Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A DevAkshi FF (Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi) (Chapter 23)

A/N: Guys i – i know i’m at fault. yeah. ok. FINE. I accept that i didn’t post for 3 – 4 months! I’m really very sorry yaar! I’m myself feeling so ashamed of me for not updating this story for such a long period of time! Guys actually now i’m in 9th standard and it isn’t easy for me to take time out for writing but don’t worry coz my summer vacations are going to start from 20th may and i’ll be posting regularly then! I PROMISE. PAKKE WAALA PROMISE IT IS. Don’t murder me after reading this note ok! So enough of my bak bak here i present you the 23rd chapter of this fan fiction! Woohoo! Tysm for showering so much love on me! Happy reading! :*
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At the Bose house …
Sonakshi was getting ready in a haste because Dev would reach there anytime and she didn’t want to look a mess in front of him; she wanted to look beautiful, only for him.She freshened up and changed into an off white printed kurta with dipped hemline and white leggings. She wore a pair of blue jhumkas with them ,did some make up because she liked to be simple and subtle. She then kohled her beautfiul almond – shaped eyes looking like an angel that just descended from the heaven! Perfect. She thought. She picked her Lavie bag up and descended down the stairs and suddenly called her.
‘Aasmaan se utri pari lagrahi hai tu,’ She said admiring her beautiful daughter and applying some kajal below her ear.
Sonakshi smiled and replied,’thanks maa. Woh Dev mujhe abhi pick karne aa rahe thhe kyunki ma discharge hojaaengi thankfully aaj hospital se or woh mujhse or Dev se kuchh zaroori baat karna chaahtin hai.’ Sonakshi further said and smiled nervously. Asha understood that Ishwari must be going to talk to them about their marriage and assured Sonakshi that everything would be ok and wished her all the best and hugged her. ‘ Tu chinta mat kar shona, Sabakichu แนญhika thฤkabฤ“ ! All the best!
‘Sabh kuchh thheek kaise hoga ma Mrs Dixit toh isse police interrogation jaise questioning karne waali haina. Yahi bolengi ki agar mere bache ko diet karva karva kar patla kardiya na toh dekhlena or mujhe 1 pota or 1 poti chahiye or woh bhi golmatol apni nutrionary mat jhaadna unpar’ Dada said popping out of nowhere teasing me to the core. ‘Dadaaaaaaa!
ฤ€mi tลmฤkฤ“ khuna karabaaaaaa!’ Sonakshi said running after him. Asha laughed and admired her two sondesh’s s happy selves, How these happy selves were gone when dev left sonakshi, how she used to stay depressed and not even talk properly even with her baba. Yes. Her state couldn’t be described. If we would want to describe her state we could say that she was dead. Yes, she was breathing but her soul wasn’t. Because her soul was snatched away from her some time back but now she was happy that her daughter was back to square one.Suddenly sound of somebody honking was heard and everybody understood that mr Dev Dixit was here to pick ms Sonakshi Bose soon to be mrs Dixit. Hehe.Realising that her mr Obhodro was here to pick her up Sonakshi took her bag and mouthed a bye to them and they wished her all the best.

‘Hi mr Dixit.’ She said grinning like an idiot after seeing her devilishly – handsome boyfriend and sat in the car.But Dev didn’t reply her back.When she looked at him she felt like laughing because he was continously staring at her through his honey – brown orbs. ‘Beautiful.’ was the only word he could say at the moment because he felt short of words after seeing his girlfriend looking like an angel in an off white kurta with simple and subtle make up. Just like he loved to see her. Simple and sober. Sonakshi blushed a hue of red when she heard him say beautiful. It was a beautiful feeling in itself. ‘Thank you mr Dixit waise aap bhi kuchh kam handsome nahi lagrahe.’ She said smirking and now it was his turn to blush.’Abh blush hi karte rahenge kya! yaha se ma ko lene bhi jaana hai.’ She said trying to control herself from laughing, embarassed dev put his sunglasses on so did sonakshi and they went to the hospital.They kept stealing glances of each other through the journey as they couldn’t get enough of each other. After all after going through so many hardships these love birds finally reunited.

At the hospital,
Sonakshi went to ishwari while Dev went to the reception to complete the discharging formalities and to pay the bill. After all this, He went to Ishwari’s room and was just going to enter when he stopped when he listened,’Tumhari ha haina?’ He saw Ishwari’s worried expressions and then looked at Sonakshi who was all blushy blushy and said ‘ji ma. I’m toh ever ready! hehe!’ She hugged her and he smiled seeing his mother’s and his girlfriend’s bond. Time really flies. Some time back Ishwari was going to suicide not being able to digest the fact that she was going to share her son with someone and because of her insecurity and now she’s really very happy.Dev wondered that who would fill so much hatred for Sonakshi in her heart and why? Why Sonakshi? She is such a sweet girl yaar, for god’s sake she also revived his mother back, she also saved her from falling when she fainted in the middle of the road in the market. She saved her life. He had to find this out as soon as possible because now he couldn’t bare anyone creating differences between his leading ladies and between them.Ishwari called him out breaking his reverie and said,’Dev beta waha chhup – chhupkar hamari baatein sun raha hai besharam! andar aa mujhe tujhse kuchh baat karni hai.’ Ishwari said calling him in. When Sonakshi heard Ishwari saying chhup – chhupkar she felt like dancing to the core because these were the things she had dreamt of, a loving mother – in – law,a caring husband, a happy atmosphere all around always! She thanked god for setting everything back at the right time. Ishwari called her breaking her reverie and said,’ Sonakshi, abh wakt aa gaya hai ki tum dono shaadi karlo mein tumlogo ko saath dekhna chaahti hu or jald se jald tumhe apne ghar ki bahu banana chahti hu. Tum shaadi ke baad bilkul kaam karna nahi chodogi or shaadi ke baad tumdono honeymoon jaaoge Paris.Mene pehele hi Asha or Bejoy ji se baat karli hai or unhone khushi khushi haan kardi.Bas abh tumdono ki ha baaki rehgayi hai phir panditji ko bolkar shubh muharat nikalwaakar hum tumhari shaadi tay karenge.Toh bolo done deal?’ Ishwari said leaving Sonakshi and Dev Gaping at each other, red like a tomato, all blushy blushy lost into each other, Ishwari breaks there eyelock by shaking them and says,’Abhi boldo warna yeh moka haath se..’ Ishwari says getting up from the bed and wearing her slippers when Dev and Sonakshi made her sit on the bed again and shouted,’ Ha hum ek dusre se shaadi karne ke liye taiyar hai!!!!’ Ishwari started laughing and said,’ Andar aa jaaiye sabh log ha hai ha hai ha hai!’ Ishwari said hugging Asha and Bejoy quickly. Sonakshi and Dev were too numb or lets say way to surprised to react but when Nikki shouted ‘HAAN HAI’ in their ears they got up terrified and Nikki, Neha,Riya,Elena,Saurav .. Everybody started laughing! Sonakshi and Dev looked at each other with teary eyes and hugged each other tightly in front of everyone not even bothering about anyone. Nikki bursts a paper waala cracker on them and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi plays in the background.

