Kya Ma Manengi …… ? A Devakshi FF (Episode 20)


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Recap: DevAkshi Back To Their Normal Routine; They’re Living Their Old Boring Lives Again, A Marriage Proposal For Sona From The Sens, Sona Agreeing To Meet The Sens And Throwing Ritwik Out Of The House When She Comes To Know About His Intentions,The Bose’s Cheering Sona Up, Sona Getting A Call From Nikki, Sona And Sourav Going To The City Hospital!

After Sona Got A Call From Nikki, She Had A Horrifying Expression On Her Face Which Was Making Sourav Hell Worried Now! To Know Whats The Matter, Sourav Kept Asking Her, And Finally Sona Told Her That Whats The Matter All About!

Their Conversation While They Were Going To The Hospital On The Scooter …..
Sourav: Shona! Shona! Now I’m Hell Worried! If You’ll Not Tell Me Whats The Matter About, I’ll Jump From This Scooter Now! Tell Me Damn It!
Sonakshi: Dada! Why’re You Irritating Me! Can’t You See I’m Driving! Bandha kara! (Stop It!)
Sourav: Shona! I’m Irritating You! You’re Irritating Me By Avoiding This Question! Will Please Just Tell Me Or Else I’ll Jump!
Sonakshi: Wait! Wait .. I’ll Tell You … Woh .. Woh .. M .. Ishwari Aunty Got A Heart Attack .. *Sobs*

Sonakshi Stops The Scooter And Sourav Gets Up And Says;
Sourav: You’re Going To Help The Lady Who Separated You And Mr Dixit! HAVE YOU GONE MAD! Let Her Suffer!
Sonakshi: Dada! How Can You Say That So Easily! Are You Mad! If A Person’s Dying, Wouldn’t You Help Them!? You’ll Leave Them And Go!? Niki And De .. Mr Dixit Are In The Hospital! Mr Dixit’s Not In A State To Talk Or To Do Anything! He’s Shattered! Nikki Bachi Hai! Woh Akele Kaise Sambhalegi Sabh! As Her Nutritionist, Muje Waha Present Rehna Padega Aur Insaaniat Ke Naate Kya Mein yeh Sabh Nahi Kar Sakti!? Aapko Ho Kya Gaya Hai! How Can You Be So Selfish!
Sourav: I .. I’m Sorry Sona .. I’m Proud Of You Yaar … You’re Such A Nice Girl … Don’t Waste Time, Jaldi Chalte Hai Hum! Nikki Must Be Crying A Lot!
Sonakshi: That’s My Dada! Chalo!

They Sit On The Scooter And In Some Time .. Reach The Hospital. They Inquire The Receptionist About Ishwari Dixit’s Room No. And Go Their Immediately! They Spot Nikki There Sitting On The Chair Outside Ishwari’s Room Crying Miserably! Sona Eyes Get Moist On Seeing Her In Such An Awful State And She Runs To Her And Immediately Hugs And Soothes Her!
Sonakshi: Nikki!
Nikki: *After Hearing Sona’s Voice She Gets Happy* Sona Di! Sona Diiiiiii!
Sonakshi: *Immediately Hugs Her And Soothes Her* Bas Nikki .. B – Bas! Don’t Cry Anymore Now! Your Sona Di’s Here Na! Everything’ll Be Fine! Bas Bachha Bas!
Nikki: Sona Di! *Cries* I Was Scared A Lot! Ag – Agar Ma Ko K- Kuch Ho G- gaya T-Toh …*Cries Miserably*
Sonakshi: Nikki! You’re A Brave Girl Na! Calm Down Everything Will Be Fine! Kuchh Nahi Hoga M- Aunty Ji Ko! Listen, I’m Going To The Doctor To Enquire Everything, Ok! Sourav Dada’s Here With You Sit Down And Wait For Me! Wait Till I Come ! And Yeah! Tell Me Where’s De- … Mr Dixit!?
Nikki: Di .. Bhai’s Not In A State To Talk To Anybody Or Do Something! He’s Shattered ! *Cries* Please Go And Ask Him To Eat Something And Calm Him Down!
Sonakshi: Ok! Go And Sit Down On The Chair Dada Abhi Aa Rahe Hai Tumhare Paas! Ok!
Nikki: Ok!
Nikki Goes And Sits Down On The Chair ..
Sonakshi: Dada .. Go, Check On Mr Dixit! Make Sure That He Eats Something! Meanwhile I’ll Go Meet The Doctor And Inquire About Aunty Ji! Or Nikki Ka Dhyaan Rakhna!
Sourav: Shona! Don’t Take Tension! I’ll Take Care Of Everything Here! Tum Jao!
Sonakshi: Dada … Sorry Aapke Upar Chilaya Na! *Hugs Him*
Sourav: Oho! Its Ok! Meri Galati Thhi Usme! Now You Gooo!
Sonakshi: *Smiles* Okay!

