Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 6)


Hi Everybody … Sorry That I Couldn’t Update The Antakshiri Part But … Here Is The Antakshiri Part For U Guys …. I Am Really Happy That I Got 7 Reviews For The 5th Episode Of This FF …. Thank U Very Much … Keep Reviewing Like This Only .. My Target Is 8 Reviews .. So Please Keep Reviewing … So Now Enough Of My Blabbering And I Here I Present U The 6th Episode Of This FF! – Simplesweety1 … Enjoy!

Sonakshi Had Finished All The Work And Was Waiting For Dev So That He Could Drop Her Home … But Then Suddenly Nikki Came Up With A Request …
Sonakshi – Why Is He So Late .. ? Is Everything Alright ? Should I Call Him ? Ya I Should Try ….
She Tried But He Was Not Picking Up The Phone ….
Sonakshi – Wow! Now He Is Also Not Picking Up The Phone! … Aap Bhi Na Mr Bhodro,Sometimes U Give Everybody So Much Tension!
Then Suddenly Nikki Comes There With A Bochhaar Of Questions!

Nikki – Sona Di Kya Hua? Why Are U So Tensed?Aap Abhi Tak Ghar Gayi Kyu Nahi?Is Anybody Coming To Pick U Up? … Or U’ll Go By Walking? Mein Driver Ko Boldu Wo Chhoddega Aapko..
Sonakshi – (Hyperly) Nikki! Wait! Elena Is Coming To Pick Me Up And I’m Tensed Because Wo Abhi Tak Aayi Nahi!
Nikki – To U Should Call Her Na!
Sonakshi – Ya I Called Her And She Said That She’ll Be Here Anytime Soon!
Nikki – Achha ! Itna Hyper Mat Ho! Take Deep Breaths …. Out …. In …. Out …. In ! Now Are U Fine?
Sonakshi – Ya … Thank u!
Nikki – Sona Di! Wait Here! I’m Calling Here Everybody! I’ve To Announce Something! Only 2 Minutes!
Sonakshi – Are … But Why?
Nikki – You Bas Wait & Watch ….
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – Ye Latki Pata Nahi Kya Karegi Abh !)
Dev – Hey Nikki … Hi Dr Bose …. (He Says Dr Bose Romantically … hehe 😀 )
Sonakshi – (Shockingly & Dheemi Awaaz Mein Because Nikki Is Also There) I’m Waiting For U From About 15 Mins! Dev Why Are U Late?
Dev – Sorry ! Was Damn Busy In Work!
Sonakshi – Its Ok …. *smiles*
Nikki – Bhai,Sona Di … Yeh Kya khusar Phusar Kar Rahe Ho?
Dev And Sonakshi Together – Kuchh Nahi!
Nikki – *Laughs* Bhai Please Don’t Go Anywhere Wait Here For 2 minutes I Have To Announce Something!
Dev – Ok

Nikki – Maa,Neha Di,Riya Di,Mama Ji,Mami Ji,Vicky Bhai! Please Gather In The Drawing Room!
Ishwari Ji – Are Nikki Beta Kya Hua!? Are U Fine?
Mama Ji And Mami Ji Together – We’re Coming!
Mama Ji – Oye Bhai! Chal Gareeb Ki Beti Ki Bigdi Aulad And He Also Slaps Him!
Vicky To Radha Rani – Mami! Kya Hai !
Neha And Riya Together – What Mischief Are U Now Planning Nikki!
All Together – What Happened? Why Have U Called Us Here?
Nikki – We’ll Play Antakshiri!
All Start To Make Excuses.
Nikki – No Excuses! Everbody’ll Play Because Sometimes We Should Do Things Like This!
Mama Ji – I Agree With Nikki! Mein Toh Khelunga Jisko Khelna Hai Aa Jao Or Jisko Nahi Wo Bhadh Mein Jao!
Ishwari Ji – Chaliye Lets Play Na .. Kabhi Kabhi Toh Mauka Milta Hai Aise Maze Karne Ka Aajao Bacho,Bhabhi!
Mami Ji – Ok Bhabhi If U Insist … Come Vicky!
Neha & Riya – Ok Ma ! We Are Ready To Play .. It Sounds Fun!
Sonakshi – Bye Auntyji …. Mein Chalti Hu ….
Ishwari Ji – Are Sona Beta .. Please Don’t Go Na We Are Playing Antakshiri!
Sonakshi – But Auntyji … Its Ur Family Time Na .. I Shouldn’t Interrupt In Between ….
Radha Rani – Yes Jiji! She’s Right! Naukar – Chakaro Ko Thhotena Khilatein Hai …
Dev – Mamiji! Don’t U Dare Say Anything Like That Again ! She’s The Nutritionist Of This Family … Wo Koi Naukar Chakar Nahi Hai!
Ishwari Ji – Please Bhabhi Aap Kahi Baar Kuchh Zyada Hi Boldeti Hai ! I Agree With Dev !
MamaJi- Don’t U Dare Say Anything Like This Again! Taange Tod Dunga Teri Mein Ha Bhai!
Radha Rani – Par ..,,
Mama Ji – Chup! Chalo Sona Beta Khel Shuru Karein!

