorance.

Anika on a call gauri listening her
A _ you landed in India
Other person _ not only me but with my princess.
A_ yipee we are gonna have lots of fun
especially for me.
Op _ naughty girl.
A _ chaal okay bye
After listening their conversion gauri asked who was that and she answered someone who you know very well.
After few minutes

Gauri was standing in the middle of the hall with anika talking
A sound came from the main door hiiiiiii
Gaurika looked up anda bright smile appeared in their pretty faces.s oumya and rudra went to their collage.
Gauri shouted bhaiya which made each and every person in oberio Mansion made their way to the wall. All were present there .
A Guy went and hugged gauri tightly while someone s eyes burned with anger for touching her . But he calmed down when he heard gauri calling him Bhai his long hair felt relaxed. Yes he was Om .

After hugging gauri Karan called princess ce here , a shy girl came and hugged gauri and jumped to Anika and hugged her tightly and called Didi. The Guy then told leave her kaira. Kaira leaved her and within seconds the guy hugged Anika catch her bare waist which made shivaay ‘s hand into fist.
Anika _ leave me Karan
Karan _ no I will notanika pushed him slightly.
Daadi _ beta who is this
Anika _ this is my best friend and
Karan _ ex boyfriend
Shi _ what is he doing here
Tej _ shivaay he came here for business purposes his dad called me said and asked me to let him stay here for a while
Shivaay _ bit bade Papa
Tej _ noo buts
Tej _ you know what [ to the whole family ] Anika ‘ s dad , me and Karan ‘ s are best friends. I never had such friend s iny life
Anika _ even my dad didn’t
Karan _ even my dad didn’t
Daadi _ but who is this child pointing towards kaira
Karan _ this is
Ranveer _ kaira my best friend

Kaira ran towards ranveer and hugged him tightly.
Prinku was burning with jealously this was noticed by rudra and asked her
R _ what happened prinku
Prinku _ nothing and went from there.
While seeing Anika and Karan standing so close shivaay called Karan to discuss about business.
Karan _ come with us Anika even you are doing some right
Anika _ okay
Shivaay whispered noo

In shivaay’s room
Karan _ anika can you take that file
Anika _ okay and went to the table .
The trio were siting in the couch.
Anika reached till the couch and was just going to hand the file when she suddenly fall on Karan . Shivaay was near to Karan and watching them with jealous eyes.
Anika was wearing a white off shoulder short top with dark blue Jean s , her jeans were having patches on them more modern. And her top was look was looking soo hot ,her belly and shoulder was exposed Soo obviously Karan was catching her waist .
After seeing them in this position shivaay was feeling like cutting off Karan’s hands.

The screen Frozen on shivaay’s tensed face and karanika ‘s position.
End if the episode

Precap _ some jealously , some romance and some party

Okay pls do comment which makes me Super excited thank you guys .love you all a lot.

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