Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 7)


Hi Guys … Sorry I Couldn’t Get Time To Update .. Actually Yesterday I Went To Watch A Movie So I Did’nt Got Time And On Sunday I Was Very sust! Hehe ..! Now Enough Of My Excuses Here I Present U The 7th Episode Of This FF ! Guys This Time I’m Serious Please Give Me At Least 5 – 6 Reviews Or Else I Would Have To Quit … I’m Losing Confidence Please Silent Readers And Regular Readers Its A Request!

The Next Day At The Bose House …..
Asha (Sona’s Mother) Saw Her Smiling While Sleeping And She Decided To Wake Her Up !
Asha – Sona …… Jago! (In A Loud Voice)
Sonakshi – Huh! What Happened Ma!? Is Everything Alright? Why Did U Wake Me Up By Screaming So Loudly?
Asha – Sabakichu Thek Ache! (Everything Is Fine) Why Were U Smiling While Sleeping Ha?
Sonakshi – Umm …. Uhh … I Wasn’t!
Asha – Don’t Lie! Tell Why?
Sonakshi – While Smiling .. I Saw A Wonderful Dream!
Asha – Of Your Prince … ?

Sonakshi – Yes … (While Blushing) And Suddenly She Realised What She Said! No Ma … Mujhe Koi Sapna Ni Aaya!
Asha – Achha … Tumi Mithya Balacha! (You Are Lying)
Sonakshi – Ami Mithya Balachi Na! ( I Am Not Lying)
Asha – Chalo Abh Please Tell Na !
Sonakshi – Ok Fine ! I Saw The Dream That You’ve Become A Successful Writer! (She’s Lying)
Asha – What ! Wow ! I’m Going To Become A Star! Yay! (She Starts Dancing In Joy)
Sonakshi – *Laughs* Ma U Are Dancing! Hahahahahaha!
Asha Then Suddenly Stops And She’s Embarrassed … – I Came Here To Tell U To Get Ready And Come Down To Eat Breakfast Or Else U Will Get Late ! You Are Already Getting Late!
Sonakshi – Oh Shit! Bye Ma I’m Going To Get Ready ! (In Her Mind) Sona Get Ready Because You Are Today Going To a Drive With Dev And You’re Already Very Late !
She Gets Freshen Up And Wears This Outfit …. Jaldi se Breakfast Karke Nikalti Hu !

At The Ishwari Nivas ..
Dev – I Should Get Ready Quickly And Today I’ll Not Think About Sona And Will Concentrate On Work Because We Are Already Going On A Long Drive And I Can Spend Some Quality Time With Her .. He Gets Freshen Up And wears This
When Sonakshi Came Inside Everybody Was In The Drawing Room Sitting On The Sofa And Chatting .. Suddenly Nikki,Riya.Ishwari Ji Spot Sonakshi ..
Ishwari Ji – Are Nutrition .. Aagayi Tum … Badi Pyaari Lagrahi Ho Aaj .. Kahi Jaana Hai Kya? Aaj Jaldi Chhuti Logi?
Sonakshi – Ji Auntyji .. Actually Mein Kisi Dost Ke Saath Ek Drive Pe Ja Rahi Thhi Thhota Door Ghumne Aaj Mein Ghar Se Breakfast Or Lunch Ka Chart Bana Ke Layi Hu And Dinner Ka Abhi Banaungi … Taaki Aapko Problem Na Ho ..
Ishwari Ji – Achha …

Nikki – Mujhe Pata Hai Miss Bose U Are Lying .. U Are Going With Ur Boyfriend Na! Caught u!
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – Actually Yes U Caught Me .. !) Nahi Nikki .. I Broke Up With Neil ! (Phew ..! Thank God!)
Nikki And Riya Together – Oh! Sorry And They Hug Her !
Suddenly .. Dev Comes Down .. !

Ishwari Ji – Are … Aa Gaya Tu Beta ! Naashta Kar Le Aaja Chal … Nikki,Riya Neha Ko Bulao Naashte Ke Liye ! Nutrition Tum Bhi Aa Jao!
Sonakshi – Aunty Ji .. Actually I Have Already Eaten My Breakfast From Home! Sorry!
Ishwari Ji – Oh! Its Ok! No Need To Say Sorry Stupid! *Smiles*
Sonakshi – *Smiles*
Then Suddenly Dev Clears His Throat To Catch Her Attention!
He Signals Her That He Will Come At 4 In The Evening And Will Call Her .. She Signals Her Ok .. Suddenly Kichhu Bhaiya Sees Dev Signaling To Sonakshi And She Turns Back.
Kichhu Bhaiya – Dev Bhaiya .. Aap Yeh Kya Kar Rahe Hai ? *Gives A Confusing Look To Dev*
Dev – (Shocked) Are .. ! Aapne Toh Mujhe Dara Hi Diya ! Kuchh Nahi Mein Makkhi Mar Raha Thha And Kichhu Bhaiya Laughs And Reply’s
Kichhu Bhaiya – Ok ..
Sonakshi – Kichhu Bhaiya Please Give The Breakfast To Auntyji In Her Room …
Kichhu Bhaiya – Ok …
Sonakshi Starts Laughing And Dev Is Annoyed Suddenly He Stands Up And Comes Closer To Sonakshi Which Makes Her Heart Beat Faster .
Sonakshi – Dev … Tumi Ki Korcho .. Somebody Will See Us …
Dev – Let them See .. I Don’t Care ..