Sonakshi Then Goes To Dr. Sinha’s Cabin And Inquires Him About Ishwari’s Condition!
Sonakshi Knocks On The Door And Says ..
Sonakshi: May I Come In Sir?
Dr Sinha: Come In! Arre Dr Bose!? Oh .. Aap Yaha Ishwari Ji Ke Baare Mein puchhne Aai Hongi! Right!?
Sonakshi: Yes Sir! Sir! How Did All This Happen!? Ishwari Aunty Toh Bilkul Thheek Hogayi Thhi!? Phir How Did She Got A Heart Attack!? I Asked Everybody To Keep A Check On Her And Stop Her If She Tries To Eat Something Oily And Unhealthy!?
Dr Sinha: Dr Bose .. Nikki Ne Bataya Ki Aapke Jaane Ke Baad Se .. Unhone Kisi Ki Bhi Baat Nahi Suni Aur Woh Apni Man Marzi Karne Lagi! She Started Eating Her Favourite Food, Which Was Oily And Unhealthy! And Aapko Batana Chahunga, Aapke Peeche Se Unki Pehle Bhi Ek Baar Tabiyat Kharab Hogai Thhi But Despite Several Warnings,Woh Apni Marzi Karti Rahi! And She Ended Up In The Hospital! She’s Out Of Danger Now! But If She’ll Ignore The Warnings Given By Us And Will Not Follow Your Diet Plan, Then She Would Have To Bear The Consequences! Here, Take This Prescription, Get These Medicines, And Yeah, Unki Report Kal Subha Tak Aa Jaayegi, Uske Hisaab Se Aapko Unke Liye Ek Naya Diet Plan Set Up Karna Hoga! And Unhe Kabhi Bhi Hosh Aa Sakta Hai! Unhe Jabh Hosh Aayega, Please Call me!
Sonakshi: Ok Dr Sinha!
She’s About To Leave When ..
Dr Sinha: Dr Bose!
Sonakshi: Yes!
Dr Sinha: You Would Have To Join Back Personally As A Nutritionist At The Dixit’s To Revive Mrs Dixit’s Health Back! Its An Order! You’re The Best Nutritionist In Delhi And Aap Unki Former Dr Bhi Hai Isliye!
Sonakshi: But Sir-
Dr Sinha: Now You Can Take A Leave Dr Bose!
Sonakshi: Ok! (Noooooooooooo!)

When Sonakshi Came Back, She Saw Nikki Sleeping On The Bench And Sourav Pacing To And Fro!Sourav Saw Sona And Came Running To Him!
Sourav: Sonakshi! *Starts Panicking*What Did The Doctor Say!? Āmākē baluna! (Tell Me!)