Sonakshi Is Teary Eyed And Shares A Eyelock With Dev Thanking Him For This ..And She Messages Him I LOVE U … 🙂 And The Reply By Dev Is I Love u 1000! Sonakshi Chuckles ! Dev Gives A Flying Kiss To Her … She Blushes ..
Nikki – To Chalo .. Girls Se Shuru Karein R Se!
Girls – (Sonakshi Sings It seeing Dev :-)) rabba ishq hai,rabba ishq hai!rabba ishq tera,rabba ishq hai! Naina tose laage laage .. laage tose naina …..
Boys – (Mamaji Sees Mamaji While Singing This And All Laugh)N se Naino Mein Sapna Sapno Mein Sajna Sajna Pe Dil Agaya Ki Sajna Pe Dil Agaya!
Girls – (Nikki Sings This) A Se! Aaja Aaja Mein Hu Pyaar Tera Allah Allah Inkar tera Ah – A – Aaja – Ah – A – Aaja!
Boys – (Dev Sings This Seeing Sonakshi And She Blushes) Aa Se! Aaj Dil Shayraana Shayraana Shayraana Shayraana Lagta Hai! Bigda Hua Dil Sambhalna Jaane Na …
Girls – (Nikki Sings This) A Se! A For Aao Re Aao B For Bhao Na Khao C Se Chilla Ke Gao D Se Daaru Peete Jao!
The Antakshiri Continues Like This And They All Have Fun .. Sonakshi Eats Her Dinner There Only And Dev Drops Her And Leaves Her Home While Giving Her A Romantic Hug!

Precap – Dev And Sonakshi Go Out On A Long Drive And While Coming Back They Share Some Romantic Moments When It Starts Raining!

Hehe! Betaab Na Guys! Chalo See U Tommorow! Bye ! Please Keep Reviewing And Reading Because If U’ll Not This FF Will Be Discontinued ..
Review Target : 8 Comments! Bye …

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  1. I think i can itself comment tht target and more than tht…. Its awesome continue…. But plz i wil not coment regularly bt i read it regularly…. So dnt discontinue

    1. Simplesweety1

      thank u ….. but please do try to comment regularly .. if u can .. 🙂

  2. Debolina chatterjee

    I am a silent reader if ur ff.
    Bahut acha hai. Khub bhalo…..

  3. sorry to comment late but i read it just now.
    awesome episode and one more thing to say there is you not keep the target of 8 because u deserve many more than that…
    by the very nice episode and pl. never discontinue it ..
    coz. i read it almost regularly.
    rarely it happens that i don’t get time to read it…
    so pl. continue writing like this always…
    bye sweety u write really very sweet.

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thank U .. 🙂

  4. Simplesweety1

    Listen Guys …. The 7th Episode Of This FF Will Be Uploaded Tommorow .. Because I Am Going Somewhere out .. I Wish That When I Come Back I Get 8 Reviews!
    Thanks For Understanding

  5. is the epi 7 uploaded???

    1. Simplesweety1

      no, i’ll upload it today … 🙂

  6. Partho

    Lovely episode simplesweety1

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