Sonakshi – Oh! Aunty Ji!
Dev – Ma! Oh Shit! Kaha Ho Ma!?
Sonakshi – *Bursts Out Laughing* I Was Just Joking!
Dev Is Mesmerized By Seeing Her Laughing .. And Suddenly Comes Closer And Gives Her A Kiss On Her Cheeks Which Shocks Her !
Sonakshi – Oh! Dev !
She Starts Chasing Him And He Goes To The Do or And Says … – I Love U! See U At 4 ..
Sonakshi – Tumi Ekdum Impossible Dev … ! *Blushes* …
Its 3:50 Now .. Dev Messages Sonakshi To Come Out!
Sonakshi – Auntyji .. I’ve Explained Everything To Kichhu Bhaiya I’m Going Now … Bye Auntyji Bye Nikki See U Tommorow!
All Say – Bye ! Have A Good Day!

Sonakshi – *Smiles* They All are So Sweet !!
Sonakshi Goes Out And Sees Dev’s car ..
Sonakshi – Hi ! Have u Finished Ur Work!
Dev – Hi … I’ve Finished … So .. Firstly .. I’ve Bought A Gift For U And I Decided To Gift U This On The Next Day After The Proposal But I Forgot .. ! Sorry (Makes A Puppy Face .. Lol)
Sonakshi – Its Ok Baba! U Don’t Need To Make A Puppy Face ! Now Give Me The Gift !
Dev – Here U Go .. (Dev Gifts Her A Sari!)
Sonakshi – U Are So sweet Dev! Thank U ! U Are So Different From Other Boys .. Agar Aapki Jagah Koi Or Latka Hota Toh Mein Jaanti Hu Woh Mujhe Kya Deta .. He Would Give Me A Short dress To Wear .. Aap Saaf Dil Hai U Don’t Have A Dirty Mind … I Am The Luckiest !
Dev – I Love U Sona!
Sonakshi – I Love U Dev …
They Hug Each Other Tightly Promising Each Other Not To Leave Each Other Alone Until They Die …

Precap – They Share Some Romantic Moments On The Drive … After That .. MOHABBAT BARSA DENA TU SAAVAN AAYA HAI!

Hehe! U All Are Eager Na ..! Sorry Because This Is Short And Ignore Any Grammatical Errors Or Mistakes If U See Any! And Most Importantly Keep Reading And Reviewing Because If U Will Not … Then Mera Comfidence Gaya Paani Me !! Hehe .. Chalo Bye .. See U Tommorow ! 🙂

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  1. mast yaarrr loved it

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey simplesweety dont lose confident i m sure people loves ur ff too i think most couldnt comment due to TU being offline for a while so no need to worry btw what movie did u watch 😛

    1. Simplesweety1

      Udta Punjab … Thank u 🙂 😛

  3. Great episode guys hope to get more exited ff soon. …

  4. Don’t lose confidence..v all support u..n also d silent readers u know..

  5. Hey Simplesweety don’t lose your courage, and keep writing. I have to say something to you that many schools are reopen I think that’s why many people can’t comment. Even I should be unable to comment from Thursday,as I am in 10 th it will be difficult but I promise to you and other ff’s author that whenever I get time I will surely read your ff’s and will also comment.

    1. Simplesweety1

      Ya … Thank u 🙂

  6. We all love ur ff..

  7. Aachal bhandari

    It ws jus really really awsm loved it .. N the fiction u wrote is amazing!!!!!❤

  8. hey Simplesweety don’t lose your confidence and plzz continue writing like this b’cos u r a very good n very sweet writer.
    so its my humble request to u that plzz don’t stop writing these awesome and briliant ff s.
    i really really love your ffs.

    1. Yes Erika is right we really love your ff.

  9. Bhoomi

    its good yaar… dont lose your confidence…. keep it up..

  10. We all are with you and great episode

  11. Simplesweety1

    Guys .. ! I Don’t Believe that meri ff ko 11 reviews mile .. is it a dream .. ! pinch me! seriously ? wow! I’m Overwhelmed with ur response and silent readers and regular readers thank u so much ! I Feel Like I’m Going To Cry ! Yayyyyyyyyy! :-* Thank u 🙂

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    That was awsome sweety and please don’t lose ur confidence u r a very good writer…..

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thanks And BTW Please Call Me By My Username Don’t Call Me Sweety 🙂


    Hi simplesweet don’t loose confidence you r writing fab I m loving the story it’s amazing due to clg timings I m very much tired off soo doesn’t have tym to comment but surely from next tym I will be commenting ur writing skills are gud well done ????????


    U r welcome be calm and think about future episodes

  15. was one of the silent readers…you are doing a fab job.keep it up. 🙂

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    Loved it behat pyara episode tha

  17. Partho

    Loved it behat pyara episode tha maja aagaya

  18. hey simplesweety when r u going to update the nxt one???
    eagerly waiting for the nexttt episode

  19. Simplesweety1

    Today Or Tommorow … Because Today I’ll Not Be Having Time .. 🙂

  20. plz update fast eagerly waiting for the next one .
    u write brilliant stories so i m very exited.

  21. Simplesweety1

    Hey Guys ! I’ve Submitted The 8th Episode Of This FF Just Now So Wait And Watch ! It Will Take Time To Upload But Still U Can Wait Na .. It Has A Surptise Also ! 😉 So Guys Wait And Watch !

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