Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 8)


Hi Guys … Sorry For Delaying The Update As I Am Becoming Lazy Day By Day … Hehe! And Thank u So Much For The Reviews And I’m Very Very Very Happy Because I Got 15 Reviews For The 1st Time! I am Overwhelmed ..! Thank u! Keep Reviewing Like This Only! Chalo Here Is The Romantic Update For u 😉 …. Enjoy! – Simplesweety1

In The Car ….
Dev – So .. Tell Me … Where Should We Go ….?
Sonakshi – To A Place Far Away From The Hustle – Bustle Of The City .. Where Nobody Can See Us ! Where We Can Enjoy To The Fullest And Live The Moments! *Says Dreamily* ..!
Dev – So … Ms Sonakshi Bose …. U Have Described The Place Now Na … I Was Asking This To U To Confirm That The Place Where We Are Going Is Like The Place U Thought Where We Are Going … Its The Same! So Lets Go! Its A Surprise For U There Also!
Sonakshi – Wow ..! I Love Surprises .. And Especially The One’s Given By My Sweetheart! :-*
Dev – Achha … Sweetheart Huh … *Smiles* U Are Also My Sweetheart ! Sona!
Sonakshi – *Blushes*
Dev – So Now Lets Go ….! And Enoy To The Fullest!
Sonakshi – Yes!

After 1 And A Half Hour ….
Sonakshi Was Sleeping And Dev Was Driving When Suddenly Dev Sees That Sonakshi Is Sleeping And Admires Her ..
Dev – Suddenly He Stopped The Car .. (In His Mind – She Looks So Beautiful While Sleeping Also …) And Then Suddenly A Strand Of Hair Comes On Her Face And He Tucked It Behind Her Ear … Then Suddenly Sonakshi Wakes up And Opens Her Eyes And Saw Dev Looking At Her And Their Faces Inches Were Apart …)

Sonakshi’s POV …..
Suddenly When I Waked Up … I Saw Him Looking At Me … Our Faces Were Inches Apart … In His Brownish – Golden Eyes .. I Saw So Much Love,Care,Passion, In His Eyes For Me … We Kept Staring At Each Other Until A Stupid Driver .. Forget It!

Dev’s POV
I Was Mesmerized By The Way She Was Looking At me,Into My Eyes …. Her Blackish – Brown Eyes … She Was The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Saw … With A Pure Heart .. She Cared So Much About Me,My Family … Now, I Think,That I Don’t Regret The Decision I Made Of Stealing Her Job …. ! We Were Lost In Each Other Until I Stupid Driver .. ! Idiot ! I Would Kill Him For Disturbing Me!

Dev – Uh … I .. umm ..
Sonakshi – Uhhh … Ki Holo ?
Dev – What?
Sonakshi – Kuchh Nahi … Have We Reached The Destination .. ?
Dev – Bas We’ll Reach There In 15 Minutes ..
Sonakshi – Ok .. (Sonakshi! Tu Bhi Na!)
Dev – (Idiot! Concentrate On Driving ..! Accident Karna Hai Kya)

After 15 Mins In The Evening At 7:00 P.m. … They Reach A Place … And Dev Closed Sonakshi’s Eyes ….. Even Before She Could See the Place ..!
Sonakshi – Dev ! Tumi Ki Korcho! Why Have U Closed My Eyes ?
Dev – Its For The Surprise ..!
Sonakshi – Surprise ! Yes! Okay Lets Go Now!
Dev Takes Sonakshi To A Beautiful Garden … Where A Table And Two Chairs Are Their And Red Roses Are Kept In A Vase On The Table, Candles Are Placed Here And There All Over The Garden … Red And White Balloons Are There On The Entry … Stars Are Shining Brightly In The Sky … When Sonakshi Opened Her Eyes She Was Mesmerized By Seeing All The Effort Done By Dev …
Sonakshi – How Did U Do This All ?
Dev – Yesterday I Bunked Office And Did All This .. Sorry For Bunking The Office And Also Sorry If I Disappointed U ..
Sonakshi – Are U Mad! I Love It! And U Bunked Your Office And Postponed All Your Meetings For Me Only .. I Really Love U Very Very Very Much Dev!
Dev – I Love u Too Very Very Very Much Sonakshi ..!
They Both Laugh And Suddenly Dev Asks Sona For Her Hand …
Dev – May I ?
Sonakshi – Of Course!
He Takes Her To The Table And Sonakshi Sees A Cake .. I Love U Sona !
She Gets So Happy And Hugs Him Tightly ..! They Cut The Cake Together And Give Each Other A Bite ….
Dev – To Be Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit .. Will You Dance With Me … ?
Sonakshi – *Blushes* .. Yes! I Will Only Dance With U Whenever I Get A Opportunity..!
Dev – Same Is With Me .. *Smiles*
Sonakshi – *Smiles*
They Start Dancing On The Song Tumko Paya Hai To jaise Khoya Hu .. From Om Shaanti Om ….
Dev – (In His Mind – She’s Looking So Beautiful In The Moonlight ..)
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – He’s So sweet He Did All This For Me And Made Me Feel So Special And Like A Princess .. Tum Bhi Na Sona A Prince Will Do This Only For His Princess!)
They Dance And Dance And Dance ….. Not Caring About Anything … Lost In Each Other ….

Precap – Mein Nachu Aaj Chham Chham Chham! Ishwari Felt Bad Because She Was Waiting For Dev For Dinner And Dev Messaged Her That He Will Eat His Dinner And Come …

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  1. Romantic + awesome=romsome

  2. I like Ur ff is so much.i’m a silent reader of almost all the ffs of this show cuz i love this show.and please don’t stop writting.its awsome really:-)

  3. I like Ur ff so much.i’m a silent reader of almost all the ffs of this show cuz i love this show.and please don’t stop writting.its awsome really:-)

  4. Please write next epi soon.eagerly waiting….!!!

  5. very nice episode…guys..I asked this question yesterday too but no reply and I am asking you know if there will be a 1.5 hrs of Mahaepisode for kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…its when Sona will come wearing Sari and Earring gifted by Dev.I saw it on youtube..not sure any of you know when this candle light dinner episode will be telecasted?

    1. Simplesweety1

      thank u .. 🙂 btw .. it will not be a maha epi .. it will be telecasted for the same time and jo gift wala epi hai wo is epi se shayad pehle aayega … or candle light dinner wala koi epi nah hai par ek epi hai jisme sonakshi ka garden candles se saja hoga .. shayad wo gift waale epi ka hi part ho .. i’m not sure ..
      thank u again

      1. Thanks for the reply.:)


  7. simply so nice realy i lik it vry much

  8. Bhoomi

    Fantastic …… Superb….

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    i don’t know what words should i use to appriciate this episode
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    Very nice and romantic episode

  13. can u plz let me know whenever u update the nxt episode.
    becos. i m checking it every day and i get disappointed every day
    i m sorry if i have hurt u..

    1. Simplesweety1

      Actually,I’ll Update It Today 🙂

  14. Simplesweety1

    Guys .. Wait And Watch .. Keep Checking The Fan Fiction Section Because I Have Submitted The Epi 9 And It’ll Be Updated In Some Time Or Tommorow ..! 🙂

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