Kya muje pyaar hogaya by gangu (part 10)

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Here goes the episode 10.

Zulfi Singh oberio and blushing girl.

Gauri _ today is the last day Om ,now you walk without my help bit you can’t raise you hand because of that reason you are Laying in this bed.
Om in mind _ if I am completely okay then you would go.
Gauri check his hand and say now you are completely okay then what’s the problem
Gauri just pull his hand and there was no pain.
Gauri _ okay Om who is your girlfriend.
Om _ no one,
Gauri _ last
Om _ ishanaa ,he said with a painful voice
Gauri _ give me her number
Om _ I don’t know , you can’t meet her
Gauri _ I need to meet her
Om _ okay do one thing take on knife and stabb yourself then you can go to her
Gauri _ what , then she realised what he meant
Om _ she died in a car accident with her sister Radha.
Anika _ Radha was shivaay’s girlfriend’s right
Om _ yes
Om _ shivaay fall in love with Radha with first sight ,after the accident he don’t like love in first sight.
Anika in mind _ ohh so that’s why he said no to me. Now I got your weakness Mr kadoos
(Day by Day shivaay was getting okay ,Om was normal , so our omru team came)
After a week{shivaay started to walk}

Anika _ on phone
Gauri listening her.
(Anika _a)(gauri -g)(Om _ o) like that everyone name except shivaay and Soumya [Shi and so]
A- at last you are coming with your princess
Other person _ for you and my business
A _ jaa kaminay
-G – Bhai when you are coming
Other person _ look in front
She shouted bhaiya which made the whole family forced to come down
Gauri _ Karan Bhai
Karan _ my dear
Anika _ where is she
Karan – princess come her
A Girl came shly
Ranveer shouted kaira
Kaira and ranveer hugged tightly.seeing them a shy girl turned to angry Lady her face become Red due to anger.
Rudy _ prinku what happened to your face.
Prin _ nothing
Anika _ some people don’t know me .
Kar an _ kaira go and hug her
Kaira _ we both can go together
Karan _ no no you go first first
Kaira _ ohh like that she said in a teasing way
Kaira hugged her
Karan slowly walked to Anika

Anika was wearing a crop White top with color pattern in it and blue Dark jeans . Her jeans were
torn in her knee part and scratches in thigh . In her top her shoulder and belly was exposed
She was looking extremely s*xy and hot.
Karan slowly touched her waist and hugged her just like a couple . A men free hand turned to fist seeing them . Karan was introduced to every person one by one next came shivaay . Anika took Karan to shivaay and told
A _ shivaay this is my friend and ex boyfriend Karan.
Shivaay slowly released his fist and given hand.
Both had a hand shake
Karan _ Anika come to my room
Shivaay _ my room
Karan _ ohh I came here to meet my Anika and business deal.tej uncle given me the permission to stay here.

Karan ‘s room
Anika was going towards his room when shivaay followed her.
Anika _ can I come in
Shivaay _ can I also
Karan yes
Shiv _ I want discuss the business deals
Karan okay ,Anika cane you take that file
Anika went and when he came to her Anika fall upon Karan. They were in a eyelock almost hugging.shivay was fuming there.
Shivaay _ excuse me.
Breaking the eyelock
Karan said ohh sorry this happens
Shivaay said I will come after some time Anika followed him .
When both got out his room shivaay turned to Anika took her to his room force fully .

End of the episode

Precap _ masti and romance and jealously

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By gangu

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