At the Ishwari Niwaas….
After all the Haan hain, Haan Hain phyiasco they all went to the Dixit Niwaas and when Ishwari insisted a loooot the Bose family decided to stay in the Ishwari Niwaas that night. Radha rani and vicky apologised to the Bose family for all the rude things they did to them and also apologised to Sonakshi again. Sonakshi being a girl who was taught that elders never ever apologize to children hugged Radha Rani And Tied Vicky a rakhi and he happily got it tied. He also apologized to Elena and after apologizing 3 – 4 times she agreed and they made friendship.Sonakshi was happily standing in the kitchen seeing her family and Dev’s family bonding so well admiring them all when Dev Came there,Hugged her from side and said,’Hmm, so ms Sonakshi Bose soon to be mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit, aap akele kitchen mein kya karrahi hai?’ asked Dev, and Sonakshi replied That ‘humari family’s ko dekhrahi thhi.Dev time kitni jaldi jadli beetjaate haina. kuch samay pehle they all couldn’t even stand each other or abh yeh sabh ek saath hai humari tarah enjoying to the core.’ she said dreamily, laying her head on dev’s shoulder. he said’ ha Sonakshi, pata hai mujhe inhe dekhkar konsa gaana yaad aaraaha hai, vakt ne kia, kya hasi sitam… hehehehe…’ laughing cutely while she admired him and also joined.’pata hai dev, mujhe nahi laga thha ki hum kabhi aise yaha par eksaath honge dobara, par dekho bhagwaan ne bhi harkar humein waapas ek saath kardiya.’she said drawing different patterns on his chest and he replied,’hum alag huye hi kaha thhe Sonakshi … hum na kabhi alag ho sakte hai aur na ho paaenge. Agar aise nahi, toh takdeer ko humein kisi na kisi tarah to milana hi padta.’ he said sharing a deep eye lock with her.rang rahi hun played in the background, Sonakshi looked at him dreamily, stood up on her toes and kissed on her forehead closing her eyes savourinf the moment.He hugged her tightly, as if trying to promise her that he would never let her go anywhere now. They smiled at each other and went to their families.’chalo chalo chalo attention everybody!’ said Nikki acting as if she was holding a mike.’aaj DevAkshi ki shaadi pakki hone ki khushi mein, hum khelne jaa rahe hai ek antakshiri ka romantic session!’ Nikki announced and everybody started laughing while DevAkshi were secretly holding onto each other’s hands under the sheet as they were sitting in the drawing room and a special arrangement of gadaas was done coz of antaakshiri
‘Soooooooo pehli turn hai mama and maami ji ki! yayayayayayaya!’ ‘woohooo mummy papa aag laga dena!’ said vicky everybody cheered them.’Chaliye shuru karein.’ ‘tareef karun kya uski jisne tujhe banaya, tareef karu kya uski jisne tujhe banaya!’ said mama ji swaying his arms in SRK ISHTYLE and maami was all blushy blushy swaying her saari and they were now donning the titanic pose!everybody laughed seeing their cute act, next were vicky and elena they performed together. Elena sang,’re kya karu ram mujhe lalu mil gaya, re kya karu ram mujhe lalu mil gaya.’ she put lalu instead of budhdha and everybody laughed because of that. they also danced while everybody cheered for them……next were DevAkshi and dev sang,’tumko paaya hai toh jaise khoya hu, kehna chahu bhi to tumse kya kahu, meri zubaan pe hi, koi lawz hi nahi, mein kehna chahu bhi toh tumse kya kahu, mein agar kahu, tumsa haseen, kaayenaat mein haihi nahi, taareef yeh bhi kyu sach hai kuchh bhi nahi…. They danced dreamily swaying in each other’s arms while everybody cheered and hooted for them! the rest of the night passed by with lots and lots of fun,coffee and of course our very own DevAkshi and wait wait, one more thing, with a lot of motherly care from Ishwari to DevAkshi and care from bejoy and asha to dev! while the dixit and bose siblings had fun and clicked numerous selfies…. A pair of honey – brown eyes was lost in a pair of dark – brown eyes…

A/N: Mene sach mein bohot mehnat ki hai ispe i’ve changed my writing style only for you guys so i want lots and lots of comments not juttis ok! heehhe ….

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