Sonakshi Holds Him By His Shoulders And Squeezes Them And Says …
Sonakshi: Everything’s Ok! She’s Out Of Danger Now! The Doctor Has Told To Buy These Medicines And Make A New Diet Plan For Her As Per Her New Reports That’ll be Out Tomorrow! And Also Ordered Me To Be Back As A Nutritionist To The Dixit’s!
Sourav: WHAT!? Sona! Will You Go Back! No .. It Isn’t Right .. It-
Sonakshi: Dada! I’ll Go Back For The Sake Of Ishwari Aunty’s Health! Nothing More! Please!
Sourav: *His Eyes Moisten* Dev Ne Bohot Badi Galti Kardi Tujse Alag Hokar .. Usse Heere Ki Parakh Nahi Hai .. *Hugs Her*
Sonakshi: Achha, Dada .. Go Get These Medicines And Yeah I Wanted To Ask You About Mr Dixit! Is He Fine Now!?
Sourav: Yaar! He’s Not Even Listening To Me! He’s Just Sitting Like A Statue! Tears Were Flowing From His eyes Continuously!
Sonakshi: *Has A Horrifying Expression On Her Face* Oh My God! Where’s He!? I’ll Talk To Him Meanwhile You Go & Get The Medicines! And I’ll Keep A Check On Nikki!
Sourav: Ok!
Sourav Goes To Buy The Medicines And Sonakshi To Talk To Him …. She Had Never Seen Him Like This; His Hair Disheveled, His Eyes Puffy And Red .. Because He Was Crying Continuously, Sitting On The Chair And His Head On Auntyji’s Stomach …
Dev Suddenly Saw Sonakshi; Their Eyes Met; He Got Up And Immediately Hugged Sonakshi Tightly Crying His Heart Out!
Dev: Sona ….. Tum Aagayi … Shukar Hai Tum Aagayi … *He Breaks The Hug* Dekho .. Dekho Kya Hogaya Tumhari Auntyji Ko! Dekho! Kaisi Leti Huyi Hai Mein Kitni Der Se Baat Kar Raha Hu Par Baat Nahi Kar Rahi Mujhse … Dekho! Kitni Gandi Hai! *Goes To Ishwari And Says* Ma! Ma! Dekh! Dev Aaya Hai! Tera Dev! Jo Tujse Bohot P- Pyaar K- Karta Hai! B- Bohot! T-Tuje Kahi Chhot K-Kar Nahi Jaa Raha! T-Tu Bhi N-nahi Na! B-bol Na! Bol! BOL! *Breaks Down And Sits On The Floor*
Sonakshi: *Seeing Him She Also Starts Crying* D-Dev! Sambhaliye Apne Aapko! Please! *Sobs* Agar Aap Apne Aapko Nahi Sambhal Paayenge Then Who’ll Take Care Of Nikki! Bahar Beththkar Ro Rokar Pagal Hogayi Thhi! Aapke Ghar Mein Aur Kisiko Bhi Nahi Pata! All Are Gone On A Wedding! Sabh Toot Jaayenge Dev Agar Aap Apne Aapko Sambhal Nahi Paae Toh! She’s Out Of Danger Now! Don’t Worry Now! Dada Aaye Hai Mere Saath Or Dawaaiya Lene Gaye Hai Jo Dr Sinha Ne Prescribe Kari Hai! Reports Kal Subha Tak Milengi And Mein Abhse Auntyji Ka Dhyaan Rakhungi! As A Nutritionist! Sabh Kuchh Thheek Hojayega Vakt Ke Saath!

Dev Immediately Hugs Sonakshi And Says ..
Dev: Sona Agar Tum Na Hoti Toh Mera Kya Hota!? Mein Tumhara Shukriya Ada Kaise Karu!?
Sonakshi: Aap Sach mein Pagal Ho Gaye Hai! Koi Apno Ka Shukriya Ada Karta Hai Kabhi!
Dev: Sonakshi … Muje Maaf Kardo! *Cries* Mene Tumhare Saath-
Sona Immediately Kisses Dev To Stop Him From Blabbering Further … He Responds To It With Equal Passion … They Explore Each Others Mouth .. Leaving Not A Single Corner To Be Left … Lost In Each Other .. They Deepen The Kiss …. They Don’t Stop Until They’re Out Of Breathe … Enjoying Every Bit Of It …
Sona .. Out Of Breathe Breaks The Kiss And Says ..
Sonakshi : I Love You Dev! Bas *Humph* Mein Aapse Aur Door *Humph* Nahi Reh Sakti! I Love You A Lot!
Dev: I Love You Too *Humph* Sona! Mein Yeh Doori Abh Or Bardasht Nahi Kar Sakta! I Love You A Lot!

They Cry The Tears Of Happiness Hugging Each Other Tightly .. Savouring The Moment!

After Some Time ….
Outside Ishwari’s Room …
Sonakshi: Dev! Take This .. You Haven’t Eaten Anything Since Morning! Please! Drink This Orange Juice In A Go! Warna Muje Zabardasti Karni Bhi Aati Hai!
Dev: Achha Baba! Lo! *He Drinks It In A Go* Bas! Happy!
Sonakshi: No! I’ll Be Happy When You’ll Eat This Homemade Sandwich Jo Ki Aapke Ghar Se Hi Magwaaya Hai! Kichu Bhaiya Ne Banaya Hai!
Dev: Arre! Nahi! No! No! No!
Sonakshi: Nikki! Tu Hi Samjha Inhe! Warna Inhe Tigress Bose Waala Avatar Dekhne Ko Milega Mera! Mr Aubhodro Muje Phir Kuchh Mat Bolna!
Nikki: *Stuffs The Sandwich In Her Mouth Too* Bhaiya! Khaalo! Its very Tasty And Healthy! Aur Vo Bhi Kichchu Bhaiya Ke Haath Ka Bana! *Laughs*
Dev: Achha Baba! Loo! I’ll Eat It! Happy!?
Sourav: Khoob Bhalo!
All Laugh! Suddenly A Nurse Comes And Tells ..
Nurse: Excuse me! Mrs Ishwari Baar Baar Dev Or Sonakshi Ko Bula Rahi Hai! Please Go! Unhe Hosh Aa Gaya Hai!

Everybody get Very Happy And DevAkshi Go To Meet Ishwari Wondering Why Would She Be Calling Them!?

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